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  1. Any idea what these are?

    A guess .. but possibly piling of sorts to stabilise the bank. The whole length from the motorway bridge at Worsley across to Wigan was / maybe still is prone to significant mining subsidence.
  2. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    Bottom line? There is eff all you can do in the way of effective preventative or punitive action (and incidentally I don't think any of them actually did anything wrong - there is no statutory offence of 'standing on a gunnel with intent') and talk of hitting people with windlasses or other robust responses is just silly bolleaux. When faced with marauding crowds of, er, children, may I suggest engaging with then in a ferociously proactive friendly manner, seeking to get them to help with the lock whilst giving then a low key warning about where not to stand, asking how school's going for them, have they studied the local history of the canal, have they been on holiday yet, etc etc. This will scare the crap out of them.
  3. Hit Again!

    No you wouldn't, it would be done either by Direct Debit or BACS. Our staff get paid automatically without fuss or bother every Monday. Contactless is faster than cash and speeds up service at peak times. 'Course the downside of all this is your turnover is recorded in a medium that can be investigated.
  4. Wi Fi Aerial

    I'm learning through work that there's a lot of factors that come into whether or not a mobile phone or wifi works. The O2 mifi might well be picking up a frequency your phone just can't get, for example. The Ofcom Sitefinder database has been closed - this one gives an idea of coverage without showing the cell sites. I'd set it 'indoors' for the best view of what's possibly there. https://checker.ofcom.org.uk/mobile-coverage
  5. Canopus and Sculptor

    ...... however the debate is about the behaviour of a fixed hull shape.
  6. Canopus and Sculptor

    Meanwhile if you have no concept of where the channel is likely to be and can't read the clues the boat constantly gives you regarding your speed and position, you'll still struggle. Bottom line, your boat's a moving hole in the water. If there's not enough space around you for the water to get past and refill it, all calculation and theory is irrelevant.
  7. what do you use..........

    Mapmywalk might just do it. Same sort of speeds. And you'll know how many calories the boat's burnt off.
  8. Quiz - Which Failed Canal is This?

    I've found out but I've cheated so I'll stay quiet.
  9. Cycling

    For the avoidance of doubt, having been a regular pedestrian in London for a number of years, and as I said stopped using the bikes because of aggressive twots carving me up on their racers, am utterly prejudiced against inconsiderate risk taking cyclists who scream and point at the wicked car drivers whenever they suffer the consequences of their actions. Stand at any set of lights in Westminster watching for cyclists ignoring red lights and you'll be in double figures in minutes. My argument isn't about the location of the cycle lanes - if cyclists used them properly, observed the road conditions ahead and reacted / adjusted their speeds accordingly, most of the incidents wouldn't happen. In this case, the act of undertaking is self evidently risky and warrants a cautious approach which, as is usually the case, wasn't evident.
  10. Cycling

    Jess has a point .. but once again it's a cyclist tearing up the nearside or 'undertaking' that's part of the problem. Just further up is a crossing I have been using two or three days a week for the last few years: I've lost count of the number of times I've just avoided serious injury when crossing there and an arsehole doing around 25 mph on a 'bike rides straight through the red light. You can tell the regular London pedestrians, they look left down the inside of the traffic, green man or no green man. Used to use Boris bikes but stopped because of the risks from the lycra mob - far greater than that from motorised traffic. Verdict? Technically the ministers fault, but eff all sympathy for the cyclist.
  11. Welcome to Lancashire

    The M62 ..clearly a photoshop mock up, the surface is cobbled from the boundary through to Leeds.
  12. Someone Has Some Serious Explaing To Do?

    Not on the same scale, but years ago when I was a copper in Bolton two blokes wearing blue overalls walked into Rumbelows, picked up a big new expensive telly and walked off with it, having given the staff a cheery wave. Took them about half an hour before the penny dropped.
  13. Well it might just have four sets of thrusters and be really good at reversing. Going fast forwards didn't work out well for the real one.
  14. Any Old Iron? Scrap values.

    Nope. The 'go figure' was I believe use of the American for 'yes, odd isn't it?' inferring that you'd expect fresh search results on the Internet would be up to date. You got the 'ump because you went for 'go look for yourself' and weren't offered a link, imposing the onerous burden of having to search it yourself.
  15. Any Old Iron? Scrap values.

    Hmm. New member doing the deliberately misunderstanding a post and getting shirty routine... https://lmgtfy.com/?q=scrap+metal+prices