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  1. Can Anyone Help Transport A Box?

    Not necessary as we now have two forum members who, between them think they can liaise with the chappie on the boat to collect within the parameters of time there before untying the ropes to move on - thankfully!
  2. Hurth HBW 400 & Obsolete Parts

    Even if it has rubber mountings?
  3. Hurth HBW 400 & Obsolete Parts

    Yes I agree. In addition to that the man from ZF said their current units are all right handed whereas the tiny letter L on our identification plate indicates our box is a left handed one. I have no idea if that is something that generally applies to hydraulic boxes or if it is specific to ZF ones. I really want to keep the original if at all possible. I would be looking at getting new parts made if they are found to be required before I even look at replacing. P.S. The nice man from ZF has also sent me a a series of PDF's which are the workshop manual for the gearbox. It is engineering porn at it's finest with all those exploded diagrams. I wonder if I can raise some money towards the repairs by offering a pay per view scheme
  4. Hurth HBW 400 & Obsolete Parts

    That is interesting. I thought it was fairly critical that a hydraulic box did not get too warm and sitting in a metal box next to big lump of air cooled engine while working fairly hard is not what I would have thought would be an ideal situation. Perhaps it is not as critical as I thought
  5. Can Anyone Help Transport A Box?

    Wow aren't you all really helpful thank you very much. All this for a box belonging to a couple I met in the cafe that is on a boat belonging to a chap none of us know lol Tonka, your suggestion might just work, I will PM you Monkey & Mrs Tawny: I think we are very close to Jeannette getting custody of the box in the first few days of December but I suspect she does not have any plans to visit Coventry until January and so, while getting it further north would be very helpful I don't think it will be done in time for the Loughborough Banter. It might be that I can get my daughter to take it in for a term at Pooley before it comes north to me and on to Worksop. The first thing is to get it collected. Thanks again everyone
  6. Hurth HBW 400 & Obsolete Parts

    That is the bit that worries me! The will is there in bucket loads (the team have spent 3300 volunteer hours in the last financial year to get Python to where she is now) Some folks seem to be trying to restore a canal though and they don't take kindly to me dipping in the pot for stuff like this when there is serious stuff like concrete and brick need buying Thankfully ZF are also wanting to do their bit to help bless 'em.
  7. Can Anyone Help Transport A Box?

    Thanks everyone. I have been in touch with the box owner who has been in touch with the boat owner and it can't happen before the weekend. I will send Jeanette at PM and see if we can sort something out to get it collected after the weekend. Then we either need to wait for next spring for Jeanette to be heading north or find someone who is heading north and can collect it from Jeannette. I think Jeanette having the box will mean it could be easier as she is less of a moving target If anyone has to travel between Cowley area and Chesterfield/Worksop in the next couple of months please shout up
  8. Hurth HBW 400 & Obsolete Parts

    Thanks Richard. Have you used those sleeves? They seem a potentially useful bit of kit for old mechanical stuff. I will wait and see what the report comes back with (ZF have said they are happy to share photos you will be pleased to know!) I had not realised that the baseplate could act like a skin tank ...although now I think about it ... it's fairly obvious! I think I thought a skin tank was an area where the steel was thinner but as soon as I have typed that I pondered on where it would be on our own boat and why I was not aware of it's location. It might still be a bit of a problem as Python is on a mooring without power and too far up an embankment to get a cable from the trailer based heavy duty genny one of team has for running his welder so we may have to get the pole out and punt her through three locks That could be fun
  9. Hurth HBW 400 & Obsolete Parts

    Thank you Can anyone share a link to the repair sleeves please?
  10. Can Anyone Help Transport A Box?

