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  1. Hard aground

    It is spectacular but the novelty soon wears off when you've done it few times.
  2. Time limited moorings over the winter months

    Purely out of interest 'cos we went there in summer, what about Oxford where the signs say £25 per day after 2 days?
  3. Should I replace my Eberspacher?

    What's the difference?
  4. Should I replace my Eberspacher?

    I once replaced a Mikuni MX40 with a new Webasto on a friend's boat. Quite easy really the hardest part was fitting the new header tank into a small cupboard space. In regard of working them hard I was told by the Eberspacher guys at a boat show that fitting the larger version on a narrowboat was the cause of many failures. On the other hand I have had a 6kw Mikuni MX60 for almost 14 years and apart from regular servicing it just runs and runs. If it ever did fail I would be tempted to go the same route as Mr Smelly. IIRC there's a seller on Ebay who does guaranteed reconditioned units that only cost around £450. My preference would be based on the almost silent operation.
  5. Marina Dog Ban

    I don't see how this can be anything other than steel quality and I'm not sure the fish would agree there's little oxygen 20" below the water-line. The Norton Canes boat I mentioned has never had the base-plate blacked. It is berthed at Ripon where the water is very 'clean' judging by the mussels that attach to boats. Our boat was there too from launch for about 8 years. I discovered serious pitting (covering about 80% of the base, less at each end) and up to 4mm deep (looked like a cave) within a year of moving. Strangely the steel around the pitting was quite intact and shiny after wire brushing before applying the blacking. Two years on there was little 'rubbing off' despite navigating some shallow canals - however this could be one advantage of serious pitting. From new, Midnight's hull sides where sand-blasted and two-packed and they still look as good as new apart from the odd scratch. I only wish the base-plate had been given the same treatment. I've also seen several boats from a well-known low-cost North West based company, some just a few years old with severe rusty delamination on the base-plate - not at all like the pitting on Midnight. All this leads me to the conclusion not all steel is the same, so blacking underneath is very good insurance. Dogs? What dogs?
  6. The true license evaders

    Sykehouse should be in the Guinness Book of Records for the most call-outs for assistance through. I reckon of the many times I've been through there's been a problem 80% of the time.
  7. The true license evaders

    Been through Thorne many times but didn't notice how much room there was to spare so I bow to your superior knowledge and experience. Anyway Trent Falls is VERY exciting so you won't want to miss that surely???
  8. The true license evaders

    Hmmmm Stainforth and Keadby - Thorne Lock Length Beam Draught Headroom 18.8m 5.6m 2.43m - 61.68ft 18.37ft 7.97ft - Height is 3.30m over 16ft, (4.9m wide). 1.Through passage is limited by Thorne Lock. For the Bramwith to Thorne section, dimensions are as for the main line to Rotherham. Passage from River Trent To Thorne is limited by Keadby Lock 77ft x 22ft 6ins (23.67m x 6.86m) although longer vraft can be admitted when the tide makes a level. 2.Narrowboats up to about 18.79m (61ft 8ins) can pass through Thorne Lock diagonally.
  9. The true license evaders

    You need a big bank balance. BTW I see you're planning to come up to York does that mean Trent Falls with your long boat or have you got a shorter one for trips 'oop norf'
  10. Marina Dog Ban

    I can see why, after blasting my base-plate it took 4 of us 3 hours to sweep up the dry dock.
  11. Marina Dog Ban

    Shame you don't live nearer Mike if you visited our dry dock a few times you would be amazed at the variation. A 12 year old French and Peel in last week had hardly any pitting underneath. My boat, a year older - just had the 4mm pits welded, sand-blasted and coated with two-pack. Maybe we should start a new thread "To black or not to black".
  12. Marina Dog Ban

    Maybe not if your boat is made from good quality steel which mine and many I see in our dry dock aren't. The best example I saw was a 32 year old Norton Canes which had been extended some time ago. The original steel was in excellent condition, the 10ft extended base had to be welded up this year.
  13. Marina Dog Ban

    Who would black the base-plate of our boats when we get too old and stiff to do it ourselves? Oh hang on must ring number one son.
  14. Huddersfield Broad canal is it doable in a 60'

    I know of several 60ft boats that have done the HB. Having experienced it several times in a 57' I would say it will be very tight with 60ft so you need to be extra vigilant. The stern of our boat got hung up on the side wall of the bottom lock while descending this year. The counter found a gap between the stones and the bow wedged into the opposite lock gate recess. It's these kind of things which you need to watch for and although we were on the ball it did give us a 'moment'. I don't think you will have trouble going up Salterhebble but you will have to watch your tiller on the new inside walkway on the bottom gates at Elland lock. The Pennines are worth the effort.
  15. BCN Moorons

    ^^^^^^^^^ eeeeeek! Tin hat, deck chair, beer, popcorn