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  1. Something wrong with that link - no video at the other end of it.
  2. Shore Power/Galvanic Corrosion

    Not you Obviously I agree with everyone else that for the OP either a GI or IT is totally unnecessary, however he should definitely bond the earth.
  3. Stolen Boat

    When you do that (same with pdfs) you are given the option to convert it back into a link. I have to do that regularly. It's just a click prior to hitting the submit button.
  4. Shore Power/Galvanic Corrosion

    I'm not surprised that you can't see it Tony because it's rubbish. Anodes have nothing whatsoever to do with stray current corrosion which is what we're talking about here. Go measure a few hulls in marinas and prepare to be horrified then. It's not in the slightest bit unusual for the protective conductor to be sitting at many volts above true earth.
  5. One of the above would seem the most obvious solution to me. Many boats are crying out for a rad or two so it seems silly to remove one.
  6. Little Wenlock Top Replacement

    Yes it does. At least it would appear to do based on the fact that many here report using it on their stove to flue joints.
  7. Little Wenlock Top Replacement

    Have you asked AGA?
  8. Smartgauge Questions

    I'll give you a fiver. But only if you package them up with that scope...
  9. Smartgauge Questions

    Quite apart from the fact that we know your two require calibration, as I said in my earlier post, "so what?" The Current being pulled by the batteries is of much more relevance when charging and once you stop charging the SmartGauge resynchs automatically.
  10. Smartgauge Questions

    MtB reports possessing two. Another boater had one which was returned to Merlin and he never reported back with the outcome. Merlin state that they're unaware of it being an issue. Considering the thousands that are out there the reported instances of slight inaccuracy are a tiny percentage but there again how many owners have checked theirs? So the upshot is that as far as we are aware it's a non-issue. Nope, that's incorrect. During charging the SmartGauge can be up to 10% inaccurate but so what? If you're charging then until you get close to 100% SoC the actual charge state is irrelevant. Once you're discharging (for instance in the evening) then SmartGauge will sync itself again and that's when you need to know how badly you're hammering your batteries.
  11. Gas connections

    Yeah, I was misreading it. Not often come across a non-bulkhead regulator.
  12. Gas connections

    Having done so I can confirm both assertions I'm not sure that rubber hose is acceptable from the low pressure side of the regulator. Can someone confirm/deny? My understanding is rubber from bottle to regulator then copper from regulator to bubble tester then copper from bubble tester to bulkhead fitting then copper within the boat.
  13. My guess is that it's the 'starter' relay which feeds the 'heater' relay which feeds the 'start/stop' solenoid. That's from a quick glance at this manual (p58): https://www.barrus.co.uk/media/3079/rdg603a20-issue-4-shire-38-40-45-50-canal-boat-manual.pdf
  14. Engine won't start!

    Spot on. No blondes either.
  15. Engine won't start!

    I'd agree with him. And theatre 'lights' are lanterns. Unless they're follow-spots