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  1. WIN / CIN / HIN lookup

    Maybe https://canalplan.org.uk/boats/boats.php
  2. Leave empty or not ?

    The motor yacht people in my Spanish marina seem to rate Marine 16.
  3. Safety from economic migrants in France

    Yes the motorcaravanners never expect trouble when using the excellent village aires, but I know a few who have been robbed whilst spending the night at the Catalan village on the autoroute near the border with Spain.
  4. Safety from economic migrants in France

    I live just outside Carcasspnne on the canal du Midi and have not heard of any problems with recent migrants.
  5. Share ya' Music!

    From my favourite film soundtrack 60 years ago. One I never forgot.
  6. Mill Scale and False Rivets

    Just that I don't see adding false rivets to be any different to copying traditional shapes designed for cargo.
  7. Mill Scale and False Rivets

    Presumably people who like to ridicule false rivets fell the same about trad narrowboats which are equally false copies of working boat shapes. Do those people only own cruiser style boats?
  8. In 1968 and 9. I bought 2 steel hulls built by a man who I think was called Dave Grassing whose main job was with Granada TV. As I remember they were built at the bottom of the Macclesfield as I collected them from somewhere there using a 6hp outboard on a temporary bracket. I designed 6 berths into 40 feet and employed someone to do the marine ply cabin tops and interiors. I think we used water cooled Lister engines. After that I left the canals until 1997 and had various yachts in the Med. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from then.
  9. Moorers beware

    There are plenty of salt mines not far from there, so maybe the salt water is spreading.
  10. Obscure connections to celebrities

    In 1980 we were on the same pontoon in the Club de Mar, Palma Majorca, as the Count of Barcelona who was a liveaboard there. However we never saw him and 2 Guardia Civil were posted at his gang plank to keep visitors away. (His son often stopped to chat in passing though, a guy called Juan Carlos who spoke excellent English)
  11. BCN Moorons

    You don't grow them, if you never wash or brush your hairs for a few years that is the result.
  12. The naughty Peel Group

    Companies pay whatever tax they are required to pay under laws created by politicians. No business pays more than it has to.
  13. I ran a plant hire company years ago and this happened all the time. They even expected a credit account for the new name and seemed quite upset when we insisted on cash up front.
  14. Trailable narrow boats?

    About 25 years ago we bought a trailable boat with a gaff rig and outboard called a Winklebrig and towed it behind a motor caravan. We only did one extended trip with her but stayed in marinas, paying just for the small boat mooring and living mainly in the motorhome parked nearby. We visited Banyuls in southern France, Moraira and Torrevieja in Spain, starting from North Wales, but I found the driving too stressful to want to repeat it.
  15. Incident at Fenny Marina

    In the past I did a lot of single handed sailing well away from land. I never wore a life jacket but was always attached to the boat with a harness and line. You don't see many people wearing life jackets on canals other than children, probably through embarrassment as the water isn't deep.