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  1. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    Again I wonder which "various people" it is that this has been mentioned to and which bits of local history you feel are about to be lost forever. I know this has been discussed at trustee level with Chesterfield Canal Trust. I feel that there is a lack of information available and if you have some that you feel might be useful then perhaps you need to make me aware of it? By PM if necessary. Not too sure what can be done if anything but you are not alone in your concerns
  2. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    Ah! Right, yes you are clearly very faithful to The Chessie, some may even say stalwart! it was a bit of a pig with the wind coming off the offside field that day, sorry if we disturbed the peace and we will get the other sapling in the winding hole on the way back (when we can get the nose in from the opposite direction) I am reliably informed that Fountains have already been awarded the contract for clearing offside veg between Bridge 62 and 66 (The Gate and The Boat PH's) so we chugged past and fingers crossed that is the last time CRT will need to contract out the offside veg on this canal - if we can keep doing what we are doing. I can't help but thinking that boaters will be wondering why we are not touching it. It is a very overgrown section and was a priority for us until I realised we would not be saving them any money if we did it. Sean McGinley and Lee Taylor both came to help with the summit pound clearance last month You may be interested to know there are plans to get a couple of their new recruits to join us in the next couple of weeks, on the back of that day last month they feel that getting the new lads to understand what we are doing will help them with their work.
  3. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    Yes sorry, I am guilty of taking this thread off topic too I agree that section is very shallow. I know CRT have plans to dredge different sections of the canal over the next 3 years. Up until this years dredging at Ranby we found the section immediately below Bridge 51 to be almost impassable without getting Python stuck or at least scraping along the bottom but repeatedly reporting the problem each time we passed through helped to bring it to the top of the priority list so it has not been done. We tested the "line" through there last month and found two spots to have not been properly dredged and fed back very specific data about where these points are so they might be able to spot dredge them. I know there are often times when people ponder on why decisions have been made in the past. I can't comment on this as I am a relative newcomer to the canal but what I do know is that the best way of getting things done is to send a formal notification of the problem to CRT. I don't know which CRT "bods" it is you have mentioned it to but unless you mention it to the correct ones the message may not be reaching them. What we do is use the email address for the local team enquiries.eastmidlands (at) canalrivertrust.org.uk (I have replaced the @ in that address so the bots don't find it but if you use it insert an @ in place of the bit in brackets). A lovely lady called Cheryl sends a reply. Maybe not straight away but I always get a reply from her. I always try to include a full description of the problem and explain exactly where it is, I attach photos if I feel it helps describe the situation or place. I send so many notifications I often feel guilty that I am bombarding them with stuff but all their team assures me that are very grateful for the input because our eyes and ears as people who have a good understanding of the canal is really helping them to target their resources to where there biggest problems are. Of course there is an element of priority but, if they get 10 notifications of a single problem then they are likely to prioritise that just to stop people bombarding them with more notifications of the same problem. You are clearly a local boater, forgive me if I have asked this before and forgotten it but where are you based? We probably pass each other regularly!
  4. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    I would imagine you would have almost managed get that up on the plane on The Trent! Python has just come through there last week. We will be back that way later in the month but with the stoppages this winter we will tuck her up at Shireoaks for the duration and get on with trying to get the fit out finished. We are already looking at a litter pick in Worksop then Retford in March followed by accompanying Dawn Rose on the Boat Pull from Shireoaks to West Stockwith in April - she is back! and we will move her up and down as often as we can, we just need an excuse to move her and the volunteers to do it with. I have had a number of owners of deeper vessels tell me how much she was missed in the two years she was off the canal. Thanks to the great job done by those who supplied the funding (IWA, National Historic Ships and CRT) and Paul Barber her bottom should last a couple of decades or more of keeping that channel open and, if we can keep finding work that she can do and volunteers