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  1. Email from cart

    Hmmmm this isn't looking looking good. I just used the 'test' link to access the form clicked the save and continue link and hey-presto an email arrives with a new link and different parameter UID (unique id). I haven't filled out in (Athy please note) the new form but it's tempting just to see what happens. I think I should alert CaRT, but presumably they read this forum.
  2. Email from cart

    Yes undoubtedly the case but then even more concerning that a form submission after using the link without an ID parameter doesn't cause an error message. Having said that, it's easy to solve as the ID will no doubt link the data to a CaRT account. Data without an account/ID field would presumably be ignored
  3. Email from cart

    The only validation errors I could see where in the "About Yourself" but that was only asking for gender etc. That's not to say there weren't any. I'm surprised there wasn't an error message when the form was loaded from the 'test' link "Sorry you can't use this form without a valid ID" or similar (like when the OP's link was clicked) or when the form was submitted "Your form submission can't be accepted because..." (or just "Bugger off"). I just got the regular "Thank you for your ....." As I said if it's a flaw the data collected will be next to useless.
  4. Email from cart

    Does that mean it's 'very fair' our 15 year old tatty paintwork should attract a 50% discount?
  5. Email from cart

    Don't worry MTB will join you shortly
  6. Email from cart

    see my previous post Mac - a genuine survey would be severely flawed if it did accept completed forms without an ID. Edited to add It's so easy set setup validation that would prevent the form action if no valid ID parameter was present that I wonder if this is a bug or just not important i.e. cosmetic survey
  7. Email from cart

    The system does seem to accept the survey without the ID . If it is accepted as part of the consultation IMO as a web developer it's flawed. However I would doubt the results will be validated further along the line without an ID parameter but then again this is CaRT and is it really a consultation? In a former life as a marketing manager for a LA I was often asked to produce surveys which would provide the answered required.
  8. Email from cart

    There's an area option "Licence fees calculated by actual area (Length X Beam)" which I answered 'very fair'. I think that's how it works on the Thames and IMO it's not at all fair for said 7' 4" wide boat to pay same as a wider beamed boat. PS you can see the survey here http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/CRT-Licensing-Consultation-2017
  9. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Thank you Nigel for that and your patience with those of us who don't fully understand the way the courts work.
  10. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Just trying to understand how the courts would view it, but following that line of thought, to successfully defend any action, you would surely need both. In Gogoguy's case I believe he is he is saying "show me the evidence you can charge" not "I can show why you can't". If Peel took him to court would the court ask Peel for evidence they could charge or ask Gigoguy to show evidence why they can't? IMO that may have a significant bearing on the outcome.
  11. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    So to have a chance of winning any court action brought by Peel over non-payment a boater would need to: A/ show evidence there WAS (at some point) a right for non-Bridgewater pleasure boats to navigate without payment B/ show that there have been no byelaws passed to change that. Is it possible to provide evidence that no byelaws exist or would it be for Peel to provide evidence of the existence of such byelaws?
  12. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Sorry to be a legal thicko but to clarify, is it your understanding that the judgement would indicate that the (Bridgewater Canal enabling) Act does prohibit Peel from charging pleasure boats for passage (at least)?
  13. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Couldn't have been anywhere else, although I don't want to get into an argument over this seeing how you did bury our King in a car park in Leicester.
  14. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Bugger does that mean I get a 100 lines? I was brung up propa like at the other end of Yorkshire (then) I won't say where 'cos that would give you far too much ammunition for extracting even more Michael than exists in the whole of the Fens. I now live in sheep country (damn!!) PS sorry to side-track the real debate but not one tree has been mentioned in these exchanges.