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  1. Brexit 2017

    You haven't thought that one through, have you?
  2. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    I can agree on the water, and the price issue, but the leccy never. Our machine consumes next to bugger all when we do the "hot water" trick. The motor is of a much smaller wattage than a larger machine, though the heater element may not be (which we never use so can't comment.) The washing machine we have in the house has a bloody huge motor in it, I am surprised it can run on single phase! I would hate that in the boat. Now about the Vetus; as the chairman of the Vetus Owner's Club, on behalf of both of our members, I take great exception to your comment young man! Aye lad. it goes with the territory
  3. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Agree on all points except the smaller automatic. Our 3kg Candy is now 14 years old and is the dog's whatsits. Consumes very little space, is kind on the batteries (as washers go) and does a fine job. My wife says it is very good, so if my wife is happy, then I am happy. Dead easy to get in and out of the boat too. 10/10 from me. I agree they are more expensive than a larger auto washer, which cost buttons these days but we were happy to pay for the convenience. We have done this for donkey's years. The old Candy we have allows you to simply chuck a couple of litres of hot water in the drum with the washing. Saves endless generator/engine time. I suspect more modern, fancier machines might spit their dummy out?
  4. Why a Narrow Boat or GRP

    I can imagine! I would have thought that a lumpy boat would be well suited to the camper van type washing machine; a plastic bucket with a sealed lid?
  5. Bitumen / tar on the baseplate

    Plastic tile spacers are often used to create an air gap under ballast. Dirt cheap on ebay etc.
  6. Trump

    Ten greenies if I could. I doubt if he could spell patriotism.
  7. Why a Narrow Boat or GRP

    Indeed we have seen a good few GRP boats with solid fuel stoves. I can only think of one with a washing machine, but it is of course perfectly feasible. My neighbour lives on a 19ft grp ex-yacht that has a tiny wood burner in it (no washer though!)
  8. Painting old galvanised steel

    Never had much luck with it myself. Used to be really good back in the '70's when you could roller it on. I think it was made by Finnigan's in those days.
  9. Painting old galvanised steel

    A rat rod bucket?
  10. Trump

    Thanks I'll try to find some more info. Much though it hurts, from the DM: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5292755/Trump-said-shutdown-presidents-fault.html
  11. Trump

    Maybe my mind is playing tricks, but didn't Trump heavily criticise Obama for being in this position a few years ago? I seem to recall cries of weak leadership?
  12. Engine Additives

    Very good! My genny needs some of this.
  13. Brexit 2017

    Time will tell.
  14. Brexit 2017

    Seen the national debt lately? I put it to you that the next government will be inheriting a massive deficit.
  15. Trump

    Infinite austerity is the future. It is the only way that wealth can be creamed off of our society and into the bank accounts of the privileged few (I am thinking along the lines of huge bonuses for bosses of recent failing companies etc.) The trick is to then blame society for these ills and to call the people envious should they protest at their nation's wealth being purloined.