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  1. You must turn off any updates to your phone' system Or 3 mobile app. I had this for quite a few years and tethered to my and Kathys hearts content. My official tethering limit was 4gb. I inadvertedly allowed an update through and suddenly I was limited and stung with a bill for around £30 over my normal payment. I did fight this as I was given no notice of a change, but didn't win as it was all in the T&C.
  2. March of the Wide Beams

    Do they not know how to use mooring pins....
  3. London Boat prices and sellers expectations

    ... Or chocolate covered pecans
  4. London Boat prices and sellers expectations

    i have been talking about marine surveyors....not the insurers
  5. CRT and continuous cruising

    hippogriffe if you dont mind.
  6. London Boat prices and sellers expectations

    my response to your comment is that some surveyors do not seem to realise that not all boats started with 10mm or 15 mm plating and anything alien to their knowledge sphere should be treated as it it was a modern boat which is what they understand.
  7. London Boat prices and sellers expectations

    what I am saying is that some insurance companies have this 4mm minimum plating for fully comp insurance without looking at the detail.. If you have 3.9mm from an original 40 years old plate of 5mm ...or even 4mm, then some companies will insure it as they have people who know boats rather than robots telling them this will be an insurable vessel. others will say, no, its scrap.
  8. Planning next cruise - Thames/Basingstoke/K&A

    They don't even advertise it at the locks. You have to know and ask for it. So you have no excuse now
  9. London Boat prices and sellers expectations

    Again, some of these boats ( Fernie, Harborough, Springer) were built with top quality steel 5mm sideplates, if they have only lost 1.1mm in pits in 40 years, why should that invalidate insurance cover to third party only. You need to be selective with insurance companies and make sure maintenance if hull is maintained, if not improved with 2 packing or zingering.
  10. CRT and continuous cruising

    He's got at least one on the K&A.
  11. London Boat prices and sellers expectations

    It is also down to interpretation and knowledge. A surveyor today has done a survey on a £98k boat and said the skin fittings should be much further above the waterline than they are. The buyer is obviously worried , and even with a reassurance that it's only a recommendation on a boat unless it' for commercial use, and the sinks are higher anyway, who does the buyer believe, the surveyor they have paid £800 for, or a couple of guys in a boatyard. It may well be a newer smaller tank inside the older rotted tank. These boats had flooded gas lockers which often rotted and the fuel tanks were under the portside deck boards and often rot from outside in!!!
  12. London Boat prices and sellers expectations

    It looks like a Fernie whatever the ad says and they look quite good actually and go through the water very well. Shame it's never moved far enough to get a photo of the front end.
  13. Does anyone have a copy contract?

    Peter, give James a ring ( yesterdays post) and he can talk you through it.
  14. CRT and continuous cruising

    You would be far better served to start fighting the Provisional IWA from your pair-of-boats-castle. They would like a dentists root and branch clean out along with an annual shut down of 6 months, triple fees for widebeams and no moorings when the senior IWA committee members want to moor outside a pub on August Bank Holiday weekend. The fact that they have just appointed Ivor Caplan, the government have appointed a new Waterways Minister who quotes IWA stuff in his welcome brief, and the Waterways Ombudsman is paid by CRT should be ringing alarm bells somewhere soon.
  15. March of the Wide Beams

    I do like this advert....... BOAT FOR SALE: Name: DOWN THE HATCH 70ft 2in x 13ft 6in (reported) wide beam cruiser narrowboat for sale Selling to buy a narrowboat. Cruising, G U Canal - £158,000 http://ebtk.co.uk/resources/stats/click.php?c=629&e=427&o=1030&url=http%3A%2F%2Ftinyurl.com%2F3251abnb