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  1. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    When mine spins quickly I can feel air movement from 2 to 3 feet in front of it. Whether it makes any significant difference to the overall heat distribution throughout the boat is debatable.
  2. Leave space for anglers!

    So if the winter mooring permit holder is also an angler
  3. Leave space for anglers!

  4. Leave space for anglers!

    And that is particularly the case where this sign is; a very short, popular mooring area immediately followed by miles of canal that you can't get a boat near the side!
  5. Leave space for anglers!

    Just a quick update on this. Whilst I've had an acknowledgement from the local CRT office that they are looking into it, I see in today's Boaters' Update that the 5m rule is mentioned when on WMs where fishing regularly takes place, so I guess the notice is official.
  6. More about marina livin'

    I expect it's to do with appearance. I know some marinas also ban anything on a boat's roof. Similarly, I know some apartment blocks forbid washing being hung out of the balconies.
  7. More about marina livin'

    One has to maintain standards Old Boy!
  8. Can't handle this marina livin'

    I would say only if the space was not required by a WM permit holder as they have priority.
  9. Is longer better or worse?

    We came down the C&H with our 57ft this summer and it was touch and go in some locks. The leakage from the top gates was a serious risk to swamping the back deck and the bow needed pushing around the bottom gates with a pole to get out of the lock safely.
  10. Double the price seems like a big differential; I've just checked the prices of one of the local hire firms and the maximum differential between the lowest and highest equivalent hire is 30%.
  11. Leave space for anglers!

    Nonetheless, all is well with the world up here
  12. Leave space for anglers!

    It's not reasonable here as it is a tight designated visitor mooring. There's no indication of a match and it's far too small a stretch for that anyway. I'll report back when I get reply from CRT.
  13. Here's a first. I saw this notice at Tewitfield moorings yesterday on the Lancaster. I'm not sure if it's genuine but I've enquired with CRT this morning.
  14. Boaters Meeting

    Yes, let's have a meeting to moan about everything we don't like but not acknowledge any good points! I wonder what sort of delegate that will attract?
  15. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    So what are your plans when you do finally arrive at the Rufford Branch?