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  1. Want new paint job

    I have 45 foot cruiser stern , on grand union I want paint job done less than £100 per foot if possible , any tips or advice ? Don't need any fancy sign writing , just one colour ty
  2. Plz can any one recommend me some one for a pram stern cover , location grand union , ty
  3. How Do You Keep Cool In This Metal Box?!

    Escape windows , I have 4 just take glass out ,, simple
  4. You have spent more time and energy on a Friday night talkeing bs on the Internet , oh I CBA ,
  5. Yea , that old one, I guess your in a Marina
  6. I once said this before , about 3 years ago , when I go past marinas or boaters with long term moorings , no one talks to me or says hi, it's like I am invisible , then when I get past , boaters talke and say hi, so i f paying fortunes and never moving gives you the hump , sell up and go bye a house , and to every one else have a beautiful hot weekend , on the cut, from the invisible man ,
  7. As you leave lock 68 ,, there is a new ton of concert sticking out ,,
  8. saying hallo

    if i was going to fast only those that dont move and pay thought so ,, every one else so all smiles,,
  9. saying hallo

    hi, have been onboard for 5 weeks now , and i am haveing fun , picked up boat blisworth now langley ,, what i have noticed is that everybody is very friendly and help full ,,,, apart from boaters that do not move and pay for mooring ,,, whent past some at marsworth and cowroast ,, can some one please explain why ??????? some of them look away ,,, what have i done or what do they think i am going to do ,, i cant work it out , any way to every one
  10. yes , sorry about my bad english , i am word blind have been since i was a child and never went to school thanks for every ones help , will go for a good second hand 45 footer ,, take care have good day
  11. have seen b beardall marine services , 700£ per foot vat inc , this is 300£ cheaper than most others ,, can any one tell me there rep ?????????????? also as long trem boater where would you go for a 40f new build ???? all coments will be welcome ,,, and plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me where deff not to go ,,,, thanks every one