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  1. Leave space for anglers!

    Copied & pasted from Damians Bits & Bobs this week! As stated in the winter mooring terms and conditions, if the winter mooring site is in a location regularly used by anglers, boaters should leave at least 5 metres between their boat and the next one along to allow space for fishing. Boaters must be prepared to move temporarily to facilitate match pegging and where anglers are aware of when match pegging will take place, they will give you reasonable notice (usually 2 weeks).
  2. Idle Women

    At the end of Countryfile tonight it was mentioned that next weeks programme would be for Remembrance Day & that it would include an item about Idle Women & how they helped the war effort.
  3. We have a leak!

    It has happened. Quite a few years ago when we lived in Bristol it was on the local TV news that a chap had installed an "over the sink" electric water heater in an outhouse using a self cutting tap but had put the tap on a gas pipe! Ooops. Apparently the heater landed 3 streets away!!! It wasn't me.
  4. Drones

    Where on the G&S?
  5. Cant be doing with all this pulling out, fitting in, dropping down & lifting up, just have a standard length, 4ft bed, fore & aft, can be left made up & ready to fall into at any time & cuddle up a bit if you're used to a wider bed!!
  6. Cupboard doors

    I just screwed 2 (proper) brass screws in the bottom edge of the door then sawed the heads off leaving 1/4" sticking out & drilled two holes in the bottom of the door frame to take those "pegs" . A smart turn button on the top finished the job off. Works well in the passage way on the cassette door where a sideways door would get in the way. Steve
  7. Hit and run

    Was I the only one who thought it was a typo for pot, as in yoghurt?
  8. Severn, Mersey and Ribble

    Brilliant, thanks for taking the trouble to put this up.
  9. Road and Canal atlas

    Yes, definitely Phillips Navigator, we've got one too, I think Smiths still keep them but there may be cheaper sources.
  10. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Post #21 gives a link but it appears to be a "Near Miss" form for staff use rather than customer use.
  11. ID this hardwood :)

    And it will blunt the plane quickly & tear out as the grain goes in so many different directions in a very short space. ETA I think its teak looking at the grain, the colour can be anything you want to stain it but you cant alter the grain.
  12. Poyle wooden narrowboat

    Might well have been Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener, a very strong smelling resin type stuff you brush on soft rotten wood & it makes it really hard to take a two part filler. Usually used on domestic rotten wooden windows, works well.
  13. New Liverpool boat

    Ditto as a sailaway in 2002, had it stretched in 2015 by RW Davis, that should be interesting on the sale particulars when we eventually do.
  14. anodes

    What happens when next time they are replaced the studs don't match the holes? or the nut has rusted on & you have to cut the stud off. Easier just to weld the anode in the first place.