    Thanks Jeanette I am unsure exactly where he is now but he is hoping to be at Yiewsley after the weekend (I don't know the area so the place names mean nothing to me) I don't think it is anywhere near you Jeannette but thank you so much for trying to help
  11. We are in the process of trying to sort out the problem with Python's gearbox that makes neutral a movable feast, one that can sometimes only be found by peering into the darkness below the step and checking the propshaft has actually stopped turning! She has a Hurth HBW 400 When the engine was refitted a couple of years ago after rebuild we knew the gear change was not right and had planned to fit a new Morse control but, our friendly and helpful boat builder checked it over and checked the adjustment and advised us there was nothing wrong with the Morse, the problem was most likely to be an internal one in the gearbox. We have put it on a back burner as, having spoken with a couple of people who understand gearboxes, they confirmed the symptoms we have could be caused by the gearbox and they also suggested it did not mean it was likely to fail imminently, it could go on for years acting this way. It occurred to us a couple of months ago that not reliably being able to stop the prop turning quickly in an emergency (man overboard) is actually a huge safety problem so we want to get it sorted out. We have approached ZF Services (who took over Hurth many moons ago) and they have an engineer on our case for us. He has been to visit the boat and seen the problem. We are in the process of removing the gearbox so they can strip it down and inspect it and give us a proper report on it's condition. (which they are very kindly offering to do FOC for us) The engineer confirmed our box was from 1980 which was exactly what I was hoping he would say (it matches the age of the Lister engine). However, depending what they find when they open it up it does limit our options a little and I would like to get some idea of what alternative options might be available to us if we find our box is not repairable. I am advised that all the clutch plates, seals and gaskets for the HBW 400 are still available but a significant number of the "hard parts" such as shafts and gears are made of unobtanium and so we might be faced with a gearbox that can't be rebuilt depending what they find when it is opened up. The HBW 400 was replaced by the HBW 450 which was discontinued in the late 1980's with no direct replacement. Current ZF boxes are all hydraulic and would require some water cooling. As Python has an air cooled Lister HA2 I am assuming it would be a major job to create some water cooling and so I don't feel that is a route I really want to go down. Am I right to think that applies to all hydraulic gearboxes? Given the age of the Hurth 400 is it likely that we might find one somewhere that is in serviceable condition? I feel it could be a false economy to buy and fit an unknown second hand box. Knowing the current Hurth is the box that was fitted when she was converted around 1980 means that it does have some heritage value and I need to keep that in mind when we consider replacement BUT she is not a museum exhibit, she is a functioning working boat with a job to do and we need her to be reliable. Of course we are all hoping that the box will be repairable BUT, if it is not which direction should we be thinking along the lines of? What gearboxes are there out there that will do what we want without us having a major conversion job on our hands and what might we have to consider to convert to a different box?
  12. Can Anyone Help Transport A Box?

    That sounds amazing David. I wonder if it still lives up to that nostalgia? I suspect not. Thanks for the suggestion Tim
  13. Can Anyone Help Transport A Box?

    Sitting in Laura's Cafe in Shireoaks enjoying a coffee and a slice of her scrumptious Victoria Sponge (as you do - when she has sold out of Bakewell Tart) when a couple come in and start chatting to Laura. My ears pricked up when Laura said "Maybe Jan might know" At that point I wonder what I am letting myself in for! Well it seems the local couple (Cynthia & David) sold their boat a couple of months ago. They were in Little Venice when they sold it and they cleared everything out and waved the new owner on his way. It was only some time later that the new owner discovered a couple of boxes of their stuff in a hiding place under the bed. One box is just books and it's not important if they do not get it back but the other box contains personal effects which they would like to try and get back. They are faced with a drive down to London to get the box but they are in no rush at all to get it back and they wondered if I happened to know anyone who might be able to pick the box up and, eventually get it further north - somewhere within spitting distance of Worksop or Chesterfield would be good. The chap who now owns the boat is a continuous cruiser and to preserve his privacy I will not be publicly naming the boat, or his name but I do know he is planning to move on to Uxbridge (near The Shovel Pub he hopes) and would be available for someone to collect the box between 1st and 3rd of December. If the box was collected then it could potentially be dropped off with someone who might be going to the Loughborough Banter between Christmas and New Year or, if the person was amenable I suspect the box owners would be happy to pay for it to be posted if whoever has it is prepared to parcel it up and drop it off with MyHermes of something? It is a bit of a big ask for somebody I don't know to go out of their way to meet up with somebody they don't know to collect a box belonging to someone I only met very briefly in a cafe yesterday but stranger things have happened! I have the name of the chap with the box and the name and description of his boat. I also have the name and pone number of the box owners. If anyone feels they might be in a position to collect the box and start it on it's trip north please get in touch
  14. We need to try and make a cushion for a bench seat in Python's cabin. It is not anything grand, just a bench base (with storage underneath). The cushion to go on the top of the base will be easy (although I think it might be 3 cushions to allow easier access to the lift up hatches underneath. It is a very small space to be faffing around with large cushions in) The bench runs down the side of the boat so we need a cushion that will squish under the gunwale for the back and in turn should help hold the base cushions in place. The problem comes that towards one end of the seat is where the hull starts to taper in towards the rear. The base cushion should not be too much problem as a gentle curve along the back edge will reduce the depth by around 1½" (although the curve only starts around half was along). The gunwales are very deep and slope slightly downwards towards the outside but the real problem is how to taper the thickness of the back cushion? The gunwale depth stays the same at the top but it is 1½" shallower at the bottom. Is there any method folks have employed to get foam cut to match a curve and how do you even start to make a template of what is needed? Any suggestions are very welcome, we have a volunteer who is happy to cover the foam for us but we need to work out how to make the foam fit.
  15. The Price Of Old Windlasses

    This is the real rear view of the reel for Carl