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  1. Coventry Canal Society today 19/08/17

    Is there an English translation available for this post
  2. Fun in Gosty Hill tunnel

    Glad you made it out ok, sounds a bit scary, and lucky it was not in one of the tight sections. In general the Dudley No 1 and No 2 are interesting, it I thought Bumble hole was very surreal, not least for the locals wo could not believe what they were seeing with all the boats hitting it at the same time. Even we ran aground there though is it really is a path with a few puddles on it.
  3. Shoppie fishing competition

    The CRT stoppage notice is here https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/11276/angling-trust-division-one-national-championship-shropshire-union-canal the event on the 19th is only 5 hours during that day, and there seems to be areas that are being kept free for mooring.
  4. Shoppie fishing competition

    Does not look to be an official sign to me, so I would personally ignore it. Anyway 2 of the dates are in the past, so how did it go on those dates?
  5. EA moorings BS

    This is on the Thames, for which the navigation authority is the EA not CRT. In addition I don't think this is really much about the navigation authority at all, but about the owner of the private river bank exercising their right to control the mooring on their property. It is a shame you can not stop there anymore to go to Tesco's, but that is the land owners absolute choice to make. I don't get your point about CRT forcing people off their navigation onto EA waters, there are thousands of miles of towpath mooring on CRT waterways, which is the equivalent to using a river bank for mooring on a casual basis, so not exactly a shortage at all. If you are talking about permanent moorings, then I would say their is an oversupply of those at them moment, marinas are not full and new ones are being built.
  6. EA moorings BS

    What does it have to do with CRT?
  7. Data RAM prices since 1957

    In I think 1980 we started doing a computing course at university, a DEC PDP 8, with a teletype and you booted it from paper tape.
  8. looking to try canal boating

    Not exactly quiet at any time of year.
  9. Canal Planner and Summer Holidays

    Don't the trains run every day this time of year, so it would not matter which 2 nights you have in Llangollen. Last time we were there was Sun/Mon nights and we went on the train on the Monday. Well worth going on the train.
  10. Saltaire moorings

    So are you saying overnight mooring by the mill is not allowed, but it is allowed where these new rings are going in?
  11. Canal Planner and Summer Holidays

    You need to aim to be in Llangollen Sat/Sun or Sun/Mon to avoid the bulk of the hire boats.
  12. Free mooring spots Between Hatton and Warwick?

    Yes I think hey are. Botton of Hatton or before the road bridge on the approach to Cape are 14 day.
  13. Pub, restaurants on the Lancaster

    What's the Old Tithe Barn in Garstang like these days. It was good in the early '80 when we used the frequent it quite at bit!
  14. We went through once during the actual festival. It is a long long line of boats. I don't remember the services being blocked, but there was piles of rubbish everywhere not very pleasant. The biggest issue was the lock, you may find that the lock landing is occupied so there is nowhere to get off the boat except over other boats, and when there is a queue of 3 boats like we had it is all a bit of a pain. Just keep going until there is space, probably a few locks above Cropredy lock.
  15. A Thames Invasion for 2018

    There was a thread recently where this came up. I was refused this by the lock keeper at Onsey lock, I had to buy 1 week and then when that ran out buy another week at the next lock. Others have said that you should be able to buy 2 x week licenses upfront. I can't see why I was refused this, but I guess you are down to the individual lock keeper and how they interpret it.