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  1. Shore Power/Galvanic Corrosion

    I now see boats coming in with severe galvanic corrosion on an almost weekly basis. Most of these HAVE galvanic isolators and most are marina based. We had a 50 year old boat in last week with minimal corrosion( and nil waterline rust), moored àt an online marina and NO 240V onboard. I have not yet seen a boat come in that uses an isolation transformer, in 5 years of doing hull observations I can only recommend spending a bit more on your boat and getting it shot blasted and either 2 packed, comasticked, or zinger ed. These all seem to protect the hulls more than bitumen and a GI
  2. Rubbish disposal marsworth area

    The water point has 2 rings, then several of the old rings have been removed so the house owners don't have to look at boats.*strategy number 218 in CRT sell off assets plan. This makes it quite a challenge just to moor up on a windy day with about 2 foot of towpath width to try to moor up to.
  3. Not seen for a while

    Has it had a repaint and new owner....... no its not, windows are wrong....
  4. Canal & River Trust Licence

    Don and Val keep all their Waitrose and Marks & Spencers receipts in a file readily available for customs officials to peruse should they question the incoming currency balance.
  5. Canal & River Trust Licence

    Or move to a new country every 14 days.....
  6. Canal & River Trust Licence

    You buy the licence for the month it goes back into the water. So arrange the craning for the first of whatever month you are coming back over, and pay for the licence from the start of that month. An alternative to hard standing is finding a marina where CRT have no licence jurisdiction over it( ie whilton, sileby etc) and arrange your 6 months there, pay new licence when you come out onto the canal again.
  7. Fradley is full

    Came through in December and there was a single boat on the entire visitor moorings. Came through again in late March and there were 3.
  8. Fun in Gosty Hill tunnel

    We almost sent Kiwidad ahead with a spade to dig a trench when trying to get to the end on Old Friends doing BCNChallenge 2015. You could probably walk the channel in a pair of wellies.
  9. Newbie concerns

    Kathy and I are currently having problems..... with our cat Babbage(about 12 years old ). She has decided that the towpath adjoining the boat is hers wherever we moor and has taken to hissing, growling and then attacking every dig that comes past, even if it doesn't approach the boat. Trying to grab her before she has leapt off the gunnel has resulted in injuries to us both (I'm allergic to cats so mine were quite spectacular for a day or two) so we are now using bags, coats in front of her etc if we see a dog coming. I don't think she does this when we aren't here, she seems to stay within the cratch or cabin. We have been told about calming sprays and also water pistols. ☺ The second incident with the humans is very rare, there are twats everywhere and it looks like the hire crew met one.
  10. DIY facilities north west

    You sit on a bog, powered or otherwise or two or three days..... Methinks you need a doctor, not a paint shed
  11. DIY facilities north west

    You can't go far wrong with a covered power bog.
  12. Not seen for a while

    It is a design based on one hull of a New Zealand sailing catamaran I believe. It's only had an outboard for the last 2 years, before that it was poled or bowhauled around.
  13. K&A Trip planned

    I don't think the people who restored the canals would ever think that someone would stick false rivets onto narrowboats at some time in the future either. Things move on, change, stop moaning and enjoy yourself.
  14. Painting Over Antislip / Non-slip Roof

    No, between the sand grains will be gloss paint. the solution I have used is to clean it thoroughly and then wire brush the surface to key it. Hard work but at least the paint has something to stick to.