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  1. They have not been discovered as they have been known about since their sinking in Hawtrey's Pit in the 1950's, with each boat later photographed and positively identified in the early 1960's. I have the original 'British Waterways' documents that detail these boats, along with the reasons and costs of how they ended up there - as well as copies of the 1960's photographs and ground plan of where each boat lay. Any 'excitement' will be based upon enthusiastic and romantic nonsense, with the only boats of any importance here being the wooden wide boats that were unique to the Grand Junction / Grand Union Canal - all of which will be beyond reasonable restoration. All of these boats have well documented histories and reached their natural end, and may they rest in peace (if the 'enthusiasts' will let them)
  2. Selling my body

    You will not find OTLEY advertised as it is now sold. The next one on my hit list would be TYCHO, but it is at a substantially higher price than OTLEY was advertised for but in my view requires a similar amount of re-investment to bring it back up to my standard. Having said that it is a solid boat and completely usable in its current guise and I am sure will make somebody very happy (I tried to buy TYCHO last year but we were too far apart on the money)
  3. Lost Radio Programmes on Waterways

    Don't you just love poor research: Joe Skinner died April 1975 and Rose Skinner died July 1976 (not early 1970's and a few years later) Charlie Atkins Snr. died 23 April 1981 (not late 1970's) Leslie Morton died 22 September 1968 (not in the 1970's) I have left out Sam Lomas as I do not know the specific date of his passing
  4. Selling my body

    I fully agree regarding the sterilisation of 'historic' narrow boats, and the current attempts to return so many back to how they were when new - or at least the aspects that suit the owner at the time. Every 'historic' boat has a story to tell and I am seeing dents removed along with the character and history. Of course every boat has to be maintained and almost every 'historic' narrow boat will have been re-bottomed, re-footed, re-cabined and re-engined, not to mention every piece of running gear and cloths replaced over the years. I have recently spent a little time on a boat with a welded steel engine room dating to the late 1960's, and if it was good enough when it carried one of the last loads to Croxley Mill it should be good enough for the 'in' crowd (whoever they are). I am as much practical as I am purist and it is great to see a few boats completely restored to as built (but I would not want one as they are far too basic), but I would much rather have the engine in front of the back cabin partly because of the noise but also so I can continue with domestic chores without stopping - and I certainly do not think I am part of the 'in' crowd
  5. Valuable issues, representative of classes that are now extinct - sorry I do not understand
  6. Selling my body

    W.J. Yarwood and Sons Ltd. completed the hull of MALVERN on 17 November 1947 and delivery was taken by Fellows, Morton and Clayton Ltd. for completion at its boatyard at Saltley, Birmingham. MALVERN was ready for service on 12 September 1949, some nine moths after being sold into the nationalised fleet - so would not have carried an F.M.C. Ltd. livery edit = I wonder what a boat like MALVERN would sell for in its current condition.
  7. Painted Ware Question No.2

    This is a matter of choice, and probably dependant on the quality of preparation and paint. I have used handbowls for years and my preference is to leave the inside unpainted as it does not take much for the paint to become scratched and then start lifting, and there are few things more annoying that bits of paint all over the washing up. Most handbowls are sold as decorative items so it is hard to find them unpainted inside, but it does not take long to remove it
  8. BBC last night

    So have you not seen the photograph of ABER and STAVERTON tied at Sutton's in August 1957, owned by 'British Waterways' and captained by J. Bray ? This photograph was published in Waterways World magazine September 1984 page 50, and is credited to Mrs. H. Weekes
  9. Goliath

    I am in contact with many boat owners, and I actively pursue the sale of 'historic' boats in order to maintain my records. OTLEY does have a Perkins 3HD46, a detail I got from its owner shortly after it was fitted. I have known OTLEY since I was 8 years old, and as it was consistently one of the smartest boats in Birmingham I have always had a 'soft spot' for it
  10. Water Wanderer

    If I remember correctly Owen and Iris Bryce owned a boat named BIX
  11. Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd.

    No, I am not aware of him being on this Forum
  12. Goliath

    The list I have relates to the craft they built for use on the inland waterways only, so no I am afraid I have no details of the GOLIATH that interests you
  13. Goliath

    I am rapidly warming to the Perkins 3HD46, but the Perkins P3.144 I had in the large Woolwich motor BADSEY was nasty - but it was absolutely knackered and was subsequently replaced by a Perkins P3.152 seven years after I sold up and then its original National 2DM in about 2005 edit = from what I can see the Perkins 3HD46 has similar characteristics to a Lister HR3, apart from being water cooled of course.
  14. Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd.

    I hope you find one as I have been looking for any sort of S. & L. Ltd. list where post 1948 fleet numbers and B.C.N. gauge numbers can be linked together for the past thirty years or so. I did once find an enthusiast who had visited Coombeswood in the late 1960's and early 1970's and made lists, but he would not share these with me - knowledge is power after all
  15. Goliath

    I think you will find the 48 foot long GOLIATH (BWB Index 73565) is the Bantock built boat - the builder Black Country Narrowboats = BCN