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  1. Day time Tv

    It rares i watch the TV, film or two at night on the weekends and maybe if we wake early weekend mornings, Boat Yard/Top Gear/Scrap Heap challenge type etc repeats etc. Other wise i am workiing ont boat. Rach, there you go, you need a project boat, plenty around Yorkshire yards for you to find Better than being brain dead with naff on telly, and that with me saying that i watch repeats of what WAS good first time round and better still than whats on now.
  2. A Wee one to start again.

    I reckon they have Tony, well the so called great lord above has, sending me this Ark to save anyway. I forgot to mention i also made the drain pump holder thing last weekend, also shower drain when i fit one.
  3. Wood veneer.

    Did you edit the first post quick as the link and mention of Le tonkinious did not show first time. just appeared now. Sounds great stuff, think i mite give it a go on the strakes and interior nice one kida
  4. Wood veneer.

    That was one point that Tony mentions as it also depends on the oils used will delaminate the ply. Just going to look at the oils i have been using on the rest of the boat.
  5. Wood veneer.

    I was debating what to treat it with and looked into it on the net. I chose Danish oil as i like to use it and give a great finish, and easer to apply than varnish. I just googled treating veneered plywood with some other searches, reading through some sites a few folk said it can do this and some say it only does it to certain adhesives, therefore the need to know what adhesive the ply is laminated with. I thought it strange in an oil damaging veneered plywood also, just didnt want to take the risk.
  6. Wood veneer.

    I am in th process of fitting new Sapele veneered ply and i was looking at using a clear Danish oil but after research i read that depending on what adhesive is used to laminate the oil can separate the ply. Has anybody found that as a problem ?
  7. A Wee one to start again.

    Hi Rach I have done a fair bit but dont like to update without pictures, but as it is you and you asked I have done a few more repairs to the hull, no pics at all as its boring to show holes that have been filled and sanded...and filled and sanded......etc etc etc lol Go on then, this small hole got bigger like they do, GRP and rust go hand in hand lol Dont know what i prefer welding cars of patching GRP MMmm i cant find the finished pics, but you get the idea...its smoother I have started to make or modify the Houdini hatch as i am to tight to buy a new one, and well as you know i like to mess abut making things, this is in progress as i need some smaller seals a the ones i have are little to big. Oh and some Interscrews are needed as i will be keeping the latchs to keep it locked. I had to make new hinge knuckles for it as the original ones are a 2mm to low. All will be shown when done I have decided for the inner frame for the hatch i want it made from Sapele. This brings on a new project to make a steam box Cant help myself Pic of it half way through it and no need to show more as it went a bit soft it worked for half an hour if that, soon got up to 210degf Like i do i mite make one from fibreglass or do one the easy way and get some timber. I need the radius to be 100mm so a bit tight for Mahogany so will prob end up lamintain a few strips together to get the 25mm x 20mm needed for the frame. Another job was to get more done on the interiors WE HAVE RUNNING HOT AND COLD WATER and HOT AIR, and a COOKER WORKING The Propex heater is great aswell is the Malaga 5 water heater. dont tell me you want pics of hot water running and me sat in my boxers sweating to death with the heater on lol One point on the Halaga 5 water heater is the drain/pressure relief is a crap design IMO, to get a pipe/hose to fit it is not easy, and the drain tap vale drips a little when emptying the tank. I made these for the seating trim and will be oiled and fitted once i fit the Sapele Veneered ply i got this weekend gone. A few cuts and the remaining snaps out easy if you snap the router bits you have After a reat faff to get the Sapele ply, i went and payed for it when they dont even stock it any more, what plonkers, they had to go and get it in for me. The veneered ply is for cladding the heads/cupboard and seating, plus a few more bits here and there. A while ago i got 10m of canvas to practice my sewing in readiness for making the canopy, i used some to make a template Just whizzed around with a jigsaw...carefully Just needed a slight trim and spot on The TV will be to the top left and behind that and to the right will be one of the access doors to the water heater. At the bottom another door for the Propex access. Some where also will be the power point for the USB/charger point with slide out shelf/s Again this will be oiled, not keen on varnish. I think thats about it for now. I need supplies and boat funds have ran out that annoys me, serves me right for going mad on nights out and socialising. makes a change i guess.
  8. Naughty-Cal Takes The High Road

    That was one heck of a trip Rach, well gel You choose some great spots for taking pics, seeing them gives me incentive to get mine finished France maybe next trip hey
  9. Gas installation

    I think that generally all pipe work is copper and short lengths for fttings to cookers and fridges etc. All fittings need access to inspection also. Have you read through this for the BSS https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/media/268789/ecp-private-boats-ed3_rev2_apr2015_public_final.pdf
  10. All sorted now guys, i was just being dam lazy. I will be making a full set of knuckles for the hinges now for this job, need them a wee bit bigger you see.
  11. GRP top - roof rib query

    Can you not just rip out the rotten ones, or all of them and replace with poly foam and laminate over, lot better than ply. Like this brace/support here. If not as Tony says use timber and lamoinate in place, make it strong as hell to walk on and better than adhesives i would think.
  12. As always there is a problem when i try to do something. One screw snaps off in twenty or tape measure goes missing again just when i need it and shops are shut etc etc.Now i have gone and lost the knuckle on the end of the hinge on the Houdini 500 hatch as below. So by a chance of a miracle has anybody got one spare or can remove from a hatch that is gong for scrap pleas.I need the right hand knuckle and screws if you can please. Or complete hinge.PM if you can help please CheersWayne
  13. Agree here, If the new floor is not decent grade of marine ply then the whole floor needs to be treated to a coat of epoxy of some sorts, even epoxy pait is good enough. I like Cascamite myself and have used a bit for sealing and laminating timber. you can mix it to your own consistency and brush it on. If you want epoxy leave the West system unless you dont mind the cost. Epoxy can be had from DIY and pound shops and it goes a long way and saves a lot money from buying more than you need as i have yet to find small amounts of West Cost system or others to think of it.
  14. Sliding glass window

    Ah i see he link didnt work Tony, i should of checked. thank you
  15. Sliding glass window

    +2 never used grease myself. glass edge on metal i cant see it doing a great deal IMO Best to reseal if you can, faff of a job but lots better than adding sealant into it. would need all the old track/rubber removing first and a good clean down so the window will be best to come out anyway. I did mine here on page 3