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  1. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    I have single handed the Trent a few times, I always use centre line only, up or down.
  2. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    did you look at the weld between the straight and the circle ...... I wouldnt trust it with a helium baloon in a gale. They are also very soft steel, the pin head soon mashes down and splinters.
  3. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    the latest Middling Swindlers ones could be termed as dress pins they are so flimsy.
  4. Horninglow Basin T&M

    I struggled to get the back end in on Monday, turning was bringing up masses of silt which will obviously sit under the remaining 3 or 4 boats moored there if they don't move very often. The boat in the article is the nearest to the facility block so hasn't got to worry about anything sanitation wise, however, there is no refuse facility there any more, and the surrounds are neglected to the point of shabbiness. There was also a lot of floating and sunk litter there. Towing the boat to another mooring in the same basin will not solve anything. Towing the boat to another local CRT mooring will probably inconvenience the ill boater as he will have to have transport to get to doctors and other facilities. Dredging the basin is long overdue. Repairing the fences off the road is probably overdue too. However, CRT probably think that if they continue to do nothing, money will continue to be paid until the basin is as empty as the one next to their old office at Fazeley Junction, tamworth.
  5. Severn, Mersey and Ribble

    Very detailed and concise information mods, can this be a pinned topic in one of the waterways journeys folders.
  6. Shardlow to nottingham

    I've only ever found the flood gates shut when on amber, or late October to march, which has been standard for years.
  7. Sim card Data deals

    Might be a shop only deal.
  8. Shardlow to nottingham

    Sawley flood lock wide open yesterday morning , the Trent is currently very low.
  9. Going through tunnels

    Indeed, flatten the lower bit and it looks like a tunnel view. Flatten it, sit on it, twist it and straighten it out again......it a training run for Braunston
  10. Sim card Data deals

    The top deal is only £16 if you have the mifi !!!! , work that one out. The router is with 3 as well.
  11. Sim card Data deals

    Free Huawei mifi too. If you really want to push the boat out, you can get a wifi router with 100gb PLUS the tv channels for £30 a month. It has sockets for external 3g and 4g ariel input as well. It's a 240v unit, but operates through a transformer plug to run on 12v. Get rid of the plug and wire into a stabilised 12v supply and you are laughing.
  12. Sim card Data deals

    I've just taken a £16 for 40gb plus eat all you can Netflix and some other channels on 3.
  13. Crew available London area

    I think you are both wrong. Thus chap could set up a thriving business here. Move people's boats 2 Miles and one lock whilst they are at work and then move the next one 2 Miles and one lock. Build up a good client base and you could make a fortune ,co-ordinating boat moves west or east from Kensal Green to Stonebridge and back. You could probably shuffle 8 boats every day and never have to worry about finding a mooring as you just moor where the next one is. Find out who's away for a few days and thats the accommodation issue sorted. SImples. ☺
  14. Going through tunnels

    That's burnt rubber......
  15. Going through tunnels