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  1. Removing Ballast

    Trend used to do a jig that let you make circular holes with a router with a lip for which you could get standard "lids" but whilst anything made by Trend is high quality it is also expensive. I haven't checked to see if they still do. (Search Trend & router as there is another company called Trend.)
  2. Fradley is full

    I remember - a large fish dinner, 2 shillings and 6 pence, Walkerville, Yorkshire...
  3. AB Tuckey

    with suitable angles, that might be one way of getting a boat onto the Litchfield Aqueduct?
  4. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    I recommend refraining from responding to posters who have a wholly negative approach and only respond to those who understand where you're coming from.
  5. Turtles/ Terripins

    There's no need to worry about global warming anymore, Brexit will solve that (and all other known problems).
  6. Music in Pubs

    There's nowt wrong with the idea of an establishment focused on good beer and conversation and little wrong with institutions focussing on families and food. What is wrong is calling them both Pubs. There ought to be a quite separate name for the F & F ones, with "Pubs" being reserved for sawdust jobbies. I suggest "Effaneffs". I have no interest in "Pubs", I'm usually hungry at the time I need liquid refreshment and I can't drink more than a half a cupfull of beer without getting pissed, genetic since my grandfather suffered from the same problem. So I see three, no four distinct institutions: "Pubs" - good beer, no canned music, no kids "Effaneffs" - good foods, some beer, minimum 1 kid, quiet background or no canned music, garden "Restaurants" - good food, seat belts (no moving around), no garden "YoungPlaces" (better name required) - lots of alcohol to inhibit sensible behaviour, lots of loud music to hide a lack of conversational ability, primarily for young people wanting to get laid.
  7. Stove chimney

    How much do new Students cost these days? I have no idea. Time to buy another lottery ticket...
  8. Bulkheads

    You have read the BSS document from end to end haven't you, before you start fitting out?
  9. Stove chimney

    where's the emoji for lathe-envy?
  10. Moving boat every 2 weeks but not living aboard

    The main problem I found when I did it is mooring securely. Pins are no good when leaving the boat for a fortnight, and most moorings with rings are short term VMs so that leaves Armco, which limits you to where Armco is available (and not already occupied). I was using public transport, which had additional complications. And your boat security measures need to be thorough & strong. Also, don't keep anything seriously valuable like a generator on board. Its hard work.
  11. Twin pack or Bitumen

    What's on it already?
  12. What have you fettled for the boat today?

    Got my engine mounts replaced (no, I didn't do it myself, too busy). Fitted a handbasin in the bathroom. Speedfit is great! Fitted a cot platform in the bedroom for my 2yr old granddaughter Reinforced my dinette bed. Not strong enough as originally designed. Broke a mooring ring (second time in just a few months). sundry other stuff
  13. second hand windows

    Can't help. Mine are 9 of (7 x (48" x 24") & 2 x (36" x 24")). Note that different manufacturers use different radiusesesesess.
  14. Ballast - access and adjusting

    <pedant> You need ballast that is denser ie heavier for the same volume, rather than just heavier, ie bigger blocks </pedant> You can have 100+ class A engineering bricks I no longer need (for free) but you will have to come and get them! (Cheshire!) But iron/steel would be much better. I got mine from advertising on this forum. Make sure that anything you buy will actually fit!
  15. second hand windows

    What sort of windows? Type, size, manufacturer?