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  1. Canal side logs

    I believe that it is the common understanding that you can help yourself The logs that are generally left behind are willow so have no value. The contractors that cut the trees do not want the hassle of removing the logs so leave them for the boaters.
  2. Black cat has adopted me

    The marina has a black cat. See Ben who works at the marina, but I bet it's that one
  3. Emergency mooring

    Roydon? No idea about costs or availability http://www.roydonmarinavillage.co.uk/marina.html
  4. Webasto

    OK might be a bit wrong, but loosen the higher hose on the calorifer as the air rises , no need to clamp any hoses as your not undoing anything fully.just loosen them slowly.
  5. Webasto

    You need to find the pipe that is the flow from the Webasto, where this enters the calorifer, loosen off the fittings and let the air out, the engine is heating OK, so leave this pipe run alone. A small amount of air in the coil can have a big effect. Ben
  6. victron 120

    What you need to do is knit a 120v to 240v . leave it and buy the right one at a more expensive price!!
  7. Historic Boats for sale online

    I thought that was what you said. And I kindly accept the offer of you buying me a new boat, thankyou Mark
  8. Hull Corrosion

    All it takes is Is you or a neighbour to spill a bit of diesel and your blacking can be compromised. Your boat might be protected, but I think I'm right in saying that if adjacent boats have no protection, then this can have an effect on your hull.
  9. Laurence. I know that you have been involved for far longer than I was, but as everyone says we are custodians not owners, the boats will always be part of our lives, but we will always be in there history. Just think no more blacking, etc I hope one day to own another boat as I'm sure you do, even with your recent experience. Good luck in the future.
  10. Canal history

    I know someone mentioned it the other day, but BBC 1 Canals the making of a nation. Now on Hello MIKE, very professional!
  11. Standard Time

    Bodmin took 2 to 3 weeks Banstead all money transferred within 24 hours of offer, paperwork signed 4 days later!!! It can be quicker than you are ready for, but better that than months and ,months of waiting
  12. Josher Style Bow

    I may be wrong, but I thought that Sentinel was built to break ice? At least I'm sure that's what the current owner told me some year back?