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  1. Can anyone identify this motor?

    Ahem. Beaulieu would be my informed guess knowing the people involved.
  2. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    I was going to flag this one as being missed of your original list, I'm tied up/working alongside it at the moment. Keswick I believe but I'll ask Greg what he thinks it is on Monday.
  3. Help with this location please

    Alan & Vivienne Johnson
  4. Help with this location please

    Ahem, I beg to differ Pete. 2 pairs & 2 single motors though the single motors swapped around a bit. I should know as I steered one of them.
  5. Wanted box mast looby

    Good luck with turning up a luby pin, I'd stick with plan a and ring Simon on Monday. There certainly were some, they may have all gone by now until the next batch of castings
  6. Whispergen...

    It should have a secondary coolant pump running to a skin tank to dump the excess heat when you only want battery charging. There are two sets of water in & out on the back for this.
  7. Epping Damper

    Hadn't spotted the date. The thought of an Epping ashpan door with a rope seal round it rather than a gap you could drive a number 7 bus through was quite amusing. Mine has a rope seal but it's one I fitted.
  8. Epping Damper

    You've never had an Epping/Classic have you.
  9. Where's DACE

    Correct. Eny fule kno a kipper is a smoked herring.
  10. Where's DACE

    Much earlier than that Pete: 1997 didn't sound right to me so I looked out an old diary, I was working on the fit out in January 1991 (and earlier); looks like it was in Braunston for painting in June 1991. I remember Robert, the then owner asking me at the time if I thought the red & green chosen for the FMC colours looked correct. I pointed out I wasn't born until 1957 and the last genuine FMC paint job was done 10 years prior to that and that anyone who claims to be able to remember an exact shade of red/green from 50 years ago is probably lying. The boat is, of course, recorded in my diary by it's working name "Haddock", to go with the butty which was to be named (inevitably)...go on, you can guess it.
  11. davidg

  12. BW Livery

    It's called a deckcloth. It covers the deckboard and the shape is more complicated than triangular as it is secured by strings back to the false cratch.

    Nah, this is the Oberon...
  14. Alternator

    Roland, if it's a standard H series Lister the rotation will be anti clock looking at the flywheel end and as I said earlier, five gets you ten the A127 has a clockwise fan on it. The alternator won't cool as well as it should. Take a look and I'll have my five next time I see you. David
  15. Alternator

    Roland, five gets you ten the alternator has the wrong handed fan on it David