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Water Woman

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    My boat, family, reading, being a TOG, friends.

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  1. Audlem Banter

    I have not been here for a while, well I have been HERE in my boat, but not here on the forum. But I am still coming. Cited I am. It id damn cold tonight in the wilds of Tattenhall. Winter drawers on!
  2. Audlem Banter

    I come from a big family where plans set in concrete can mean anything from exactly that to.... 'well, I had no idea it was last weekend, did no-one think to remind me?' I will be watching the thread for clues!!
  3. Audlem Banter

    Oh,,, right,,, that is much clearer now. Errmmm, thanks WW
  4. Audlem Banter

    I am really looking forward to meeting some of you. Oh, that did not sound very good, it sounded as though there were some I was not looking forward to meeting and of course that is not the case! I am not sure, despite reading though the thread, where we are going or exactly when. But I will have grasped it all by the time that weekend comes. I will probably be driving - but I don't mind that. WW
  5. Audlem Banter

    I will be there. I am so looking forward to meeting people actually in the flesh.
  6. Is there such a thing as canal world dating

    That is a lovely thing to say ! Long may you remain happy x
  7. Is there such a thing as canal world dating

    There seems to be a lot of this matchmaking about just now. I was in Wiltshire with some friends last week, one of whom always tries to 'fix me up' usually with men who are not remotely my cup of campari. But this time she has found a builder who lives on a boat, sounds slightly more promising (not that I am looking) but it is a pity that he is on the K and A and I have just moved from there! BSP - I had no idea you were a match maker. This thread has made me smile.
  8. Is there a Dog?

    Thank you everyone. They say they think it was a embolism (sp) She never had an unhappy day in her little life and that keeps me smiling when I think of her. A narrowboat, freedom, people who loved her and a massive enthusiasm for life in all its forms. I can learn something from her - probably more than the little scamp ever learned from me!
  9. Is there a Dog?

    My dog died today. Very suddenly. Just four years old. I am heartbroken. We are on holiday in Wiltshire. I feel like I am walking through fog, I guess only dog lovers will know how I feel. I know she was only an animal but she was my constant companion and friend. Simply that.
  10. My lovely dog died today, four years old. Very suddenly, while we are on holiday in Wiltshire. I am heartbroken. Simply that.

  11. I have had a really bad couple of days but I am determined to keep smiling. The sky is blue, the boat is comfortable and no-one can spoil my evening.

    1. Mick_B


      "Smile and the world smiles with you".

      Tis old and said many times but true. (most of the time) Hope it works for you.

    2. Water Woman

      Water Woman

      Cry and you cry alone. Not that I am one for crying. Life is too short not to try to enjoy every day

  12. what dog?

    I have a JRT. She is small enough to fit well into the space but 'big' enough to make a noise should anyone come onto the boat. She is friendly and happy and adaptable to whatever is going on... a ten mile walk or a day snoozing in front of the stove. She is happy to be part of any plans. A perfect boat dog.
  13. Single-handed through my first 5 locks

    The woman did good x
  14. It is a lovely if breezy day today, I have lots to do on the boat so why am I here>?

  15. I am not sure what this bit is for but today I have mainly done nothing and been a bit ... something