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  1. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    But he already knows the SoC at rest or during discharge because the has a SmartGauge. We also know it’s not faulty as he got 8 years out of his last batts. His only query here is the capacity of the bank and I’ve already explained the simplest way of calculating that.
  2. Portable radios

    The list of exceptions includes “any other equipment where the manufacturer’s instructions indicate or specifically require direct connection to a battery”
  3. Portable radios

    It doesn’t
  4. How do I build a Perspex window in a side hatch?

    Makrolon. https://www.aetnaplastics.com/products/d/makrolon
  5. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    Good point
  6. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Ahh, clever. Someone had done all the hard work on a bench somewhere.
  7. Fire Brick Advice Please

    The fire brick dept, silly.
  8. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    How were you determining the optimal voltage? Higher voltage will result in higher current but lots of that current will be used electrolysing water. A lower voltage might show less current but a higher rate of charge. So how did you do it?
  9. Boat stretch

    Who are you again? I’ve never heard of you...
  10. Fire Brick Advice Please

    And if you find a building site and give the builder a drink he’ll cut them for you with his 9” grinder.
  11. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    This makes a lot of sense. There was a thread on here some years back where Gibbo was explaining that the optimum charge voltage was an ever-moving beast. Too much voltage causes too many bubbles which then occlude the plates. Too low a voltage and you’re not charging as fast as you could. However, the above voltages change constantly according to temp and SoC. Various manufacturers have looked at designing a charger that can track this voltage but it’s too complex and expensive to be practical. So... what we all need is a source of compressed air and some holes in the bottom of our batteries I’d suggest they’re wrong.
  12. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    A simpler way of doing it... Charge to 100% and zero the Victron. Discharge to somewhere around 50% to 60% on the SmartGauge and note the Ah taken out according to the Victron. Some simple maths will now tell you the true capacity of the bank.
  13. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    As you’ve had 8 years from your last set of Batteries (if I read the OP correctly) then you’re not doing much wrong As you’re going down to around 3A tail current from the alternator then, assuming it’s putting out over 14.1V, you’re fully charging the batts. Don’t worry about equalising at this stage. Go down to around 60% SoC on the SmartGauge and see if the Ah used agrees more closely.
  14. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    Note that a couple of equalisation charges may well recover a substantial amount of sulphation.