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  1. Invisible Boaters?

    Except, of course, the wicket keeper is often (and should be) the gobbiest playe on the pitch keeping everyone else geed up.
  2. Cropredy Marina.

    We made the move to Cropredy Marina last autimn from Nightwatch's reccomendation of Forge Farm, for mainly practical reasons. Forge Farm was great and I would endorse Nightwatch's comments. On the marina itself I have to say we have been very impressed so far. It has the advantage for us of easier toilet emptying arrangements, showers and the ability to stay on the boat overnight without mocing it. The team there are helpful and friendly, and having never moored in a marina previously having water and electricity on hand has made things like staying the weekend to give the boat a good clean much easier. The walk to the village (specifically the Brasenose) is about 5-10 minutes and pretty level.
  3. Children on Canal Boats

    Exactly what II thought. Potentially burned hand on the chimmney (although I did that mowing at the cricket club when I used the exhaust on the Massey to pull myself out of the tractor seat ). Drowning hazard, no life-jackets. Weil's disease. Toes chopped off by prop. The list is almost infinite. Edit - meant this to quote the comment about the heath and safety police having a field day with this piocture but c@cked it up.
  4. Agreed but I was wporking on the basis that the weekend before the event the canal at Cropredy itself would be pretty bunged up with festival goers.
  5. Looking for realistic suggestions as to how far my son could take our boat starting from Cropredy Marina on a four day round trip with his mates. Probably a weekend eitehr side of Cropredy Festival weekend so I am guessing heading south might be a bit of a pain?
  6. Live animals in locks

    Equally off topic - good thanks Martyn. The oldies are ghetting to use the boat a lot more. Would be good to catch up with you for a pint soon.
  7. Live animals in locks

    I saw the biggest grass snake I have ever seen enjoying a leasurely swim on that straight just before the Claydon Flight and just after the winding hole. Must have been a good 3 foot.
  8. Have some friends heading down for a few days on the Kennet and Avon. I have never been on this strech of canal but they have asked me where they might moor near Bradford on Avon with good access to pubs etc. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  9. This has really made me want to go back to the Llangollen - had the most delightful week on it - really very very pleasant.
  10. Lift bridge

    Of course if the car driver was in a real hurry, or a pleasant person they could get out of their car and help you with the bridge
  11. Yup this is what we did and it worked fine along with communicating with people doing the same thing the otehr way around (if that makes ssense.)
  12. Long Weekend Break Reccomendations

    A stag part on my boat? Not on your nelly!!!!!!!! Yes settled in the new moorings, but have not made it to the boat for a while as it is my busy time of year with tax returns and we have all been sufferring with seasonal sniffles. To be honest hadn;t logged into the forum for ages, but got this vague and broad request for my son so came seeking assistance.
  13. Man found dead on Boat

    Off topic, but police are required to attend any "unexpected death" which is when the deceased has not been receving tretement or seen their GP within an X time period. When my poor old mum died at 89, after having been catatonic with dementia for some years it was an unexpected death so 3 (THREE!) police men arrived at the nursing home to escort the funeral director removing her body. Puxzzled the hell out of us - were they expecting her to make a break for it? So sad to hear of this death of a boater and his dog - walk and boat down past tramway very very often and so muct have known his boat.
  14. oxford canal cruising

    Couldn't agree more with all of this post. Just to add we have always been able to moor without much difficulty pretty near the centre of Oxford (usually in June) and there is tons to see. Jolly nice if like we have on three occassions now, you manage to get a mooring about 2 minutes walk from the Old Bookbinders in Jericho.
  15. Which is exactly what flood lains are for and why daft-arsed politicians should stop buidling on them (which is exactly what they are doing with the new estate being thrown up in Banbury!)