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  1. Fradley is full

    That's me stood next to you right now.
  2. Fradley is full

    Only in your neck of the woods- come norf my son!
  3. Bridgewater

    Going back to post #34 Has anyone been charged in circumstances where they just did a transit within the 28 days?
  4. Bridgewater

    Don't be daft I'm a Yorkshire man that £40 is equivalent to a lottery win. Anyway somebody has to stand up and be counted. Reading some of the comments on the other forum I'm not too sure a magistrate's court would be able to make a judgement and probably defer the case. Perhaps then for the sake of £40 Peel (BCC) wouldn't be so bothered.
  5. Bridgewater

    Peel would ask for them if their enforcement team spotted me Presumably then Peel would send me an invoice. I would ignore that so get a summons. I tell the court I didn't believe Peel had any powers to charge me. Would I have to prove they didn't or would Peel have to prove they did?
  6. Bridgewater

    Probably - so CRT give Peel my details if I cruise the entire length without stopping - how do Peel make me pay?
  7. Bridgewater

    Based on what I have read so far it would seem they are already doing that legal or not.
  8. Bridgewater

    Have you made the return trip yet Arthur? Interesting reading on another forum (wouldn't dare post there) that it's possible that passing boaters cannot be charged if making a return trip within 28 days. Has anyone had any recent experiences? Hypothetical question. If I was to make return trip within 28 days but didn't stop between Preston Brooke and the Rochdale, presumably CRT would pass on my details and I would get an invoice through the post. If I just ignored it what could Peel do?
  9. Where's all the boats?

  10. Where's all the boats?

    Three of them where on the HNC
  11. Where's all the boats?

    Came from Bugsworth yesterday morning, now at Uppermill only passed 4 boats going the opposite way. I know it's crap weather but it is August?
  12. Lee Shepherd (Reedley Marina) was involved in getting this off the ground this several years ago so I guess he's making progress. He's a good guy nothing will stop him achieving good things.
  13. Journey through Manchester and beyond....

    I've moored in Ducie Street at the junction and found it quite OK. If it were me I'd do Dukinfield to Ducie Street (or in the TT basin) then go up the Rochdale the following day to the Rose of Lancaster pub which is quite a hard slog. If you can team up with another boat it makes it a lot easier. The Rochdale is a joy once you get out of Manchester, especially the summit which is spectacular. Of course don't tell the 'suvverners' otherwise they'll be crawling all over us in the future. PS watch out for the wolves
  14. Calder & Hebble length

    58ft is fine - you may want to reverse down the top and middle locks at Salterhebble, I know of two 60ft boats that do that. I'm 57 plus fenders and don't recall being so tight as to be concerned coming down normally. Shepley Bridge is also a bit short but you won't have a problem if you take good care.
  15. Started so I'll finish

    Good point MTB didn't think of that. I was still reeling at these people who just don't realise how dangerous a marina or canal can be and seem to disregard our sensible H&S suggestions. I mean if someone was to drink 15 pints of Hobgoblin (yer some people do) 2 bottles of Jura, put a bag on their head and hop backwards down one of them pontoons they could easily fall in and be get seriously wet. - Mind you they probably wouldn't care.