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  1. Mass Combi 2000/12 Problem

    This could well be the case, however my only thought is that with all the KWs of power flying around inside the Combi, with only one component showing signs of distress perhaps the failure was fairly benign. Early designs of SMPSU were like a bomb waiting to go off, but later designs tend to have more protection and fault-tolerance built in with less desire to self-destruct on a whim. Perhaps the MV is like the latter? We can only live in hope!
  2. Mass Combi 2000/12 Problem

    Obviously the resistor has burnt out for a reason so just replacing it is unlikely to fix the problem. Best to check the adjacent semiconductors too. At least the pcb tracks aren’t burnt.
  3. Which battery charger configuration?

    The Victron manual is pretty pants, which is one reason why I don’t much like their products! Anyway, back to basics - why do you need to keep the starter and BT batteries on charge? Unless you don’t use the boat’s engine for many, many months and/or the starter battery is knackered, it shouldn’t really need to. I suppose the BT battery might need recharging if you have used it shortly before you shut down, but I don’t know your BT usage pattern. So, are you sure you need to trickle charge the non-domestic batteries? if you really do, then my best guess is that all 3 outputs are pretty much connected together, so you might as well just connect them to the 3 batteries. The slight downside is that if you take a lot of domestic current you will trip the charger into bulk mode which will raise the voltage not just for the domestic batteries but also for the starter and BT batteries which would otherwise rather be on float. I guess that only matters if it happens a lot. A separate small charger for the other batteries would thus be marginally better, but set against that perfection is the extra cost and complexity. There is no “right answer” I suspect. 30A is certainly an adequate output to run normal domestic needs, as you say.
  4. Mass Combi 2000/12 Problem

    Keith is a top bloke and will at the very least facilitate you getting the Combi repaired in Holland. Well worth a phone call anyway.
  5. Mass Combi 2000/12 Problem

    Unfortunately it sounds as though your Combi has developed a fault. You could try contacting Keith Meadowcroft at Volt Master Systems but I suspect the Combi will need to be sent to a repair facility.
  6. Park Head, Dudley Tunnel end- ok to moor?

    I think the difference is that boats routinely moor at Merry Hill. IMO it's all about normality vs a boat moored in an unusual place.
  7. Park Head, Dudley Tunnel end- ok to moor?

    It's a slightly odd place - a bit of waste ground converting into parkland, popular with dog walkers but still odd! On the one hand, the general principle is that you can get trouble anywhere and that it will probably be fine because 99.9% of the natives are friendly, is valid. But on the other hand, the locals are not accustomed to boats being moored there so you might attract interest as a lone boat. But with the rally, perhaps you won't be alone? My abiding memory is of the thick black gunge stirred up from the bottom, which REALLY stinks! And more goose shit than you can shake a stick at. We didn't stay the night.
  8. Well yes, but copper pipe goes due to frost too. Plastic plumbing tends to be a little more resistant to frost than copper/brass. In part because the pipes tend to get pushed out rather than something breaking - which is an easier fix, even if the leak is the same!
  9. Funny how this started out by MtB saying he'd never heard of speedfit 22mm to 3/4" hose tail connector and it's morphed into what a fool I am for suggesting it! Well for the record we have plenty of speedfit connections on our boat, including the calorifier circuit. So far after 7 years there's no hint of a leak, but then we don't have an engine built in the last century.
  10. No, but I have seen a cracked brass fitting spraying water everywhere. And of course a cracked copper pipe spraying water everywhere. Plastic fittings only crack if they are under stress due to poor installation.
  11. Heavier, more expensive and with one extra bit to leak from! But yes, possibly more robust. Didn't you start out as a plumber? Maybe I'm mis-remembering.
  12. Aren't you supposed to be a plumber?!
  13. Just get a Speedfit 22mm to 3/4 hose tail connector https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/263097794468?chn=ps&dispItem=1&adgroupid=46979492363&rlsatarget=pla-370283920966&abcId=1128936&adtype=pla&merchantid=113696220&poi=&googleloc=9046833&device=t&campaignid=856333651&crdt=0&ul_ref=http%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F1%2F710-134428-41853-0%2F2%3Fmpre%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.co.uk%252Fi%252F263097794468%253Fchn%253Dps%2526dispItem%253D1%26itemid%3D263097794468%26targetid%3D370283920966%26device%3Dt%26adtype%3Dpla%26googleloc%3D9046833%26poi%3D%26campaignid%3D856333651%26adgroupid%3D46979492363%26rlsatarget%3Dpla-370283920966%26abcId%3D1128936%26merchantid%3D113696220%26gclid%3DCjwKCAjwjozPBRAqEiwA6xTOYOslble-PHDp5mhVTRxClbEAATNVhUOy3ymTcmG-9LhbSSLu_wgKVhoCTiAQAvD_BwE%26srcrot%3D710-134428-41853-0%26rvr_id%3D1336842226153 easy peasy!
  14. Alde Slimline Boiler

    Our previous house had an ancient boiler that had a pilot light and thermocouple. It got through a new thermocouple every couple of years, although of course it was on 24/7 which I guess your Alde isn't.
  15. Email from cart

    Boats such as yours are quite short, one can as you say get several into one lock (depends on the lock!) but on the other hand, the base licence price is quite a bit less because of the length. Seems fair to me, although I grant you that I am thinking primarily of canals, where water resource can be an issue. On rivers it is not an issue, and locks tend to be less uniform in size butngenerally bigger. So if you wanted to say that a canal licence should have beam taken in account to some extent, but a rivers-only "licence" shouldn't, I could go along with that.