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  1. Wintering on the Macc/Upper Peak Forest

    Last time we heard from the good Dr B were you not heading for lumpy waters?
  2. Good Samaritans on The Rochdale

    We did the Rochdale this July. We had a handful of weedhatch visits, a couple of low pounds which needed filling, the occasional grounding, and no harm from the friendly locals. Was it worth the effort? Absolutely; and in a way it wouldn't have felt like the Rochdale without a few stories to tell! It's a unique and fascinating canal which has to be on everyone's "must do" list.
  3. Approaching Wigan

    No faffing about if you know what you're doing. No need for you to apologise, just feel free to pass on by if I'm ever single-handing doubles when you're about.
  4. Approaching Wigan

    Exactly. Boat in, hop off or up the ladder, work one side and exit. Once the process is established with the other boat's crew it should be a very efficient operation.
  5. Paint Matching

    That's an interesting idea.
  6. Paint Matching

    The BIG mistake I made was having a full repaint without the windows being removed resulting in the position I'm in now - generally good paintwork with rust patches around the windows. The dilemma I have now is whether to bite the bullet and have the cabin sides repainted with the windows removed to cure the problem or have some sort of temporary patchwork done.
  7. Paint Matching

    Interesting topic; I currently have a similar issue with some rust spots around the windows but the rest of the paintwork is ok. I've had a quote for repainting the whole cabin sides and considering whether to just go with this option rather than touch up patches that may never match and will come back eventually.
  8. Isambard kingdom Brunel???

    Well it would if it was funny!
  9. Morso v The Rest

    I use the Morso coal inserts to reduce the size of the firebox. They also create an excellent funnel for ash and riddling. They're not cheap (cc £36 + for two lumps of metal) but worth having.
  10. Cleaning white mist off squirrel glass

    Yes, it's now called Firegold
  11. Cleaning white mist off squirrel glass

    I use Pureheat/Firegold. When I find the glass is most difficult to clean is after burning wood.
  12. Cleaning white mist off squirrel glass

    Plus, I think it's dependent on what you burn. I only ever burn good quality smokeless ovals and a wipe over with a damp cloth, after the door has been left open for a couple of minutes to cool, does the job.
  13. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    My thoughts exactly; it's not the most threatening situation anyone could find themselves in. As I mentioned in a previous post, the behaviour of the kids is often determined by how you interact with them.
  14. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    As far as I am aware the whole of the Manchester canal network is a lot safer than the "bad old days", with much fewer reports of incidents such as this. Of course it makes sense to be wary as there are areas where there is an increased risk, but hopefully not too great a perceived risk to stop boaters visiting.
  15. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    It read as if you were suggesting that people shouldn't do the Rochdale as they will be threatened by gangs of yobs. Anyway, humour aside, I reiterate my recommendation for people to do this fascinating canal and not be put off by rare incidents like this.