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  1. BW Livery

    The squiggle is still in the signwriters pot! Don't worry - it will be replaced! Yes we had the best ever weekend on the stall we took a magnificent £618 which was only possible because so many people very generously brought so many fantastic donations of stuff for me to sell. There was a good deal of part exchange too - folks bought an item from me then returned to their boat to fetch the item it was replacing so I could sell that! I also had a very willing little helper on Sunday afternoon. A young lass called Kelsey (aged just 9) had spent so much of her Grandpa's cash on the tombola along with her younger sister that she felt she was an expert on tombolas and asked if she could help me sell the tickets. She proceeded to sell every single ticket in the bucket! Of course folks are far less likely to refuse the request of a very sweet 9 year old lass. I think Auntie Wainwright may have met her match there!
  2. BW Livery

    Another question - sorry! I have been pointed in the direction of "Wrights of Lymm" for the signwriting enamel or Craftmaster Does anyone know what shade would be correct for the green from either of those companies or does anyone have a BS number or pantone number for it? Jan
  3. BW Livery

    Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far with this topic. I have been incredibly busy the last few weeks but much progress has been made. The weather was not the optimum for painting a boat outside but the lovely Helen managed to get her painted eventually and she now looks like this: Before anyone says anything - yes, I am aware the yellow stripes on the swans neck are completely wrong! That is what happens when a volunteer thinks he is being helpful and gets on with painting stripes without checking! We will be repainting the swans neck with a single broad band of yellow in the middle. Our graphic designer did a bit of research and decided to use some special vinyl to cut the lettering for the cloths. It was not cheap but he tells me that after 24 hours of applying some sort of chemical bonding process takes place with the vinyl of the cloths meaning it can't peel off. In fact it meant he had to get it right because it will never come off! This picture was taken by Viviee Barber at Alvecote at the weekend and shows off the letters rather well I think: Note the stuffed snake on the swan neck to cover up the mistake! We also have a deck cloth with the CCT logo on it and an orignal 1929 web address! We also now have some interpretation panels affixed to the inside of the side hatch so when we are moored up the right way and if the weather is good enough we can open the hatch. On the inside of the engine room doors we have affixed the logo's of all the companies and organisations who have supported her restoration: Now she is on her way "home" to The Chesterfield Canal where we have a couple of weeks to get as many of the outstanding bits of the fit out done as possible and, weather permitting, the sign writer will do his thing. He has asked me to double check that the details I have for the signwriting are correct so please can those of you who know about these things cast your eye over the following and pass some comment to let us know if we are on the right lines or if there is something that needs amending. The lettering is yellow block with double shading in apple green and black. The shading is to the left The letters are 6" high for capitals and 5" for the rest on "British Waterways" The boats name is all 5" as is the fleet number (these dimensions exclude shading) The gauging number is in plain black blocks painted onto the top yellow line at the rear of the cabin roughly level withthe chimney collar All comments are very welcome, we remain indebted to the historic boating community for all the valuable advise we have been given throughout the last 4 years of restoration. Judging by the positive comments and remarks we recieved at Alvecote this year I feel confident we are on the right track and we are now on the verge of scaling back the work of restoration and moving to a longer term view of preservation. Python now has a clean bill of health and will return to work on 20th of September as we emabrk upon an ambitious schedule of trimming offside vegetation along 32 miles of The Chesterfield Canal this autumn
  4. BW Livery

    That is going to make very interesting reading indeed. I was hoping very much that Python would be done and dusted long before the end of September (by which time she will be engaged in a 2 month programme of offside veg cutting on The Chesterfield Canal before the various stoppages kick in early in November) As anyone who has ever worked on a project like this will be aware, everything takes longer than you hope it will and if forces can conspire against you making progress they will. I was becoming very frustrated by the slow progress at one point but in fairness to achieve what we have in the time we have with a group of volunteers of mixed experience and ability is quite an achievement and I am very proud of them all. Instead of trying to get everything done by a set date we need to remember that a restoration project does not have an end date. It is more a case of a gentle transition between describing it as restoration and describing it as maintenance. Where the use of one word ends and the start of the other begins does not have a set time and nor should it. Getting her finished will take as long as it takes. I suspect when she makes a brief appearance on the system at the end of the summer she might still be looking a bit of a work in progress but hopefully people who care about old boats will be far happier seeing her with her progress than not seeing her at all.
  5. BW Livery

