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  1. K&A Trip planned

    Glad to see you are "getting" the long pound on the way back. Maybe you do have a soul after all.
  2. Dunhampstead or Droitwich?

    I personally prefer the route through Dunhampstead. We did the route through Droitwich this year, and although Droitwich itself is nice enough, the barge canal is a bit boring with very heavy locks.
  3. Thames permanent mooring

    If you do decide to go for the Kennet, I would just ask you to wait until Mr Norman has completed his "Progress" on the K&A. He has already expressed some dissatisfaction with the amount of "slum boats" there, and whilst yours would not justify such a description, I seem to recall it did have a lot of plants and stuff on the roof.
  4. Thames permanent mooring

    Them's Thames prices. A cheaper option might be the Kennet. There are moorings with liveaboards at Tyle Mill lock (CRT) in field below Towney lock and offside above Aldermaston lock. No water or power at any of them but with water points reasonably close.
  5. Thames permanent mooring

    The Thames and Kennet marina outside Caversham has a lot of boaters who "visit their boats very frequently" and it's a nice enough place. I would have a look at that for a start.
  6. Gloucester & Sharpness

    Yes - warm morning, your side hatch open. My wife remarked that she could see the moon.
  7. Gloucester & Sharpness

    I would second that. We went down there at the beginning of last month and really enjoyed it. Gloucester docks were fab, and Sharpness was interesting. The stretch between Sharpness and Purton is lovely with the views over the estuary. The pub looking over the river in Purton is a gem. By the way, when coming down the river towards Gloucester early in the morning, Mrs S. and I saw rather more of you than we wanted to before breakfast...
  8. K&A Trip planned

    The electric pumps take the water from Wilton Water. As far as I am aware, the steam pumps take it from the same source.
  9. K&A Trip planned

    It's worth persevering till you get to the long pound. I find the landscape there makes it all worthwhile.
  10. A Thames Invasion for 2018

    You should have about a foot to spare then at normal river levels
  11. A Thames Invasion for 2018

    What is you air draft? I have never seen an S23 above Oxford which makes me wonder if you will get through Osney bridge.
  12. Gloucester and Sharpness closed at Gloucester

    I would have described that as blockage on the Severn rather than the G&S. Good call from the lockie though. I wouldn't want to spend any time tied to the chains upstream of Gloucester lock. Better to go back and moor at one of the Severn pubs. I think the only thing that would close the G&S would be a swing bridge failure.
  13. Just a warning burton on trent

    If that's what someone believes, then fine, they should challenge it. It is completely possible to challenge something without a personal attack, sneering and ultimately hounding a new poster from the forum.
  14. Just a warning burton on trent

    It's a fair question, but I doubt if he will be back after the belligerent way that you have asked it.
  15. Eating options Hillmorton

    There's a decent pub in Willoughby, but it's a bit of a trek from the canal.