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  1. Victron combi versus Separates

    What was a horse doing in the cockpit?
  2. Victron combi versus Separates

    They do, but it doesn’t stop them making mistakes. Lines skipped on the checklist, items read out but not actioned etc. If you are a nervous flyer and want to see just how incompetent professional pilots can be, have a read of this report just out (hint: they fly altitudes in metres in a few countries including China.) AAIB report December
  3. Victron combi versus Separates

    Yes it does. But then humans are very unreliable when it comes to routine actions.
  4. Mikuni mx40

    You’d think if you have fuel, air and heat you would get combustion. The controller checks for continuity on the glowplug before commencing the startup cycle, so it likely to be “in circuit” but still a good idea to check the voltage actually on the glowplug. There are a few fuses in or near the controller, maybe check the condition of those (corrosion etc). You have fuel dripping out. Well liquid anyway. the air pump will be running or you’d get a pre-start error. where they all mix together there is a gauze thingy which enables the evaporation and hence combustion - have you checked the condition of the gauze? Also there are a couple of air holes in the spigot thing the glowplug fits into - check not blocked with carbon.
  5. Epic stuff. Bloody dogs! Well, irresponsible owners anyway.
  6. AGM versus Gel batteries

    Not often but it is likely to get close to zero. Adjacent to a steel hull in near zero water. Zero isn’t a cliff edge point, lithiums don’t do well at low temperatures generally.
  7. Canalworld - Fundraising

    The other side of that coin is that if Dan wants to maximise the incoming funds, he should publish accounts from time to time. Yes there is always the possibility that they could be fraudulent (though I can see no likelihood of that happening) but it is all about respect. It is not very respectful to just say “just give me the money, you are unworthy of being told whether I actually need it or not”!
  8. Well done, it will be great - once you get there!
  9. Victron combi versus Separates

    Phew! But of course if you wanted to leave the Combi in situ for some reason, eg making use of the terminals temporarily, it would be OK to connect all the cables to the Combi input - assuming the terminals were big enough.
  10. AGM versus Gel batteries

    Yes, they act as a portal to another dimension and BAD THINGS come out of it (Just watched the first series of “stranger things”)
  11. AGM versus Gel batteries

    Yes they aren’t too good at low temperature, but then since they don’t emit nasty acidic or explosive hydrogen fumes, you could install them in a heated part of the boat.
  12. Victron combi versus Separates

    It will work, of course. As do candles.
  13. Victron combi versus Separates

    It’s unlikely to be necessary provided reasonable quality kit is installed. But if it is, and the owner is non-technical, then an electrician will be needed. The same electrician as would be required on a boat with separates to eg disconnect the damaged inverter and replace with a new/repaired one.
  14. Victron combi versus Separates

    Err yes, yes obviously a Combi is better, I didn’t think I had to say it. AGAIN! Automatic switching, power boost, seamless integration with the Travelpower etc etc. There is an argument that if you lose one you lose both and some truth in that. But if you lose the charger, yes you have lost the inverter but that is only relevant when you have external power so just patch the input and output mains wires together to temporarily get mains into the boat. If you lose the inverter well you are not on shore power so you don’t need the charger, and you have the engine to temporarily charge the batteries whilst it’s getting mended. So it’s not a massive point. Just break out another box of your candles.