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  1. Brexit 2017

    I think it is becoming clear who Putin's troll-bots are on this forum. The problem with bots is that eventually they fail the Turing test - a normal person can see one is not dealing with actual human intelligence. It is clear that AI still has some way to go.
  2. Brexit 2017

    Ah Comrade Georgski!
  3. Brexit 2017

    It is emerging that Putins internet trolls were strongly in support of brexit, and actively promoting it in the interests of weakening both Europe and the UK, as they were in promoting Trump. That is something to remember when brexiters use patriotism, 'will of the people' and 'supporting the national interest' etc to try and silence those who do not support their slow motion train wreck. It won't just be brexiteers celebrating when the UK is 'out', the corks will be popping over in the Kremlin. I suppose in that respect Brexit has a positive international impact - maybe not what its fans here had in mind. Putin's internet trolls and bots are hard to spot and are apparently all over the place - I wonder if they are on Canalworld...I expect they would appear to be strong nationalists, very pro brexit and not too concerned about potential downsides. Any like that posting here?
  4. Brexit 2017

    As said earlier there is an element of the brexit mentality that is best understood as suicide bomber. It is useful that the fanatical nihilists are represented here as it helps clarify the extent of the problem!
  5. Brexit 2017

    Do try to keep to the Brexit thing chaps. Diversions into other religious political arenas only helps muddy the waters. Start another thread if you want to debate Labour/Conservative general manifesto soundbites. Let's keep the focus of this thread on holding brexit to account. I think the latest coup attempt by Johnson and Gove is enlightening. These creatures would harness their political ambition to anything they think might get them nearer power. The stink off them is awful.
  6. Brexit 2017

    I certainly did not want to disenfranchise anyone. We have a system of representative democracy last time I looked. The referendum was marginal and demonstrated most clearly a divided opinion not a mandate. I voted to remain, because I believe strongly in the European Union. Our government and we are being denied the opportunity to consider the actual terms of the 'brexit' - that is disenfranchisement of all of us. Since the referendum proto-fascist language like 'the will of the people', 'enemies of the people' and suggestions that opposition to this will are unpatriotic have emerged. The threat of civil unrest, riot is used. This is despicable given the marginal result, the language of those who want dictatorship, and needs to be challenged at every step. Those who voted for, and those who now push for folly need to be held firmly to account lest they seek to shift the blame - as they are doing already. Don't try and tell me what to do, or shift blame into those who voted against and do not support this folly. We still have freedom of speech even if that makes you tired. I think you are going to get a lot more tired as the challenges mount.
  7. Brexit 2017

    As reality bites, and consequences loom, there will be increased commenting. It isn't going to go away. What to watch is the shape of blame-shifting as this goes on. You can bet that apart from the fanatic loons (sort of suicide bomber mentality), there will be an awesome effort put in to blame those who didn't vote out and the EU for the shambles the brexiteers demanded. Very few are going to accept they voted for what is about to unfold. But it is important to remind them this is what they wanted.
  8. Brexit 2017

    It is interesting to see how quickly and often the threat of riot and violence is invoked, in the name of the 'will of the people'. The referendum that we had certainly had a marginal result but the thing that is going to be actually delivered is something that none of us are going to get a say in. Yet we are all going to be massively affected by the actual detail of what is going to be negotiated. There was no landslide mandate - it was a marginal result. We, the people, deserve better than this. We deserve to be able to vote on something tangible and actual. Otherwise we are allowing the threat of a minority to threaten violence to achieve their expression of 'will'.
  9. Brexit 2017

    Quoted from another source: "imagine 40 per cent of the population is vegetarian, 30 per cent loves pork but abhors beef, and the remaining 30 per cent love beef but can’t eat pork. A vote on the question “who wants to eat meat tonight?” should yield an easy 60 per cent majority, although both the pork and the beef options are rejected by 70 per cent of the population. The reason is simple: “meat” is not actually a real option. “Meat” means something different to different voters, and the 60 per cent majority in favor of “meat” is the sum of mutually incompatible beef and pork eaters. Furthermore, any skilled politician can evade criticism of the “meat” option by switching from one definition to the other as convenient. The hazier the option, the more the result will skew in its favor. So it’s no wonder Brexit won. David Cameron drew up a textbook example of a referendum done wrong: asking an ill-informed electorate to choose between a costly and constraining EU marriage full of unsavory compromises and a fantasized Brexit-with-benefits. The utter vagueness of the Leave option allowed their campaign to cast the widest net of all, encouraging each voter to keep their most favorable version of Brexit in mind, however far that may be from the Leave politicians’ intentions." The politicians 'in charge' of the weekend government at the moment have conflicting ideas about what 'Brexit' means. The ideas they have overall are driven by increased deregulation of their donors activities being one uniting aim. This is of course completely at odds with what many brexit voters imagined they were voting for, but is actually what they voted for. Meanwhile there is a desperate attempt to sell the public a deception that it is somehow the EU that is responsible for this shambles - to paint them as an enemy, when the EU is under any circumstance our greatest partner, ally and will continue to set the rules by which we all operate in the future - just without our consultation.
  10. Brexit 2017

