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  1. Terrible day for one poor bloke!

    Any more news on this Gser? The 'hirers' were moored round our way for the last couple of months after "buying" the boat, seemed like a decent pair. Admittedly they did dump 5*5litre empty water bottles on the river bank, a heinous offence in my eyes, but not exactly an arrestable one! I'm hopeful it was all a misunderstanding. Maybe a little too hopeful! If it isn't, it's shocking how easy it was for them to do this under the many normally watchful & inquisitive narrowboaters noses!
  2. Painting - coachlines

    Great - thanks for all the advice. Looks like it depends how clean & crisp I want it, how much time I have, and what tools I use. I'd love to think that I'm going to want a perfect crisp line and will still have that desire after painting the whole boat twice to still stick to that! I'll re-read all the advice, take it on board, and hopefully in a few months will post photos of the end result! Thank you all - especially Higgs for so much advice.
  3. Afternoon all. I'm finally going to get around to painting my boat this year. After changing our minds time and time again, we've finally chosen the colours. I'm pretty ok at wielding a roller and brush, not really fearful of giving it a go, know what paints, what brushes, what technique that I plan to employ, but there's one thing I'm just not sure on.... how on earth do I tackle the coachlines?? My boat's currently in undercoat, I just need to apply the topcoats now. I plan on having the sides: black with grey inserts and cream coachlines. So, do I: 1. masking tape (I understand that a good tape in key...) the coachline areas, paint the grey and black and then remove the tape. Then wait for the grey & black to dry, masking tape outside of the coachlines and paint the cream, then repeat. 2. paint all the black, then paint all the grey not worrying about masking, then mask over the (fully dried) grey and black and then apply the cream, and repeat, 3. or do I mask the coachlines, do the grey and black twice, then remove the tape, re-tape outside the lines and paint the cream??, or 4. A N other route! One problem that I have is that I'll be doing this online, so I'm at the will of the weather, my time outside of work, any days when they're strimming the grass etc! If there's a great deal of time in between coats one and two, I don't really want to leave the masking tape on for long periods, as I've had this remove all layers of paint before.... I think you can see, I'm in a bit of a tizz with this one! Any advice would be greatly received. Although I don't think I could cope with anything other than agreement on the colours I've chosen, changing my mind one more time might just mean she stays in undercoat!! :lol: Thank you p.s. intermittent internet access only, so if I don't show my appreciation straight away, know that I do appreciate any useful advice I get!
  4. Monthly rental costs?

    So, I need to double check with BW that there's the lease / hire of the boat to me would be ok by them. I'll double check on the BSS & insurances, and double check with the owner that it's alright within the HP agreement (if there is one) that it be sub-hired as it were. Thanks for all advice. Hopefully my dream to live on the water will come true, I'll update for info as time goes on. And Sue, to put your mind at ease, I'm a reliable single female, who has a permanent job in a permanent location. I'm looking to permanent cruise due to lack of moorings, but will need to be within a reasonable distance of my work. You won't see a notice here talking of a stolen wide beam. Katie.
  5. Monthly rental costs?

    No, not friends. Just obviously trusting (and rightfully so in my case!). I see what you're saying, but...
  6. Monthly rental costs?

    Sue - apart from mooring, yes to all your questions. It was planned to be a weekly / fortnightly hire, but circumstances have changed. There is not a residential mooring - I plan to permanently cruise.
  7. Monthly rental costs?

    I'm looking to rent a wide beam with no mooring for about 12 months. Does anyone have any ideas on how much this will cost me per month? The owner hasn't given me a rental price and is asking me to suggest a price. I think all that is included is boat and insurance. Any ideas?