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  1. Friday joke

    Willie, finding life a bore drank some H2SO4 His father an MD gave him CaCO3 Now he's neutralised it's true But he's full of CO2
  2. Damaged fairlead

    Use a door push strip. some are plain, that is, they are not embossed "push"
  3. Breakfast in America - World Canals Conference

    Congratulations on being invited to speak at the conference - woohoo (quietly) I've been several times to the New England area, it's a beautiful part of the country. I once flew into Toronto, never again! I had to do Canadian customs/immigration on landing, walk down a corridor to get my Boston flight then do US customs/immigration, a real pain when you're tired, hot & feeling very hassled. Can't recommend that way to get to US. Can recommend "upgrading" on Virgin, better seats, better food/drinks, better baggage allowance. If you mean Bethel, Maine I drove there from western Mass some years ago. Took my time lots of trees. Lots. Many places just to stop & look. Got roadside motels no prob, one did put me in mind of Psycho though! North Conway NH is worth a visit good scenery & retail therapy for those who require it, some sort of tax concession in NH; no purchase tax or some such. Mount Washington also worth a visit, don't miss the cog railway. Niagara is best viewed from the Canadian side , worth the trip but customs, immigration again. The town is very commercial these days but worth a day trip. Welland canal worth a look too. I always went into NY City by bus, Greyhound, convenient & just something different. When flying from JFK I did it (the City) on my way home, there was left luggage (secure) at the bus depot & I could then get a bus or taxi to the airport. You would probably need to check the left luggage situation it may have changed after 9/11. It's generally considered cheaper to book the hire car from UK, I always used Alamo & found then very good. I was spoiled really as mostly my pal, in Mass, would lend me his car for the duration. I would not contemplate driving in downtown NY. If you go there see if you can find the garment district, I got some great deals on winter clothes one time; when I said I would be over my allowance the guy offered to buy the coat I was wearing! Hope this helps, enjoy. HH
  4. Drinking water

    A few years ago I used to sail with a retired GP and his wife. The tap water often had a strong sulphurous unpleasant smell, we only ever used it to make tea and put into whisky. The doc's wife was a very refined lady whose long vowels were interminable, (I'm from the north so I notice these things) one day she took me totally by surprise by declaring "This water smells like somebody's farted". The doc died aged 97 so I guess it didn't harm him too much. I don't think the water tank had ever been cleaned or disinfected in about 20 years. Lou To Topic Listing General Boating
  5. Tart anyone?

    Somewhat off topic but maybe interesting........... Dangerous Liaison: Sexually Transmitted Allergic Reaction to Brazil Nuts J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2007; Vol. 17(3): 189-191 © 2007 Esmon Publicidad CASE REPORT Dangerous Liaison: Sexually Transmitted Allergic Reaction to Brazil Nuts AS Bansal, R Chee, V Nagendran, A Warner, G Hayman Department of Immunology, St Helier Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey, England. ■ Abstract Brazil nuts are the second most frequent cause of nut allergy in the United Kingdom. We report the case of a 20-year-old woman with documented Brazil nut allergy who developed widespread urticaria and mild dyspnea after intercourse with her boyfriend who had earlier consumed Brazil nuts. Skin prick testing with the boyfriend’s semen after Brazil nut consumption confirmed significant reactivi ty whereas a sample before nut consumption was negative. We believe this to be the first case of a sexually transmitted allergic reaction. Key words: Brazil nut allergy. Semen. Sexual transmission. ■ Introduction While there are several cases of semen allergy reported in the literature [1], cases of a systemic allergic reaction caused by food proteins transferred in semen have not previously been recorded. We describe the case of a woman with a documented Brazil nut allergy who developed urticaria and dyspnea after intercourse with her boyfriend who had consumed Brazil nuts 2 to 3 hours previously. Case Description A 20-year-old woman in a stable relationship developed widespread urticaria and angioedema shortly after vaginal intercourse with her partner. Condoms were not used as the patient was taking the contraceptive pill. The patient’s partner was aware of the patient’s very signi fi cant nut allergy and had bathed, brushed his teeth and cleaned his nails immediately before intercourse as he had consumed mixed nuts roughly two to three hours earlier. These had included between 4 to 5 Brazil nuts. The patient also suffered signi fi cant itching and swelling of her vagina and vulva and felt faint even when sitting. While there was no choking or wheezing, she felt mildly short of breath. She took 10 mg of cetirizine and started to improve within 45 minutes. Throughout the following day she noticed a marked fatigue but no skin rash, dyspnea or faintness. The patient had been diagnosed with Brazil nut allergy 2 years earlier as a result of several episodes of urticaria and angioedema after consuming foods containing nuts. Skin prick testing with commercial reagents (Hollister-Stier Laboratories, Washington, USA) had con fi rmed a very highly positive 9 mm wheal to Brazil nuts. There were negative reactions to peanuts, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. Positive reactions were also evident to grass, tree and weed pollens in keeping with the HH
  6. Friday joke

    Point for Discussion 1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me for the path is narrow.. In fact, just piss off and leave me alone. 2. Sex is like air. It's not that important unless you aren't getting any. 3. No one is listening until you fart. 4. Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else. 5. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 6. If you think nobody cares whether you're alive or dead, try missing a couple of mortgage payments. 7. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 8.. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. 9. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. 10. If you lend someone £20 and never see that person again, it was probably well worth it. 11. If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. 12. Some days you are the dog, some days you are the tree. 13. Don't worry; it only seems kinky the first time. 14. Good judgment comes from bad experience ... and most of that comes from bad judgment. 15. A closed mouth gathers no foot. 16. There are two excellent theories for arguing with women. Neither one works. 17. Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips are moving. 18. Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it. 19. We are born naked, wet and hungry, and get slapped on our arse ... then things just go downhill from there. 20. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night. 21. Life is too short to worry about how short life is.
  7. Injunctive Relief

    Thank you WotEver.
  8. Injunctive Relief

    Seems to have gorn... We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape. Oops!The page you are looking for has either moved, no longer exists, or there is a typo in the url. You could use the search facility at the top of this page, return to our homepage or visit one of our most popular pages: Notices and Stoppages Where to Fish Upcoming events See our network Be an Explorer
  9. Christmas movie

    African Queen Zulu
  10. Would you credit it

  11. Brexit - A New Beginning

    Yep, it's a tongue in cheek statement really.
  12. Brexit - A New Beginning

    Exactly so.
  13. Brexit - A New Beginning

    50% of the population is below average intelligence - does that help?
  14. Another Language

    A person who speaks three languages is called trilingual A person who speaks two languages is called bilingual. A person who speaks one language is called... English. HH