    You are right the Fray Bentos so-called 'pie' was in fact made of mechanically recovered meat and abattoir slurry in Scotland. Best of British then. Once the Uk has fallen apart we will probably have to pay import duty on them. The descent of a discussion about the tragedy of brexit into waving the rolls royce flag says more about what is happening than many comments could. Rolls Royces for all.
  11. Brexit 2017

    I suspect the supermarkets are laying the groundwork for a return to the pre-avocado golden age of the early 70's when fresh stuff was generally a bit shit, being whatever worked for the british landowning farmers, and a Fray Bentos pie (from argentina) was a damn good dinner. Back then you could call the waiter in an Italian restaurant a wop and he would laugh along. Apart from the fact of being a bankrupt nation incapable of making a car that wouldn't rust in a week, we had great music (RIP T Rex) and maybe that is our future. Plus, after brexit we can smoke in the pub again.
  12. Brexit 2017

    That was the golden era when a British landlord could put a sign up saying No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs. The good old days before all this PC nonsense was forced on us by Europeans, the continentals we had saved in the war and ought to be more grateful for it. they will be laughing with the other side of their face once we rebuild the empire, and our fleet controls the seas again. Hoist the mainsail lads and let's make Britain great again!
  13. Brexit 2017

    Of course the document will undermine the negotiating position. Government research that advises how badly brexit will affect 58 key sectors of the economy is hardly going to help the pretence that the EU has more to lose. The report would have been released like a shot if they had anything 'good' to say about how well UK is going to do once free of EU restraint. Plus such bad news will further fuel those who keep unhelpfully pointing out what a colossal and increasingly obviously unstoppable stupidity brexit is. Which is making our government look increasingly stupid. Luckily though the reports have been prepared by experts so we can ignore them, and go down the pub instead.
  14. Brexit 2017

    At the moment the capitalism we have is simply driving wealth towards the wealthiest in an obscene manner. For most of us it is an invisible theft, since we don't inhabit the same planet as them and can't even comprehend the extent to which money is flowing upward. I guess we cruise past their properties but have no conception of who owns what we see, or how much of it. They pass overhead in helicopters when you go down the Oxford. Or so high above in jets we can't see. Since the same wealthy own pretty much all the media - they operate a diversionary propaganda that targets poor people - or those of other colour or culture - whose we can see - and suggests it is they who are causing the erosion of life standards. The Conservative party has very few members. Constantly less since Thatcher blew the cover and suggested society was a myth. The party is entirely financed by wealthy interests - those creaming off profits out of a rigged system - and the purpose of the party is to help that happen for them. Their great trick has been to convince the sheep that shearing is in their interest. 'Hard working families 'is simply code for 'look at the spongers next door' and has worked very well. Post Brexit the vultures financing the tories have a feeding frenzy in mind on the unprotected civil body - less 'red tape' means 'anything goes' and those who paid the piper will expect to call the call the tune. They are aided in this by Corbyn's team who think they might get a chance to turn it all the other way - but that is going to take a lot of upstream paddling.
  15. Brexit 2017

    Mrsmelly is right. The ex-industrial north, which has rebounded and been reborn since mining finished and the industry was sent to China, is a great example of what happens when industry moves. We have nothing to fear from further collapse of the economy, all that will do is level the playing field between e.g. London and the North. Of course it won't be level completely, the North does have a bit further to go down as there are a few employers left. But there will be warmth to be had in contemplating the Londoners getting their comeuppance, and Poundland will do well. In time we will retrain our youth as fruit and veg pickers, and that will do them all a lot of good to be out in the fresh air. New Jerusalem.