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  1. Leaning Stove Chimney?

    You do, all the way up there! Do you feel the same way about people who own nice cars and drive them just for fun? What about people who own boats for pleasure and run their polluting engines for hours just moving from one place to the other for no reason other than a change of scenery? Scouts and campfires? Where do you draw the line? That's the plan But it's quite nice to have a bit of a fire in the evening and the still air.
  2. Leaning Stove Chimney?

    Correct in the first, every one of my neighbours have a chimenea or fire pit.
  3. Leaning Stove Chimney?

    I need to ask for more money, that's eggsacklee what I've done!
  4. National lift pump Amal

    Could you try loctite in the meantime? Someone will probably come along and say why it's a bad idea... Looks like Loctite 577 does the jobbie http://www.loctite.co.uk/loctite-4087.htm?nodeid=8802627256321
  5. Leaning Stove Chimney?

    The coathanger has worked brilliantly actually. The flue is now standing straight and true. Just given it a test fire, must be ready for a little whiskey around it when it's dark later. Thanks all
  6. Leaning Stove Chimney?

    Well yes, I think I'm just looking for a little draw! doesn't need to be perfick, I'm burning sticks in the garden after all
  7. Leaning Stove Chimney?

    I've got the 1ft external section actually, sticking that on the top could work a little bit
  8. Leaning Stove Chimney?

    Hmm... I have got some coathangeroonis hanging around Yeah I think you're right.
  9. Leaning Stove Chimney?

    It's only something temporary I'm thinking of, a one-time deal really.
  10. Leaning Stove Chimney?

    It's exactly something like that I need, but I'm a bit bereft of bits to make one and it seems a bit pointless as we're planning to be on a boat in the next few months! Just fancied firing it up this evening
  11. Leaning Stove Chimney?

    I might be being daft here, but I wanted to check... I've got a wood burner in the garden sitting next to the shed. The chimney and fittings are obviously designed for a boat so the only nonpermanent way to attach the chimney is to stick it in the top and lean it against the shed to stop it falling over. It rests on the side wall of the shed, is it going to get too hot? I've never used it. The chimney is about 4-5 feet long I suppose. Perhaps flue is the right word.
  12. Life jackets or buoyancy aids

    I fell into the wharf at heyford right at the cold end of the season, boots jeans thick jumper and a big bomber jacket. You're all right, bloody cold and bloody hard to get out! I'm sure most stretches of the Oxford are about 3 feet deep but I certainly didn't touch the bottom!
  13. Brasenose arms, cropredy

    Great stuff, thanks all.
  14. Brasenose arms, cropredy

    Is the brasenose any good? I've got a feeling that the pubs are good in cropredy but I can't for the life of me remember if they are, or which is best. Heading over there this evening with some friends.
  15. Limestone Traffic on Canals

    The main ingredient actually! Also used copiously in concrete.