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  1. Waddingtons Boatyard, Swinton.

    It was quite a long time ago when I placed a call here for some info about the Smith Rodley crane off the Waddingstons boatyard. A few people have been very friendly and helpful. I will thank them for their kindness Now my model of the Smith crane is finished, he used to be placed on a barge but in a scale of 1:25 the barge was to big to build. I don't know where to put him in my house. The model.
  2. Waddingtons Boatyard, Swinton.

    Hi carlt. That would be great, I would be very pleased if it’s possible. My plan was to visit waddinton last summer by myself, but due some personal reasons I was unable to go to England. This is about this type crane, so far as I have seen on pictures there are 3 cranes of this type on the Waddington yard. From the oldest one I will make my model. I would let you know due private message which measurements I exactly need, otherwise it's very off topic. @Derek R I appreciated your help very much. I have already tried many things, even a email to Wellman Booth (The Clarke Chapman Group) the last owner of Smith Rodley, but all records and drawings are destroyed. I have also emailed the 'archives' but unfortunately it cost a lot of money and you must visit them personally for info. I’ am also a crane driver for many years, I drive for a quite some time a ‘Figee’, a Floating lemniscate harbour crane. Thank you very much. (Sorry if my English isn't very well)
  3. Waddingtons Boatyard, Swinton.

    Dear ladies and gentlemen. I'm living in Holland. I build crane models for a hobby and I have a request. On this moment I’m working on a Smith Rodley, the so-called 'Smith 40' When I was searching for some info about the Waddington boatyard I accidentally came to this forum and topic about the Waddington boatyard. I’m fully aware this is not a machinery forum, but maybe someone can help me, I'm desperate. My friendly request is, I'm looking for someone who lives near the boatyard of Waddington. Or someone who knows a person which is working there or maybe someone who comes sometimes to the yard and wants to help me for some measurements of the bottom section from the crane boom of the Smith 40? If there are any costs I would like to compensate them. It seems there are a few of these cranes left and they are all in England, particularly on the Waddington yard.. I can't find them anywhere else. Thank you in advance.