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  1. Mooring in or near Northampton and Parking

    The only place I'd consider leaving the car overnight near Northampton marina is the multistorey car park opposite the entrance of Beckett's Park. It used to be that residential marina moorers could get a discounted annual ticket for there
  2. Montgomery Canal Access

    After reading this I remember now, there did used to be a morning slot and an afternoon slot. I seem to recall they changed it so that people couldn't go down and back up on the same day.
  3. Montgomery Canal Access

    As far as I can remember the hours have been only 12 to 2. When we last went there, in 2014, we were able to travel backwards beyond Gronwen to Pryce's Bridge (number 84) to find there a welcoming banner that had been put up for the official opening the next day. There is a brief report with several pictures on our website here. That section was closed again a short while later. We plan to visit the Monty again this summer, but i assume it's still closed so can probably travel only as far as Gronwen.
  4. Floor and wall coverings

    We have got Flotex carpet on the floor (comfortable to the feet, easy to hoover the hairs and mud from the dog, and fully washable) then ordinary carpet up to the gunwales in the bedrooms and cork tiles on one bedroom wall - all the rest being T&G. After 25 years all of them are still in good condition. The cork tiles were simply stuck on with Evo Stick, unsealed, and they have never been smelly.
  5. Coalbrookdale Little Wenlock glass channels

    I have a more recent Little Wenlock and I can't shut it right down by closing the spin wheel. I suspect that the upper air control, which is for use when burning wood, doesn't seal properly because it is a slider. It has always seemed to me a bit dangerous.
  6. Stove glass cleaning.

    I always worry that using a wet or even damp cloth on a hot stove glass might cause it to crack. Is my worry justified?
  7. Canal routes

    Where on the Grand Union Canal are you aiming for?
  8. Canal routes

    You'll have some possible problems. Aston Lock is closed until 20th Jan and Weston Lock is closed until 22nd Jan. You have a week's window to make sure you are through Meaford (before Aston & Weston) before it closes on 29th Jan. You must then ensure that you complete your trip through to Braunston by 5th Feb before closures on the Oxford Canal. It's doable but needs careful planning.
  9. Canal routes

    That's a trip we have done many times. People may have meant you should avoid Coventry itself but there is absolutely no need to avoid the rest of the Coventry Canal. Without a doubt, winter stoppages permitting, the quickest easiest and best route is to take the Trent & Mersey to Fradley Junction, then the Coventry/Birmingham & Fazeley to Hawkesbury Junction, and the Oxford Canal to Braunston Turn where you join the Grand Union.
  10. New exhaust

    After we had a new engine fitted, our exhaust was very noisy and we had a lot of vibration; apparently Beta engines like cheap silencers or hospital silencers but don't so much like anything between - and also the angle of our pipe was all wrong. TW Marine built and fitted a custom-made hospital silencer and the results were amazingly good. Even though the exhaust now comes out on my side of the cruiser stern I still can't hear it, even in a tunnel. Of course, it wasn't cheap.
  11. Anchor

    Actually I disagree because I don't believe that a 25kg Danforth anchor will ever bite so securely as to create that degree of shock loading. I have no evidence to support this but then I doubt that anyone has evidence to disprove it either. However to reduce the possibility of shock loading I do attach my own anchor warp so that it ties to several other points before it attaches to the T-stud; I wouldn't load the stud until it had first ripped out at least each of the two welded front seat supports and the bow fender attachment point (which is itself a strong welded loop).
  12. Anchor

    There are many charts which show the size of anchor that is needed for a given size of boat. As far as I know they are ALL completely irrelevant for narrowboats because they assume that a 20 metre boat is at least a 3 deck-high luxury yacht of several hundred tons in weight. A Danforth anchor that is as heavy as you can throw overboard, say 20 or 25 kg, is just fine. You should have at least 10m of chain attached directly to the anchor to ensure it lies flat, and at least 10m of rope (ideally more) which can if necessary consist of all your existing ropes tied together, attached to the boat (then if you can't retrieve the anchor you can cut the rope with a carving knife). Attach it to the bow (generally the T-stud is fine, if you know it's really well attached and as long as it isn't shared with any other rope at the time) unless you intend to travel downstream on a river that unlike the Thames is too narrow to allow you to swing right round, in which case you would have to use the stern. Assume that you will only need it in emergency, so retrieving it is unimportant. Follow these principles and it needn't be expensive. But for the tidal Thames you do still need lifejackets and radio.
  13. overplating

    Hi Terry This was a major worry for us as stripping the interior woodwork was not a realistic option. Our insulation is not Rockwool which is inherently fireproof, nor is it Sprayfoam which I believe is specified to be fire resistant (someone else may be able to give more accurate details) but instead it is lined with 2 layers of polystyrene foam of unknown specification. Initial tests showed that if you get it really hot it will smoulder and could possibly even burn, but moderate heat will merely (!) char and melt it. However a quick and skilful weld can leave only a slightly shrunken thin black line as a memento. Clearly the procedure was going to be risky so throughout the whole process a second person stayed inside the boat with a fire extinguisher in his hand. Even this was risky because a further test showed that any trace of excess heat caused the inside of the boat to fill rapidly with smoke that was probably toxic so that he would have had to abandon the boat anyway. The alternative (for which they were fully prepared) would have been to seal all the vents and flood the boat with carbon dioxide at all times. With great care (he is a VERY experienced welder) and with constant communication between him and the person holding the extinguisher inside, Grahame completed the whole job without any untoward incidents.
  14. Vinyl to MP3

    The software I used was called Audio Cleaning Lab. It was superb at getting rid of noise, scratches, background noises,, crackles and hiss (many of my tracks had been copied from vinyl to tape to cassette first).
  15. led bulbs

    And another vote for Bedazzled. We replaced 8 fluorescent 6 halogens and 2 festoon bulbs about 5 years ago, all still working and bright, also they were very helpful when I phoned with some queries. Expensive yes but very good. Our only problems have been that the colour match on two of the warm white tubes was poor, and they knock out the DAB radio in areas of poor reception.