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Grand Union Closures and Restrictions

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Repeating what's in another post, under a more generic title.


There seems to be some confusion about latest GU closures and restrictions, and I've been told that until recently (at least) Canalphone has failed to be updated with latest situation.


From Waterscape.Com, here are some issues currently affecting the Southern GU


Stoke Bruerne (From TODAY, until further notice)



Stoppage: Stoke Bruerne

The Grand Union Canal has temporarily been closed to navigation while emergency repairs are carried out on Lock 15 at Stoke Bruerne.

(Enquiries: 01908 302500)


Locks Either End of Tring Summit (From 8th August, ongoing)



Marsworth Flight (Locks 39 to 45) to Dudswell Lock 47


The above locks will be closed to navigation between the hours of 4.00pm and 10.00am on a daily basis.


These restrictions have been introduced as part of efforts to conserve water following recent problems with naturally occuring blue-green algae which is preventing water being pumped from Marsworth, Tringford and Startops reservoirs.

(Enquiries: 01908 302500)


[NOTE: Locks are locked at each end of Marsworth flight at 16:00, so if not in at least an hour earlier, you risk being trapped overnight in the short pounds, which are often dropping dramatically - Certainly one to avoid!....]


Aylesbury Arm (Also From 8th August, ongoing)



Stoppage: Lock 1 - Aylesbury Canal Basin

Aylesbury Arm - Lock 1 Marsworth to Aylesbury Basin


The Aylesbury Arm will be closed to all navigation EXCEPT ESSENTIAL BOOKED PASSAGE


To book passage, please telephone 01908 302546 (Enquiries: 01908 302500)




In addition to the above, Lock 5 in the Braunston flight has a failed collar joint, and is currently held in place by a load of chains and stakes, and not openable.


This means passge would not be possible by anything over 7 feet. I guess it could also result in another emergency closure, if the current situation worsened.

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