to do it then she will once again be a regular sight passing through. Retford Mariners Boat Club have been very supportive with offering offside mooring overnight to keep her safe for us in Retford during the schedule this autumn. That made a huge difference to what we have been able to achieve. Boaters who are familiar with heading upsteam through Bridge 62 (the Gate Public House) and finding their bows in the weeping willow tree on the bend then trying to get back into the channel while avoiding the boats on the visitor moorings with the overgrown hawthorn offside may notice a big difference since Wednesday. Volunteers shifted 10 bulk bags of vegetation from there on Wednesday. A very short section of perhaps 100 yards and we spent the entire day on it. I still have the perforations from the hawthorn to prove it! What was especially lovely is that two of the volunteers are not boaters but walkers but joined in to have a day with us, we have a number of people joining in who are walkers or just local residents who want to "put something back" some have never been on a boat before but go away feeling they are really made a difference. I sincerely hope the boaters notice the difference when they pass that way next time
  5. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    That is a really lovely photo! It is a shame to hear what has happened to that boat. I really feel there is no excuse for hacking features that have heritage value off a boat, it may have been acceptable in the past when these boats were 10 a penny and nobody wanted them but times have changed. Of course over recent years I have lost count of how many people have said to my face that what was done to Python in the 80's is an abortion and she should not be called a historic boat because she does not have a pretty cabin and is missing a chunk in the middle but, now we are using her for maintenance again it has become very obvious to us exactly why BW decided to convert he back in the 80's - she is the perfect tool for the job!
  6. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    The photo was taken on the Summit Pound. As you walk from the top lock (and the winding hole that is not a winding hole) towards Kiveton Park there is a track offside that runs uphill. There is often a boat moored there (although I have not seen it recently) This is before you get to Alberts Dock. I think some of the buildings may still be there but the trees have grown up to make the area look completely different to how it appears in that photo. I also have an apology to offer, when I published the stuff John Lower sent me he did not realise I was going to publish it and says if he had of done he would have taken longer to try and check the dates as everythng he wrote was out of his memory and he hates things to be inaccurate. Folks should take note that the info I quoted from him may not be 100% accurate, I think he plans to check the details and do an article about it for Chesterfield Canal Trust's Cuckoo magazine. This has set him thinking about all the old boats that have been part of Chesterfield Canal Trust's fleet over the years. If anyone has any information about any of them or photos of them he would love to see them
  7. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    I'm told the Spitfire on The Chesterfield was an ice breaker. I have asked our in house experts for more information. Watch this space
  8. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    That is fascinating David. Do you have any photos of Spitfire? I astounds me that these boats have so many people crammed in! Chesterfield Canal Trust now have a fleet of 6 boats they operate, 5 of them owned by CCT: John Varley is the newest addition and operates from Tapton Lock on the unconnected end in Chesterfield. This is the boat which was built with a grant from the proceeds of crime. Madeline is owned by Eckington School and was fitted out by the students and staff. They use the boat for school work but when they are not using it they allow CCT to use it for public trips which means we can help the school pay for the upkeep of the boat. Dawn Rose is the wooden unpowered "Chesterfield Boat" hand build by the volunteers. That will be heading to the festival on The Erewash next spring. We will be using Python, the trust's 87 year old Josher to tow Dawn Rose to that event. Hugh Henshall operates trips in the Worksop area with her hybrid engine it can offer a wonderful peaceful cruise experience Finally Seth Ellis operates from The Hope Pole in Retford That is a lot of volunteer crew!
  9. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    I have more information about The Norwood Packet from John Lower: John also supplied these photos: This one is of Ken Clarke
  10. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    The boat is now called Elsa, it recently changed hands. It has been in the ownership of th Barnsley, Dearne & Dove Canal Trust but they have given it to The The North Walsham & Dilham Canal Trust. Here is a photo of the boat from the late 1990's: Ivan Cane of the canal trust who now own the boat are looking for information about it and have recently contacted Chesterfield Canal Trust regarding it's history.
  11. BW Livery

