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  1. Bridgewater

    Given the current relations between CRT and Peel over this issue I doubt they will be in any hurry to respond to any enquries about boat ownership.
  2. Fun in Gosty Hill tunnel

    Windmill End to the tunnel was thoroughly dredged in 1974, funded by a substantial grant from the Borough of Warley in their dying days, before being merged with the canal-unfriendly Borough of West Bromwich to become the Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell. Before this huge clumps of floating reeds made it virtually impassable for the small outboard-powered cruiser I had at the time. Beyond the tunnel the tubeworks was then still using boats, and the canal was in a much better state.
  3. Box or rail

    Don't they tend to get blocked with leaves and dirt? Are they steel pipes? If so how do you stop them corroding?
  4. Box or rail

    Integral handrails are based on the detail usually applied to working boats. But some boats (e.g. Yarwoods boats built for GUCCCo) had rails, and a few had both. In addition to the points raised above, integral rails stop small objects rolling off the cabin top. And while they stop rainwater randomly cascading over the cabin side they do concentrate the flow where you have a gap (or at the downhill end of the cabin top). If you have an upswept back end to the cabin, the low point in the roof may not coincide with a drainage gap.
  5. Welding to a Sprayfoamed Hull

    Yes. Dacorum Narrowboat Project have closed down and we bought Belfast earlier this year. I wasn't worried about battens as they are all visible on the inside face of the sprayfoam and there isn't much (any?) wiring in the hull as the main cabin has virtually nothing electrical beyond lighting in the ceiling.
  6. Wood veneer.

    It doesn't look to me as if you need to do anything. But if you do, the oak veneer is probably very thin. So sand it with care!
  7. K&A Trip planned

    Why? On other canals without separate bywashes the top level of the bottom gates is set below coping level so that any excess water simply weirs over the bottom gates.
  8. Ebay vintage engine sales

    Lister HW3M with Blackstone box. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lister-marine-engine-Blackstone-box-/282612257134
  9. Thoughts on this boat?

    Out of interest, who investigates a surveyor, and on what basis? I thought anyone could claim to be a surveyor without needing any qualifications.
  10. EA moorings BS

    And I don't think CRT actually have the legal powers to acquire land compulsorily. And any authority which does exercise CPO powers has to show that there is an overall public benefit of the scheme to justify forcibly depriving the landowner of their land and property. (Which isn't to say that everyone will agree there is a public benefit in a particular case, but it does require the acquiring authority to set out their case.)
  11. An interesting day in Gloucester!

    If you are steering an old working boat into an empty narrow lock, then you have to go in full chat, as otherwise you simply won't get to the far end. The very limited space either side of and under the hull for the water to flow out as the boat enters ensures that.
  12. EA moorings BS

    If they are for sale... If they would get planning permission for a moorings development... If they can show that they would make a sufficient return on their investment...
  13. There has been some speculation on the forum about what happens when you try to weld to a hull that has been insulated with sprayfoam. Last week we had Belfast on dock for a survey, which showed up a need for some patches to the hull. When Belfast was last refitted in 1996 the main cabin roof, sides and hull side were sprayfoamed. Belfast was built in 1936 with 1/4 inch thick mild steel side plates, riveted to rolled iron knees. There was no way I could remove all the fitted furniture and cabin lining to allow removal of the sprayfoam in the areas to be welded, but I did (eventually) manage to remove one lining panel and expose the foam. I stood inside the boat, on firewatch, while the welder did the first patch. This is what happened! First, as he began welding, there was a bit of a sizzling sound, like water boiling, then yellow smoke starting appearing - not from any obvious gap, but just generally from the foam. There was a slight hot plasticcy smell, but nothing acrid. A few traces of brownish liquid appeared on the surface of the foam, and I nearly called a halt to the operation, but the smoke didn't seem to be getting any worse, and so we carried on and the patch was completed. When the welding stopped the smoke ceased, and the yellow haze hanging in the air began to disperse. Apart from the brownish liquid stain, there was no obvious damage to the foam. And so onto the second patch, shown below. The hatched green area on the left is where there is a knee under the foam, and in this area there was no discernible effect, presumably due to the thicker metal conducting the heat away. The red line indicates the approximate position of the weld, and on this patch there are some areas where the foam has 'erupted', with the yellow smoke coming mostly from these eruptions. But otherwise no damage to the foam. In the fullness of time I may cut out the erupted areas and replace with sprayfoam from a can, but for now I have just put he panel back. So for the rest of the patches I just let the welder get on with it, observing from inside the boat in case of fire, but seeing nothing. Not even any yellow smoke and virtually no smell, all of which seem to have been contained behind the lining. So was I just lucky? Or has the whole issue been blown out of proportion?
  14. Day time Tv

    Earlier in the year I had a broken foot that got infected. I had a strap-on plastic boot, crutches, antibiotics and regular hospital checks and dressing change. But I still could go to work! Hope it gets better soon!
  15. canal guide quoting 'head room'

    Map of wide and narrow waterways at http://www.jim-shead.com/waterways/mwp.php?wpage=Inland-Waterways-of-England.htm