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  1. Brexit 2017

    the strategy of blaming the EU for negotiating in the interests of its members is well under way, in the billionaire owned media with eyes on less EU interference in their banana republic - and being adopted by the locals. The idea is that EU negotiators doing their job properly should be portrayed as 'enemies', for defending the interests of their members, which the UK has decided to harm by withdrawing from commitments. Meanwhile the 48% who voted against the UK's self harming brexit flounce are being blamed for not supporting something they voted against. As things deteriorate, brexiteers will continue to caste around for others to blame rather than accept the consequence of their own actions. Stop moaning and take ownership of what you created.
  2. Brexit 2017

    Today we saw the murdoch empire send a message to 'our' government about 'being open for business' post brexit - i.e. open up the country's (legs?) for the world class bugger's satisfaction. Convicted buggers, although the plausible deniability worked OK for them. Let's see how 'taking back control' works out on this date. lie back and think of England!
  3. Usually, nobody gets hit at all. I appreciate of course for some that is 'almost being mown down'. I am almost mown down by literally thousands of cars and bikes and pedestrians daily. Luckily I dodge out of the way and have usually escaped without injury. When boating I am similarly almost rammed by other boats continually, it is only skill that stops these major accidents happening.
  4. Brexit 2017

    That's more like it! These boring discussions about legal stuff and complexity are very dull. This sort of thing is much more interesting, and lively. An excellent and informative post, laying out the workings of the leaver 'mind'. I think this is the sort of thing that should be shared widely! Not just remainers but leavers too should read this and think. I for one am pretty sure you are going to get what you want, and deserve - good and hard!
  5. Brexit 2017

    Please don't leave you brexit folk. People like me are hoping you will stick around and take pride in the result of your voting as it unfolds. It is no use at all if you skulk off to hide when things start to unravel. Have a bit more British pluck.
  6. Brexit 2017

    Professor Dougan has revisited his lecture of a year ago. He is a sensible chap but I suppose he counts as an expert:https://news.liverpool.ac.uk/2017/07/31/watch-project-fear-to-project-reality-prof-michael-dougan-one-year-on-from-eu-referendum/
  7. Brexit 2017

    The state is a mine that will continue giving for a long time. It can be sold off again and again, and as long as the spivs selling it hang a flag on the deals, there are mugs who are going to vote for it. `right up until they need its services, or want free right of way, when suddenly they will find they are on the wrong side of the screen.
  8. Brexit 2017

    I think your mistake may be to think Fox a fool. It is very easy to be fooled into thinking the players in this are fools, but they are probably not. Fox and Johnson and Davis - and others - have had the full benefits of the best education and contacts money can buy. Their intention is to use the smokescreen of idiot identity politics to secure a complete and hugely rewarding sale of the state to private enterprise in which they are invested. The shame on the electorate is that idiot identity politics has proven so effective. The shame for everyone is that we must stand aside and watch as the idiocy unfolds, and applaud this as 'democracy'. Unless be enemies of 'the people'. Fox and the kleptocrats will - for certain - walk away immensely richer and will not share in the pain of the wrecked economy. Much like Cameron whose contribution has been a photo of his and his lovely wife's feet. Keep those feet in mind in the next few years.
  9. Brexit 2017

    I am looking forward to some really cheap beef and chicken myself, and more fried chicken shops selling it. Really useful late at night after a skinful of decent ale. I think it will be a wakeup call to the lazy British farmers, who need to get a lot more intensive if they want to compete. Big livestock barns and crated beef is the way to go, and modern drugs can deal with the bacterial issues. It is the free market at work, which is what our government was voted in to make happen. They are doing exactly what the voters want. Of course loads of farms will go under, the way of most of our industry over the years, but the upside is that their will be loads of money coming in at the top because of low corporation tax. What puzzles me is why the farmers voted for this to happen to them - but then a lot of them do farm turkeys and must have learned a lot from them. Plus, with the farms going bust people like me will be able to buy second homes in the sticks much cheaper so really it's a win all round.
  10. Frouds Bridge Marina

    I liked Frouds - moored there for 5 years before we went mobile. Nice manager couple Mick and Sue. Good luck to them. There used to be a carp as big as a suitcase that lived in the marina, occasionally it would surface by the boat and it was like that bit in Jaws where the next line is 'We're gonna need a bigger boat' (well a bit like it, in a sort of canal sized way).
  11. Just a warning burton on trent

    The art of slipping a casual racist dog whistle into things is to drop it in as an aside to the main topic, in such a way as to tip a nod to others of the same views, while retaining the ability to backtrack or reinterpret later. Particularly one hopes that a challenge can be repositioned as bullying of one's innocent remarks, as those who understood the original message rush to one's noble defence with outrage. The successful dog-whistler can move on having confirmed their position as victim. Reminds me a bit of Nigel Farage's train journey - he uses the technique a lot.
  12. Buffalo Board

    internet : I bought a couple of buffalo board sheets 2 years ago. I was shocked to discover that fake plywood is a 'thing'. The boards were complete trash - bubbled, soggy, with a sprayed on coating that came off when looked at. Of course there was no comeback and the junk is OK for use inside the shed. Buy from a reputable supplier. You can get offcuts from any yard that supplies, if you are lucky. If not buy a whole board and have it cut, you will find a use for the spare on the boat.
  13. You are right there are possible engineering fixes, if I had time and the specialist skills, and were not reliant on canal engineers. The thing is one needs to be in the right place, to make it work financially with the time and the skills cost. The time and cost of moving (towing) the boat 2/3 days to a yard with the right facilities, and the skilled labour, breaks not far off the replacement lump. For the difference - it makes sense to get a complete new power plant with all the problems sorted, and several years of boating confidence ahead. I am sick of worrying about noises from this engine for 3 years and sunk a load of cash into fixes in the last 2 winters with highly reputable engineers that in fact would have paid for a new engine. I am done with that way. I am also pretty unimpressed with the basic engineering of the Beta 43 of 1998 era - anyone can see the front end is simply a failure waiting to happen once you look at the bits - I am not an engineer but it is glaringly obvious this is a design failure at GCSE level. My engine is in fact very low hours - only 500 hours in its first 5 years. If I were running Beta I would be ashamed that my engines were falling to bits like this, so I could sell new engines to replace ones where a pulley thread failed. That is all that is wrong - a thread. It really is a bit shite. Shame on Beta I say, and take care all you other Beta owners out there - that front end is a weak spot and it may cost you more than £6k. Nasty business, but I guess good business for some.
  14. Does a low hours 1998 Beta 43 with 12v and 3.5 kw travel pack, new bearings, but in need of bench work have residual value? It seems a tragedy to me that for want of some threading on a crankshaft the engine is finished. But, I don't have the means to recondition it.
  15. An update - I know how interested you are! Have spoken to Beta and engineers. Ouch! There is no economically viable fix, given the factors of engine age, type, and location. Perhaps if I were at a yard with an engine bench on hand, but even then the cost of rebuild is close to a new short engine cost, and no guarantee of long term success. So, bite the bullet and put in a new engine and pots, which will all work properly together. With luck it will be a straightforward lift out and switch. No boating this summer though with lead-times.