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  1. After a long gap I'm back in a boat this weekend. Picking up a new this season boat from Clifton Cruisers and chugging to Crick and back, all to celebrate my 50th birthday. Would love to have done a week but just couldn’t fit the time in. Really looking forward to some quality time with my son’s and their partners along with my wife. So three quick questions please. 1. Who should I look out for to wave at? 2. Dinner recommendations in Crick ? 3. Do you think I will have any trouble getting visitor moorings this Saturday in Crick ? Planning on taking it very easy remembering that it’s more about the journey than the arrival with canal boats and I promise no silly pirate hats, loud music and dead slow past moored boats ! Can’t wait!
  2. Too much engine ?

    Now I now this is nothing to do with canals which is why I posted it in the pub ! I saw this boat last week in Newport Rhode Island Could this be too much engine ? 3x350hp !
  3. If you owned a pub what would you call it?

    Perhaps not a name for a pub in England but how about The Sunburnt Arms !
  4. six nations

    Love England's starting front row tonight - good for at least 15 penalties - Marler will lamp someone , Hartley will get sent off for any of about 10 different infringements and Cole will get binned for not driving straight - going to be fun !
  5. Huhne and Pryce Sentence Predictor

    If you have ever been under any illusions about how slimy journalists can be just have a quick watch of this! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-21732971
  6. Huhne and Pryce Sentence Predictor

    Not meaning to sound an expert but under current rules a prisoner can be released on a Home Detention Curfew ( "Tagging") up to 135 days prior to the half way point of their sentence so:- 12 months could be as little as 6 weeks with a tag and 18 months could be about 4.5 months
  7. Huhne and Pryce Sentence Predictor

    A very bold shout !
  8. Just for fun would anyone like to guess at these sentences today? My guess:- Huhne – 3 months suspended for 2 years (because he pleaded guilty) Pryce – 4 months custodial.
  9. Time to think over revenge

    Starter for 10 He gets 3 months suspended for 12 months She gets 4 months custodial.
  10. Time to think over revenge

    One of the greatest incidents in history of "shooting yourself in the foot" !
  11. Car Insurance....again...

    I have a Admiral multi-car policy. Whenever it is up for renewal, I run all three cars individually through the on-line compare sites, this year I saved over £400 across three cars that Admiral just rolled over on. Very annoying that you have to waste 2 hrs of your life playing this charade every year, but £400 is £400 ! Another tip I told them that my wife was the main driver of my car ( which she is ) and that saved another £70 !
  12. Roman Candles

    600 years since one retired ! They must be well out of pratice at leaving do's for Popes. I wonder what format they take? - do think they have a leaving card and collection? - what do you buy a Pope as a leaving gift ?
  13. Valentines day cards

    Slightly different slant in my household - the card,flowers and chocolate saving is spent on a good bottle of red wine that we share together - at least it's red which is in keeping with the occassion.
  14. Non-alcoholic drinks

    St Clements is my favourite - Orange Juice and Bitter Lemon - large glass lots of ice.
  15. BT Broadband Router

    If opposite is not across the water I would suggest the simple way is just with a long ethernet cable - you can probably get a 20 mtr one in Maplins !