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  1. Growlights aboard?

    I had a friend who kept chickens and ducks. One of the drakes took a real fancy to one of the chickens - she wasn’t amused.
  2. Do you have (or can you find) the user manual for that cooker? It should specify minimum ventilation requirements.
  3. Well then, there’s your answer. Now, what’s the question?
  4. Batteries and being off grid

    I’ll be very surprised if it lasts that long but you never know.
  5. Christmas presents

    That was very impulsive of them.
  6. Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    Well yes, you could have two of those gauges and add the figures together, or you could have three; one for each battery and one for the bank. However, if there is nothing wrong with the cabling then barring a manufacturing fault (very rare) you will find both batteries will perform identically.
  7. Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    Surely the two batteries will be wired in parallel as a single bank? In which case you only need one.
  8. Batteries and being off grid

    One of those is on most torque wrenches but I can’t remember which.
  9. Victron combi versus Separates

    Yeah, but if I understand the options, you have “Switch to float when current = x or after y hours, whichever comes first” or you have “Switch to float after y hours”. The latter might be more useful as you can keep restarting it until the tail current is low at Absorption voltage.
  10. Yup. The M3-10 had just that (push to stop) and it was just so... simple. I recall a Coventry Victor single cylinder with a heavy flywheel on one boat (un-aptly named “Progress”) where you pulled a string to stop it. You had to be really patient because if it went over a single compression stroke after you’d let go it would very slowly restart.
  11. Victron combi versus Separates

    And if it’s on ‘timed’ as opposed to ‘current detected’ or whatever Victron calls it then I guess it can simply be restarted.
  12. New stove, cold feet warm head.

    I was more intruiged in a Pound shop selling something for four quid
  13. Disconnect the wire to the stop solenoid. If the problem goes away it’s an electrical fault.
  14. New stove, cold feet warm head.

    How does that work then?