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  1. Domestic water quality

    you are probably worse off by re-using plastic bottles, especially if you leave your bottles standing at room temperature in daylight
  2. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    to catch out new staff we used to fire those burners inside a big barn... on mornings when there was ice all over the inside of the roof. 10 second burn used to result in heavy rain 30 seconds later. could only do it when the barn wasn't too full though. pic is of one part of the barn when full (I was repairing the one with lights in it when the pic was taken)
  3. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    there are some jobs that the smaller ones just cant do. this is what my vehicles used to do for 6 months a year the trailer is right on the legal limit for weight the vehicle used has to be able to pull it (and more importantly stop it) on almost any surface (including freshly ploughed fields) also has to be able to have a mount fixed on the front (direct to the chassis) for attaching the balloon during launch (if things go wrong you can end up picking the whole vehicle up by this point)
  4. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    if you have your own bulk lpg supply you just declare how much you use in road vehicles and pay the appropriate duty. lpg bulk tanks for heating are no good as they are vapour take-off (gas comes from the top of the tank), you need a liquid take-off tank (gas comes from the bottom in liquid form, usually pumped), about the only liquid take-off tanks I know of (apart from car filling stations) are those used in hot air ballooning
  5. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    here's my pair in a very rare clean state, both used as workhorses left one is S reg (1998) and the right one is R reg (1997) oddly despite them being the same vehicle the one on the right (older) has a lot more low end power then the other. in 5 years the most expensive thing i have had to do to them is replace the plugs, at £11 each it gets expensive (running lpg is harder on plugs so you go through them faster)
  6. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    I've yet to find a vehicle with all round visibility as good as my old 1990 rangerover (classic 3.9 v8), the landcruiser amazon (4.7 v8) that replaced it is horrible when reversing
  7. Radio ???

    the foundation license is simple to pass (as long as you can remember a fairly short list of information), power limit is 10w (but all bands available) and you are restricted to commercial amateur radios. In the right conditions you could go through the foundation course and sit the exam within an afternoon & evening (and then wait a few weeks for the license) I was (probably still am) registered as an instructor / assessor for the foundation and intermediate licenses and have helped a few people into the hobby or to move on to the next license. there is some feeling amongst older license holders that the newer M****** call signs are less worthy of being talked to and in particular that the M6*** or 2E0*** licenses are "licenses from corn flake packets" because of the introduction of the three tier system (instead of license or no license that they had). when one such user (G0 callsign) who was infamous locally for his comments was visiting and I still had the assessment paperwork out for a candidate taking the intermediate exam, they had a quick look through it and were surprised at how much was involved (and how little they could honestly claim they knew the answers to), I've never heard a comment from them against the new licenses since. M0VBR
  8. 2LW on Ebay

    they go for high value items that attract a few bidders that will pay the high price but are likely to jump at the chance of an instant purchase for lower than the going rate or go through some other payment system "to avoid paypal / ebay fees" usually it's also larger items that would have to use a courier to pick up & deliver, when someone asks a question they look at the persons location and give the items location as being as distant as possible (to discourage viewing). similar happens with sales of a particular pinball table that never sells for less than 4k unless it's total scrap, I reckon that 1 in 3 of them available is fake and using pics and text from an older genuine listing. it's also been done several times with boats
  9. Radio ???

    if you want lots of power go for the ham license, up to 400w allowed on most bands (various bands from 3 mhz upwards)
  10. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    fresh pictures of the duck (ling) how the heck is it going to be delivered?
  11. Radio ???

    it wouldn't be the police it would be the DTI, RA, OFCOM in practice unless several people identified and reported you nothing would happen
  12. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    no we've found Wall-E which character appears twice (once original and once in a newer version)
  13. Car engine running cool

    I had a Peugeot 405 estate (2 litre petrol from memory) which did 80 miles on the motorway (at about 90) with no water in the engine at all (bottom hose had come off) got to where we needed where the engine promptly seized in the car park with smoke from under the bonnet. after a day of meetings (the purpose of the trip) we were prepared to call a scrapyard for the car and get trains back but on the off-chance we tried starting the engine... it started and sounded fine so we put the hose back on and refilled with water.... and then put another 10,000 miles on it.
  14. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    I bumped my bid to £4 on the tin & cards (in amongst the tampons / condoms discussion, I did put it in bold so that it stood out a little)
  15. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    I think it's a case of the person taking the picture not the equipment used. I've seen some amazing pictures taken with mobile phones and some hideous ones taken with camera equipment costing may thousands of pounds.