    That is incredibly helpful thank you very much indeed. I am a bit confused by the "D" bit and will try and find a few more old pictures to have a look at when I get time and a better connection. I think it is wonderful you passed on the unused cloths to Ellesmere Port. I hope they make good use of them
  6. BW Livery

    Thank you. Of course, I remember now it is a deckboard not a cratch board! For our purpose a triangle will suit because the set up is not traditional (in involves turnbuttons - shock horror! The boatmen will be turning in their graves!)
  7. BW Livery

    Sorry folks I have (yet another) question! Is there a name given to the bit of canvas (or modern alternative) that covers the cratch board on a boat? Some boats have it covered and others don't Is it a case of personal preference or historically were certain boats or fleets more likely to have them than others?
  8. BW Livery

    Thank you very much indeed That would be an enormous help. If I can get the measurements to one of our volunteers over the weekend he can make up a screen for us Python is a Bulls Bridge boat
  9. BW Livery

    Wow! that really is a testament to a good job and an owner that looks after it! 17 years might also offer some suggestion regarding the pigment situation that Derek mentioned, that is a lot of sunlight to fade those colours
  10. BW Livery

    Another question - can anyone help please? Does anyone know the size of the letters used on the cloths when applied like this? We believe that Python already has her own special version of the wavy line! For a long time the Chesterfield Canal Trust "Pythoneers" were ridiculed for trying to pretty her up by putting a squiggle on her bow: But she had the squiggle added when she was in BW ownership. Talking to current CRT employees who used to crew Python on The Regents Canal I asked if they knew why she had a squiggle on her bow when she was the only BW boat known to have one. It was suggested that it was applied as a reference to the yellow wavy lines in the old BW logo as seen on this photo belonging to Mr Fincher of this parish
  11. BW Livery

    Python used to have the pressed alumium sign with her name on. Laurence Hog gave me photos of her in the jade green late 80's early 90's with it on. Photos of her covered in pigeon poo in Adelaide Dock when Chesterfield Canal Trust were considering acquiring her show one of them bent in her hold. I have never found out what happened to that sign which is a great shame. We had a choice of three liveries that Python "wore" with her current cabin configuration. The pale blue and white from the 80's, the green shown above and a repaet of what she was before her new bottom: We do have magnetic signs we put on when we are working though: The green was the one the team liked least That would make sense There is some discussion whether she ought to adopt a CCT fleet number of 5 in place of 249. It seems incredible that is all the CCT boats had a fleet number we would now be up to 8½! I think I want to keep 249!
  12. BW Livery

    Thanks a million for that Derek. That has been very helpful indeed.
  13. BW Livery

    249 was her fleet number so I would suggest F stands for fleet (unless anyone knows otherwise?)
  14. BW Livery

    Yes thank you Laurence, I have the very useful information you gave me. What I do not know is how those sizes and colours translate into what I was looking at when I was at Braunston ( didn't get a tape measure out - I was enjoying looking at the boats and talking to their owners far too much
  15. BW Livery

    It would be very helpful for me (and for our signwriter) to have a bit of a discussion about BW Livery in the run up to applying it to Python. I found it very useful to study a few of the boats at Braunston last weekend. I am looking at what I believe is referred to by some as the 1990's BW "Heritage" livery and as the cabin on Python is not traditional it cannot follow chapter and verse of the official format but we have enough photos of Python taken with this livery on to understand how it was applied to her. What I want to be sure of is the details of letter sizing and the colours used for the shading. I took a handful of photos which will not show the actual size but several of the people I spoke to who's advice I trust suggested which of the boats was best to refer to as correct and this was spoken very highly of. This is picture no 1 I have always thought this looks absolutely beautiful too but it is very well polished and the hard edges of the writing and going smooth and it is wearing a lovely "worn in" look rather than the sharp edges of the one above Picture no 2 One more, the think that struck me with this one is that the green looks completely wrong - in fact it looks almost turquiose Picture number 3 One more that I believe to be "correct" is this one. Again it has the lovely lived in look and being on a wooden planked cabin it wears the lines from the movement in the wood really well. Personally I loved to see this as it's the heritage of the boat and did not look too perfect. Picture number 4 I know some of you will be able to identify which boats these photos are of and so please can I ask that any comments are kept as constructive criticism and even if you do know which boat the picture is of please refer to them as 1, 2, 3 or 4. I was very impressed at how helpful people were including one suggesting I did not photograph his sign writing as the letters were the incorrect size! The reason for this thread is simply so I can make sure I have the correct details for our sign writer. Thank you in advance