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  1. ID this hardwood :)

    And it will blunt the plane quickly & tear out as the grain goes in so many different directions in a very short space. ETA I think its teak looking at the grain, the colour can be anything you want to stain it but you cant alter the grain.
  2. Poyle wooden narrowboat

    Might well have been Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener, a very strong smelling resin type stuff you brush on soft rotten wood & it makes it really hard to take a two part filler. Usually used on domestic rotten wooden windows, works well.
  3. New Liverpool boat

    Ditto as a sailaway in 2002, had it stretched in 2015 by RW Davis, that should be interesting on the sale particulars when we eventually do.
  4. anodes

    What happens when next time they are replaced the studs don't match the holes? or the nut has rusted on & you have to cut the stud off. Easier just to weld the anode in the first place.
  5. NatWest Narrowboats

    You've never farmed chickens have you???? (No, it wasn't you, it was later than 1976 & not Hillmorton.) Steve
  6. NatWest Narrowboats

    The dates on the two entries for licence plate 54074 appear to show that Pride of Lothbury was renamed Te Papa sometime 2011 - 2013 It was definitely Natwester 1 & 2 not Natwest 1 & 2 Went down a flight of locks with another boat once, the lady gave me her lifes story about the big bad nasty Natwest taking her home & livelihood (chicken farmers) away & making her & her family homeless. When we got to the bottom of the flight she asked what the NWBSC on the side of the boat stood for. Should have seen her face when I said Nat West Bank Sailing Club. Steve
  7. NatWest Narrowboats

    There were two boats which were kept at Calcutt in the late 80's early 90's, Lothbury Lady, a 45 Calcutt boat & Pride of Lothbury 54ft. Had some great holidays on both of them. I think one of them was moved up to the Macc for variety. Natwester1 & Natwester2 were I think offshore cruisers. I well remember the 9-00 on 1st Nov phone calls to the "booking officer" hoping to get the booking we wanted on first come, first served and not being able to get through. Have our own boat now & saw Lothbury Lady last year somewhere on the Staffs & Worcs I think. Steve
  8. Maffi

    Brilliant, just the job.
  9. Maffi

    In the freezer perhaps? if you're not expecting to see her too soon.
  10. Maffi

    Miss Mortimer Bones has an article in the September Tillergraph, The art of community spirit.
  11. Bouyancy

    According to post No 5, apart from fuel & water it is complete.
  12. VDO hour counter V Durite, just as interest

    OK, you win, the accuracy is crap, happy now?
  13. VDO hour counter V Durite, just as interest

    We're only talking about engine hour meters, not precision timepieces, never mind, less than 1% accurate is good enough for me, I thought it was interesting to be able to confirm it, never mind. Steve
  14. Just out of interest, if anyone is interested. Our hour counter in the tacho VDO type started playing up at about 1200 hours as it seems so many do. I decided to fit a Durite analogue one as back up so I would know when to service, oil change etc. I left it connected direct to the battery for several weeks to get it up to the hours shown on the VDO & got them to match. The VDO sprang back into life today for some reason & now, 650 hours later they are only 4 hours apart. Seemed pretty good accuracy to me. Steve
  15. Tacking wires

    The old fashioned wooden "trunking" was still in the Richard Burbidge catalogue when I retired 18m ago, have a look at their website. Steve