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  1. Marina Dog Ban

    You are welcome to visit my garden to view evidence to the contrary if you wish.
  2. Marina Dog Ban

    People often say this, asserting that they cover it in a litter tray. My experience is that their preference is to just use other people's gardens, no burial required.
  3. A sad day.

    Was that the one that replaced "Beware of the Triffid"?
  4. Scrapping Eurostar trains.....

    ...125s with dump through toilets, and all the joys of passengers effluents being dragged up in the vortex surrounding the train and deposited on door handles... Really impressive vehicles as they accelerated from my home station, at the time, but I tried to make sure I wasn't first to the door to reach out and open it.
  5. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    I was introduced to this board game some 30 years ago at a social gathering and assigned the capitalist role. Unfortunately I was caught stealing money from the bank after the other players got together and I thought I might lose. My explanation "well I would, wouldn't I?" was not regarded as acceptable.
  6. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    Already been done I'm afraid: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1510/class-struggle
  7. How do I tax a privately purchased replacement car?

    You can do it online, or it seems by phone: DVLA vehicle tax serviceTelephone: 0300 123 432124-hour service
  8. CRT disgruntled staff

    This looks like a partial cut and paste of reviews from glassdoor.co.uk, having ten of the 15 reviews that are on the other site. The average score on glassdoor is 2.3.
  9. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    A cynic might say that the lawyers drafting it want to make sure there is plenty of work for lawyers to argue about what it means later.
  10. alde bits / parts

    Suggest you contact Graham Cutmore http://www.grahamcutmoreengineering.co.uk/welcome-page/4513362646
  11. Ikea LED lights

    If you shave when the engine isn't running, if that is your charging source, then you wouldn't have a problem. If you have solar and are a late riser it might be an issue, if the lights can't manage higher voltages.
  12. Abnormal data usage

    Under privacy and security settings check to see if "Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly" is enabled. This starts loading the links from the pages you are viewing in the background, in case you want to see them. Alternatively I seem to recall Opera having a setting that compresses data on their servers so you download less. Another thing to check would be for presence of malware; I used a lot of data with one infection that kept trying to download other nasties repeatedly while a virus checker was busy deleting them on arrival.
  13. Free mooring spots Between Hatton and Warwick?

    Lots of space between the bottom of Hatton and the Saltisford Arm. Aren't the Cape visitor moorings (pub to the next bridge) 48 hours though?
  14. Engine vibration/juddering

    On our Isuzu 33 it is on the side of the rocker cover next to the header tank.
  15. CaRT wharf at Fazeley

    Yes, the elsan doors were screwed closed when we visited in June, and no sign of bins (although the signage directs you to where they were). The Cincinatti works grounds are being redeveloped and that may have affected access. Water still available though. The previous opportunity based on our route was the top of Camp Hill locks (although access was hampered by moored boats).