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    I am the chair of the Python group I am treasurer and route and planning officer for the group

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  1. Appeal - Chesterfield Canal

    Hi I as Python Chairman and a trustee would like to thank everyone who has bought a brick in our appeal. At the moment the total raised has gone up to £3125, which is brilliant. I would also like to thank the numerous people who have sent me good wishes about my health problems, these have been conveyed to me via Cheshire Rose Pete (boatboss)
  2. NB Python 2012 Summer Tour

    Thank you for your most positive comment, the colours are the British Waterway colours that were being used at the time when Python was being used as a maintenance boat for BW. When we The Canal trust aquired Python these were the colours she was in, we have just repainted her as near as possible to her original colour Pete
  3. Python Buttys

    I was wondering if Romford or Coniston were still afloat or around Python used to pull both these as well as Fazeley, which I know is still around and in very fine condition too We are trying to add to the very limited amount of info that we currently have for Python
  4. Can anybody give me the dates for Middlwich Festival, Northwich, Alvecote Family day sometime in August, we want to take Python this year Pete
  5. food safe hose not cassette

    can anyone help please
  6. How do I change profile picture

  7. Python Tour

    Python will be going to Stoke Bruerne, Braunston, Alvecote, Burton on Trent and Retford Gathering in September I will have application forms with me for Retford at Ellesmere at Easter on the Monday, the event at Retford is free unless you want a plaque and a beer festival is being held at The Rum Runner by Town Lock. As from beginning of March I can send applications forms out to anyone, and will also have them at the above events
  8. Alvecote Historic Boat Gathering 9th-10th july

    Python will be there doing Braunston and National all on our way back to Chesterfield canal
  9. Pyton and new Dawn

    On 12th September 2010 Python will travel to West Stockwith to pick up compound fencing to be erected at Shireoaks Marina. This will be the build area for New Dawn our replica Cuckoo boat. This is being built by hand no power tools are being used. Meanwhile Python after having deck boards fitted tug style work will continue on mess cabin refit Boatboss
  10. LMS station boat

    Anyone know where there is a sunken LMS station boat belonging to BW supposedly in the Birminham area
  11. New Dawn

    Subject to BW approval it seems like New Dawn The Chesterfield Canal Trust's wooden Cuckoo boat may be built at Shireoaks Marina Worksop. It is hoped when built Python will tow it to Rallies and events, meanwhile now we are entering spring Python will be undergoing crew cabin refit and later having covers put on. Unfortunately Python will not be at Braunston this year as she has not got enough equipment or covers to allow the journey, but will definately be at Braunston in 2011. Also it is on the cards that there could be a Working Boat rally in Retford on The Chesterfield also in 2011 Boatboss
  12. Ex BW heritage boats

    We The Chesterfield Canal Trust have just aquired Python ex BW shortened workboat it has cost the Trust nearly £7,000 to get up to BSS standard with Mooring, licence and Insurance also Python has had a re paint, we are now seeking Funding and Sponsorship to repay The Trust. The boat will be run as an educational resource tool and in winter will help keep canal rubbish free. In the school holidays she will attend Historic Rallies and events There is still a lot of work to be done eg; Proper covers and crew cabin fit out as well as equipment for school activities such as staging plays all about canal life in the past. As The Trust is a training establishment for helmsmanship this will probably take place aboard Python. Pete Ramsell Logistics Officer The Learning Boat
  13. New Dawn

    Hi, There is a possibility that the Cuckoo boat New Dawn could be built at Shireoaks Marina on The Chesterfield Canal more news to follow Boatboss