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  1. Tidal Trent to Lincoln and Boston

    We followed the chart and ended up on the shoal just after Torksey. The Sissons chart showed a red line on where to go, but on this chart showed a red line to go to starboard on the one page and on the other page go to port. Fortunately no damage was done and i got to to have a good look at the hull. After contacting a Mr Took who issued the chart i was informed that the new charts will have photographs as well as the line to take. This chart was bought at Newark marina and should now be replenished with the new ones. Some good came out of it as the couple living in one of the houses just beyond the ruins who tried to help us invited us to dinner on our return a few years later and we have kept in contact since.
  2. We have stayed at Bulls Bridge to do shopping and stayed overnight without any problems. When we came off the Thames at Brentford we always made for the Hanwell flight to moor overnight and enjoy the excellent meals at the Fox Inn which is a short walk away. The last time we tried to moor at Willowbridge it was full, but the other times we moored there was fine.
  3. The Ribble link

    We went onto the Lancaster via the Ribble link and wished we had booked for a longer period, it was very enjoyable although shallow in some places. As always with boating care must be taken and when on the rivers make sure you stay in the channel. An elderly couple didn't take the care that was needed on the return trip and ended up being beached, fortunately we managed to drag them off with some difficulty. Didn't even get a thank you, only a "well that's your good deed for the day". Suppose it takes all sorts.
  4. Diesel on the Thames....best place/price??

    I think the fuel boat is Chris Iddon who operates from Staines, tel no +447921694287.
  5. A similar thing happened to me on my TR500 Suzuki in the paddock at Brands. After checking and re-checking ignition timing i made sure that i always put it in gear and pushed so that the engine was in forward motion, but i forgot to mention this to the new owner when i sold it and the poor sod who always pulled it back over top dead centre went in reverse on the start at Snetterton.
  6. a motor sport legend gone

    Very sad at the loss of a legend such as John Surtees who was never truly recognized for his achievements by winning the World Championship in both cars and motorcycles, which will probably never be achieved again. There are many sports men, women and celebrities given honours such as Dames and Knighthoods while this gentleman was ignored.
  7. Shower Tiles or Panels

    Respatex is a quality product, not cheap and comes in various shades and designs.
  8. Kitchen Worktops - under gunnel

    I noticed you have cut the rear of the units to allow them to go right back to the side. Just a reminder this is not possible to do to any appliances that you maybe fitting. How do i know ?
  9. Thames tideway - St Pancras CC annual cruise

    We joined the St Pancras club on their Bow Locks and Thames one year and enjoyed it, good organisation.
  10. Sterling Battery charger

    The only time i switched on our Sterling charger was when on shoreline or generator, the rest of the time it had to be switched off or it would drain the batteries. I am not sure if this is the way it was meant to be, but it was the only way it worked for me, other than that no problems with charger after 5 years live aboard. Perhaps this could be your problem.
  11. I used to use a large enough plastic sandwich box to drain the gearbox oil then press on the lid to lift from underneath.
  12. Team GB? UK? What flag?

    Wales is not represented on the Union Flag.
  13. Oil filter for Beta 43

    Give Filtermania of Stafford a call, brilliant service with reasonable prices. I always used them for all my filters when i had a boat.
  14. Things to do in Wales..

    A visit to The Museum Of Life near Cardiff where you can see how life was lived in Wales from medieval times, it's absolutely brilliant and free entry, Dan YR OGOF caves near Sennybridge, The Gower Coast the jewel of Wales. On the Beacons there is a nice walk to the top of PEN Y FAN. Enjoy!