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  1. Removing Ballast

    I guess you're talking about this kind of thing? There are many about, this was just the first link I clicked on. http://www.screwfix.com/p/super-rod-cavity-master-kit/85585?kpid=85585&gclid=CjwKCAjw5uTMBRAYEiwA5HxQNrXDXlhwv9sdHszYUzMf9mKH9NyCXwr4WnIMIcnTZkTcAGttp3xJmhoCPf8QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CNyP7qCx5dUCFVYh0wodaJYNFQ
  2. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    Whatever you do don't faucet.
  3. Newbie concerns

    On the offchance that the solution the vet gave you is Hibiscrub (it's unlikely but hey..) be aware that you can buy it much cheaper in Boots than you can from a vet. It's worth any dog owner keeping a bottle of Hibiscrub just in case of any skin infection that the dog might get. Mites, reaction to Tick bites, flea bites etc. all get cleared up with Hibiscrub.
  4. engine buzzer

    What engine?
  5. Box or rail

    WotEver had 1" box section 'tube' for a handrail. It didn't look like 'a bit of welded on pipe' and functioned very well imho. It was set in about 1.5" from the roof edge.
  6. DIY facilities north west

    No you never go back to a covered unpowered bog...
  7. Weighing in batteries

    Really interesting. Thanks
  8. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    I assumed the same. If it's using 15A all day that's 360Ah per 24 hours which would exhaust a 720Ah bank!
  9. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    If it's not faulty then the ONLY way to run it on a boat is on gas. 240V is a poor second and 12V is a non-starter. Disconnecting it and turning it upside down for 24 hours may get it functioning. NOTE TO OTHERS this only works with ammonia absorption fridges. Tony
  10. A Wee one to start again.

    Great work as always Wayne
  11. Wood veneer.

    You can also get great results with sanding sealer followed by wax. Loadsa ways of finishing wood - some a lot better than others. I've recently become obsessed with Le Tonkenois - it's becoming a fetish to use it on everything. I must resist... https://www.letonkinoisvarnish.co.uk/varMain.html
  12. Wood veneer.

    Is it pure Danish Oil or is it mixed with accelerants, hardeners and other stuff like UV blockers? I could see the volatiles mixed into some oil based finishes being detrimental, but not pure oil.
  13. Battery Isolation

    Don'cha lurve autocorrect?
  14. How to best connect up 3 x leisure batteries

    You're never telling us they're as per example 1, surely?
  15. Battery Isolation

    I believe that was Tony's point, not that there was anything wrong with your generic advice.