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  1. BW refund

    just read this on the Freeman cruisers forum >>>>Some of you may remember my witterings/grumblings re: the huge hike in this year's BW licence fee earlier this year? Well it would appear that the Waterways Ombudsman (didn't know there was such a thing - probably a hob nob eating quango - eh Sanda) agreed that the hike was excessive. A letter (together with cheque) received on 9 Oct from the Ombudsman advised that after discussions with BW, the licence fees had been reduced by 20% & this applied from 1st July 2011. As our season runs April-Oct we had already paid for our licence & now 6 mths later I have received a cheque in the post for £45!<<<< I have not read anything about this on other forums or on Waterscape.
  2. Whoever said boating was glamorous....

    Hard and smelly?
  3. Narrowboats at sea

    I have a DVD from www.laurencehoggproductions.co.uk( he is a member on this forum)called Carry on up the lune. In 1995 chris Coburn decided to visit the lancaster canal.This involved the River mersey,the Irish sea.Ribble Ribble,River Lune to Glasson dock.Returning via Glasson to the River Dee and Chester.At times the boat was 12 miles offshore. He has DVD's of other journeys.
  4. New BW Bidding Clause

    That was in the bidding terms in March 2010 when I was bidding,has it not always been there?
  5. Glad you had a good sail its been nice all day but about 4pm started to cloud up near Ribble a a slight shower might get some thunder later. Where's the pictures?
  6. Good luck on Thursday looks like you have picked a very good week to do it,is 9.30 the time you exit the sea lock onto Ribble or the time you start on staircase? I think I saw your boat moored at Guy's on friday. You might even get a good tan sailing down Ribble
  7. Guy's boat

    What all that Bill Morris expensive wall paper,the steam power shower and that new paint job with signwriting and whatever has been or is to be fitted before the TV series ends Seems all a waste of effort if its all going to be removed,if its put on sale as the boat Guy built with its own TV series,thts what people will want to see And what boat is Guy and mate now working on with his unique style. Heck he might pick a Bayliner next
  8. Guy's boat

    Will the boat be sold for an inflated price when the TV series ends like Dover
  9. The Yacht Shop, Fleetwood, Lancashire

    I have never bought from them but have looked at thier internet site and in the last few months it was closed and then opened again recently under new management. I cannot remember the date when this happened but think it was this early this year. Just keep ringing in the past they closed Sat afternoon. See this link http://www.theyachtshop.co.uk/aboutus.asp
  10. Moving BW Mooring

    [i have an auctioned mooring and wanted to bid on another mooring on the same canal,the local moorings person leanne pendlebury was not available so I rang watford and was told I would have to pay for the 2 months and to confirm this when leanne was available she contacted me and gave same information. I feel they want too much as I would still be a customer in a mooring not far away. Before the auctioned mooring I had a BW mooring for 9 years I asked if I could swop locations but No I had to take part in the auction process.
  11. ferro cement hull canal boat

    I remenber reading the local paper in the 1960 and it had a report and pictures of a concrete sailing boat being craned into the water and have heard said some were also built in the 1980. Here is a link to one of an earlier age http://www.prestonlancs.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2813-concrete-ships-on-the-ribble/ and here
  12. Licence

    I agree with the reply from steelawy that would have been my answer,although there might be a very few exception. You got an anewer then slag off the person helping you not nice!!
  13. Lune Aqueduct

    Thanks for info and pictures Dave,are you staying on Lancaster this year or exploring further south? Any more Pictureson above?

    A merry Christmass to all and lets hope for a happy boating new year with lots of nice dry sunny days.
  15. Demolition of Canal Stables at Burscough

    'Apoligies for any inconvenicence caused' Is that a funny?