    The squiggle is still in the signwriters pot! Don't worry - it will be replaced! Yes we had the best ever weekend on the stall we took a magnificent £618 which was only possible because so many people very generously brought so many fantastic donations of stuff for me to sell. There was a good deal of part exchange too - folks bought an item from me then returned to their boat to fetch the item it was replacing so I could sell that! I also had a very willing little helper on Sunday afternoon. A young lass called Kelsey (aged just 9) had spent so much of her Grandpa's cash on the tombola along with her younger sister that she felt she was an expert on tombolas and asked if she could help me sell the tickets. She proceeded to sell every single ticket in the bucket! Of course folks are far less likely to refuse the request of a very sweet 9 year old lass. I think Auntie Wainwright may have met her match there!
  12. BW Livery

    Another question - sorry! I have been pointed in the direction of "Wrights of Lymm" for the signwriting enamel or Craftmaster Does anyone know what shade would be correct for the green from either of those companies or does anyone have a BS number or pantone number for it? Jan
  13. BW Livery

    Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far with this topic. I have been incredibly busy the last few weeks but much progress has been made. The weather was not the optimum for painting a boat outside but the lovely Helen managed to get her painted eventually and she now looks like this: Before anyone says anything - yes, I am aware the yellow stripes on the swans neck are completely wrong! That is what happens when a volunteer thinks he is being helpful and gets on with painting stripes without checking! We will be repainting the swans neck with a single broad band of yellow in the middle. Our graphic designer did a bit of research and decided to use some special vinyl to cut the lettering for the cloths. It was not cheap but he tells me that after 24 hours of applying some sort of chemical bonding process takes place with the vinyl of the cloths meaning it can't peel off. In fact it meant he had to get it right because it will never come off! This picture was taken by Viviee Barber at Alvecote at the weekend and shows off the letters rather well I think: Note the stuffed snake on the swan neck to cover up the mistake! We also have a deck cloth with the CCT logo on it and an orignal 1929 web address! We also now have some interpretation panels affixed to the inside of the side hatch so when we are moored up the right way and if the weather is good enough we can open the hatch. On the inside of the engine room doors we have affixed the logo's of all the companies and organisations who have supported her restoration: Now she is on her way "home" to The Chesterfield Canal where we have a couple of weeks to get as many of the outstanding bits of the fit out done as possible and, weather permitting, the sign writer will do his thing. He has asked me to double check that the details I have for the signwriting are correct so please can those of you who know about these things cast your eye over the following and pass some comment to let us know if we are on the right lines or if there is something that needs amending. The lettering is yellow block with double shading in apple green and black. The shading is to the left The letters are 6" high for capitals and 5" for the rest on "British Waterways" The boats name is all 5" as is the fleet number (these dimensions exclude shading) The gauging number is in plain black blocks painted onto the top yellow line at the rear of the cabin roughly level withthe chimney collar All comments are very welcome, we remain indebted to the historic boating community for all the valuable advise we have been given throughout the last 4 years of restoration. Judging by the positive comments and remarks we recieved at Alvecote this year I feel confident we are on the right track and we are now on the verge of scaling back the work of restoration and moving to a longer term view of preservation. Python now has a clean bill of health and will return to work on 20th of September as we emabrk upon an ambitious schedule of trimming offside vegetation along 32 miles of The Chesterfield Canal this autumn
  14. BW Livery

    That is going to make very interesting reading indeed. I was hoping very much that Python would be done and dusted long before the end of September (by which time she will be engaged in a 2 month programme of offside veg cutting on The Chesterfield Canal before the various stoppages kick in early in November) As anyone who has ever worked on a project like this will be aware, everything takes longer than you hope it will and if forces can conspire against you making progress they will. I was becoming very frustrated by the slow progress at one point but in fairness to achieve what we have in the time we have with a group of volunteers of mixed experience and ability is quite an achievement and I am very proud of them all. Instead of trying to get everything done by a set date we need to remember that a restoration project does not have an end date. It is more a case of a gentle transition between describing it as restoration and describing it as maintenance. Where the use of one word ends and the start of the other begins does not have a set time and nor should it. Getting her finished will take as long as it takes. I suspect when she makes a brief appearance on the system at the end of the summer she might still be looking a bit of a work in progress but hopefully people who care about old boats will be far happier seeing her with her progress than not seeing her at all.
  15. BW Livery

    That is incredibly helpful thank you very much indeed. I am a bit confused by the "D" bit and will try and find a few more old pictures to have a look at when I get time and a better connection. I think it is wonderful you passed on the unused cloths to Ellesmere Port. I hope they make good use of them