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  1. Springwood haven marina FS

    £600k is the turnover. They don't quote a price - its Offers Invited.
  2. The marina that never was....

    This? http://planning.northwarks.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=41222
  3. Ideal size boat?

    A 70 foot narrowboat will fit through Thorne Lock, but a 71 ft 6 in narrowboat will not. Fulbourne has been into Thorne Lock from both ends, but can't pass through!
  4. Mysterious markings on old Liverpool dock gates

    Some years ago I went on a visit around the BW lock gate workshops at Stanley Ferry. They showed us an experimental softwood lock gate. The entire surface was covered in pin pricks, and we were told all the timbers had been rolled with a spiked roller, to increase the uptake of preservative that the timbers had been soaked in. Having not come across a softwood gate since, I can only assume the experiment was not a success.
  5. Ideal size boat?

    Only if you want to turn round at the end. It should be perfectly doable in longer boats if you are prepared to reverse out.
  6. Cheapo calorifiers?

    I had a domestic copper cylinder made to measure by Newark Copper Cylinders. Very good service and no more expensive than an off-the-shelf size from my local plumbers merchant. Their standard marine calorifiers are at https://shop.newarkcoppercylinder.co.uk/marine-calorifiers . A big range of sizes, horizontal/vertical, single/twin coil etc.
  7. Cheapo calorifiers?

    Cheapo cauliflower:
  8. Does anyone know this ice breaker location

    Originated with the Duke of Wellington from the 1840s. Rubber wellies date from the 1850s, but were popularised in World War 1. Does that help? (info from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wellington_boot)
  9. Modern "old" engines

    Peter Thompson used to sell them, but I think he stopped when tighter emissions/noise regulations came in.
  10. clutch removal Kelvin J4

    Err? 5/16" is 7.9375 mm. Or near enough 8mm. Do ypu mean 3/16"?
  11. Shut Yer Gob!

    A keep-the-kids-entertained-on-a-car-journey game from my wife's childhood was to count the legs on pub signs passed along the route. So The Marquis of Granby ,was worth 2, the Red Lion - 4, The Coach and Horses - 4 times the number of horses, but the winner was the person who spotted the World Upside Down pub in the Old Kent Road!
  12. Repayment of Debt

    Well the repayments don't all come first. Following the latest govt concession graduates will pay 9% of their income above £25k and more than 80% of them will never pay it off. So it just amounts to a graduate tax for 30 years. Someone graduating with £50k debt will pay about £3k in interest in the first year after graduation, and for the repayment to cover just that interest will require earnings of £58k. How many graduates start at anywhere near that level? How many graduates even earn that much at the high point of their career?
  13. Alde Slimline Boiler

    They might do if you buy 'warm white' LEDs.
  14. VAT

    Unless you want to take the boat to another EU country. If you cannot prove that the VAT has already been paid, then you may have to pay it again.

    There should be some tinware around the flywheel / fan and the cylinders to ensure adequate cooling. But the floor in front of the flywheel doesn't look to leave room to fit it.