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  1. Canal Boat Magazine

    Nick Wall- Top Man, good magazine.
  2. Bow Thruster. (Girlie button)

    I'm the service manager at Braunston and I can assure you all, and the includes Sue the buyer, that the bowthruster does work. You just need to know how to turn it on at the panel. I will prove to Sue that it works and show her how. Hopefully you will all stop knocking Tim and Braunston Marina. Tim gives huge amounts of money to canal based charities and this is clearly not appreciated by some.
  3. Missing Lock Windlass

    Taryn is a VLK at Hillmorton with her husband Kevin. Both lovely, friendly and helpful people. Please help her find her windlass.
  4. Boat finance/marine mortgage

    Arkle finance and Zebra finance lend on narrowboats. Details on google
  5. Deal of the day!

    looks like a boat that's on the agenda 21 moorings in Oxford
  6. I've Just Received an Invitation To Vote !!

    what time are the results being announced ?
  7. Dog thieves alert!!

    Passed them at the top of Braunston flight - claimed to have run out of petrol and strolled off - came back within 5 minutes with a can and filled the front boat. When we went through the tunnel it stank of petrol - they may have a leak !! - get the matches ready.
  8. Mink on the Macc

    We have Mink in Braunston Marina - we had one make its way into our front locker via the drain hole - made a terrible mess and the smell was pretty foul as well. Gone from the boat now as I fitted a grill over the drain holes but they have been seen swimming in the water near the turning point in the road.
  9. Virtual Foxton Locks?

    Chop We started quite early so as to avoid to many Gongoozlers - Foxton was almost deserted at 9am on Bank Holiday Sunday. I didn't have any problems with my walking until I put the 20 kilo pack on my back !!!! Graham
  10. Virtual Foxton Locks?

    Its me carrying the kit - we filmed 5 locations over 3 days - Braunston, Foxton, Market Harborough, Banbury, Thrupp & Oxford - should be available on Google in the next couple of weeks Graham
  11. 'Banging the gates' open...??!!

    Kust cruised from Braunston North and completed the 4 Counties ring again - at 1 lock there was a volunteer lock keeper who open 1 gate but expected me to open the other with the boat - experienced boaters who do this do it slowly and with care - the less experienced may be incined to go quicker and hit the gates much hardermwhich can cause damage - always best to let the crew open both gates.
  12. Proposed Marina Onley

    Tim is a nice guy who has made Braunston Marina the premier Marina in the area but with premium mooring fees - currently £2800+ for 57 feet - some of the facilities at Braunston are dated - the washing area shares the same room as the pump out pump - the smell is not pleasant - it would take a lot for us to move Marinas but will have to take a look at anything close by - not to save money but just to get better facilities - Tim's campaign has merit but he does need to look at what he is providing to his loyal clients for the premium prices he is charging.
  13. Help needed

    Thanks for the explanation - if I had to take mine out I think I would have to remove the boat engine 1st - lets hope mine goes on for a few more years yet. The bits from Germany arrived today so looks like this weekend is spoken for.
  14. Help needed

    Hi Pugwash61 - sounds like my genny is the same as yours - many thanks for the dieselpower details - I did e mail Zeise - they have read my e mail but no response although I did talk to Mr Berger there and he said he would see if they had the parts. My genny is a 1993 model but has only run for 850 hours - have had lots of water leak problems and I think this has caused the starter motor to fail - having that rebuilt as I type but have noted the Audi replacement. Why did you replace your genny? - Graham