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  1. Victron combi versus Separates

    The consequence of a moment's nodding off by a tram driver: Http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-42253785
  2. Growlights aboard?

    200W from your 12V batteries is a current of about 18 amps, so over 12 hours will draw 216 amp hours. To supply that without taking your batteries below 50% will require 4 110 AH batteries, and the fan and your domestic requirements are additional to that. Unless you have a landline, I would say this is completely impractical in winter.
  3. Crick show moorings

    I found the information by clicking on Bruce's link and following the links in the WW website to boat mooring. There are three rates and clicking on the i button for more info tells you what each covers. And I was thinking of delivery to the boat!
  4. Crick show moorings

    But half that if you moor more than 200m away and less again if you are further than 400m. So why moor so close? How much would the delivery cost be for this item you are buying?
  5. FAO Carlt

    I believe Foxton Inclined Plane did the same.
  6. Stoke-Derby Road

    Which is more or less what the Worcester and Birmingham does at Alvechurch, to cross the M42, and how the Rochdale gets under the M62, although in that case they converted an existing farm bridge under the motorway (and mightily p*ssed of the farmer).
  7. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    In the mid 80s I worked on road construction in Oman. The contract specified that the Engineer's staff, of which I was one, had to be provided with Landrovers, whereas the contractor provided Toyota Landcruisers for their own staff. I soon found out why. My LWB Series 3 Safari was horribly underpowered (you had to switch off the AC in order to get enough oomph to overtake), and the door seals might as well not have been there. The only way to stop the back from filling up with dust coming in round the back door, was to have all the front vents open. If you mounted the spare wheel on the back door, the door fell to bits, if you mounted it on the bonnet, the bonnet fell to bits, so generally it just rolled around inside. While out doing a bit of wadi-bashing one weekend the links supporting one of the rear springs sheered, and I drove back to base with the thing sitting at a drunken angle. On another occasion the hydraulic clutch sprung a leak, and until a replacement part could be obtained I managed by getting the site workshop to refill the system each morning, which was OK for a day's driving, but by the next morning the clutch wouldn't disengage. Not a problem though as I just put it in first gear and turned the key, and there was enough slack in the drive train for the engine to turn over several revs and fire before the vehicle itself moved, and I could then lurch my way across to the workshop for the day's refill!
  8. Data Protection - You couldn't make it up!

    And if acronym/abbreviation inflation continues, FLAs will be superseded by, er, FLAs.
  9. Broken paddle...

    And what if the lock has a working sidepond, which also leaks...
  10. Broken paddle...

    If the leak at the bottom is equal to the rate of inflow through a single top paddle (and there are no leaks at the top end), then the lock will fill (slowly) with both top paddles open, but will never fill with only one.
  11. Boatman stove, help?

    Isn't the Boatman welded steel rather than cast iron?
  12. In a predicament

    Loads of boat shares for sale on Apolloduck.
  13. Radio ???

    Why not just use mobile phones? No capital outlay (unless you are one of the few who doesn't yet have one) and no useage cost if you are on an unlimited tariff or one with more minutes then you ever use.
  14. Ventilation without the icy blast

    Plus so much per occupant for the maximum occupancy. So if you declare your boat as having 6 berths the ventilation requirement will be more than the same boat declared as a 2 berth.
  15. Data Protection - You couldn't make it up!

    I find a certain tautological satisfaction in the fact that "TLA" is a TLA!