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  1. Waterproofing Timber

    The hatches are 600 square. I thought I would use ply because it wont move about and crack like individual pieces of timber would. Would waterproof MDF be better or maybe some sort of cement board?
  2. Waterproofing Timber

    Thanks. Just epoxy resin, no glass mat? How many coats is recommended?
  3. I am going to build some timber covers that will sit over my roof hatches. I plan to paint the covers to match the roof. What do you think I should use as a water proofer for the new cover. The top will be waterproof plywood. I was thinking of using the potable bitumen paint and then paint over with an undercoat and colour. I could put some self adhesive roof felt but that would look like a botch and I want it to look neat and tidy. Thanks
  4. Disgusted

    Funnily enough, we were looked down upon by several plastic boat owners when we spent 4 weeks on the Thames this year. It seems to be par for the course. Its their problem.
  5. Rivets?

    I don't understand why there is so much emotion over the shape of a boat or who it was manufactured by. My boat is a one off and I don't care if anybody likes it or not. Why do people find themselves slagging off other peoples possessions. Who really cares if an individual does not like something either because it has too many, not enough rivets, the wrong shaped bow etc. If we all liked the same things then life would be very boring. If you don't particularly like something then don't buy it but please don't keep telling us all that you don't like it because that is also very boring!!
  6. Is an Aquadrive Worth It?

    Thanks all. I am going to recheck measurements, speak with the engineer some more and then make a decision. I have received an article that dor wrote which is very informative and concise. It is well worth a read if you are considering this modification. I'll update what I do in due course and if I do go with this I'll let you know what I think. Thank you to all who have provide advice and comments, its much appreciated.
  7. Is an Aquadrive Worth It?

    And is it an easy job to check if mounts have settled? I remember I had the engine aligned about 4 years ago and it took the engineer over an hour.
  8. Is an Aquadrive Worth It?

    So you think the Aquadrive is worth the cost over my current setup?
  9. Is an Aquadrive Worth It?

    The issue I have is that the plumber block holds the propshaft straight and aligned to the stern gland but the centreflex does not have the ability to take up any misalignment with the engine. The engine is on rubber mounts and so will move about a bit. I can have an Aquadrive supplied and fitted for about £900 all in, maybe a saving of £50 if I go for a Python Drive. Is the setup I have sufficient to protect the engine and gearbox from the stresses from the prop. If something breaks the cost of the new drive will still have to be found plus the cost of repairs to whatever breaks!
  10. I have a 5year old Centreflex type fitting on the back of my PRM 150, a plummer block midway along the length of my 550mm long 40mm dia prop shaft and terminating through a standard stern gland with manual greaser connected. I am thinking I want to fit an Aquadrive unit. Do you think it would have any benefits or is my current set up more than adequate? Thanks
  11. Insulating the engine space?

    I wouldn't worry about the heat. Some engine are housed in an insulated cocoon and they don't get too hot. I have a large bilge fan connected via a thermostat and ducted to the outside air in case the engine bay gets too hot. My engine bay has insulation on the underside of the cruiser deck. The fan has never switched on to my knowledge.
  12. Aquadrive

    All positive so far, anybody else have any comments?
  13. Excellent result.
  14. Aquadrive

    I have about 800mm between end of gearbox and face of stern gland.
  15. But does it all work????