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  1. Webasto Thermotop C Fuel pump

    The pumps work on a pulsed supply-each pulse is a little squirt-I thought they were 12v though. Certainly doesnt sound very hopeful though-I got the last one I changed from Germany/Ebay. It was a lot cheaper..
  2. The Boat Shop Leighton Buzzard

    I picked up a boat from there a few weeks ago and spent several hours hanging about waiting for the crane to turn up. The boat had just had a new bow thruster tube welded in- the old one was badly pitted and had been cut out. Stuart I found to be ,as you said, knowledgeable and very competent. He'd done a bloody good job -I had a good look at both that and other jobs there in progress. Loretta was great and made me very welcome, picked me up from the Train station and made me a cuppa too-so an enjoyable few hours . I dont think you will have to worry about anyone getting awkward though and sure they will have no issues with whichever surveyor you choose. Good luck with it all..
  3. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    How about something like this- On eBay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F111110765283 Hmm just spotted you have to pick them up-so if youre not in Yorkshire not alot of help..
  4. Inverter remote control

    I had the same problem once (multi control panel) -repeated wigglings and cleaning of the rj45 plug and rerouting the cable so it wasnt stretched tight solved it. Not saying this will work for you but worth a try..
  5. Public liability ins.

    I am with Royal Sun Alliance which I get through Fowler Penfold. Not cheap but satifies all of the marinas I have worked in.
  6. Yep seems so.Have a look at the dates on the photo of licence -it explains it all. Please dont take this in any way sarky-its the best way I know of showing OP up to date licencing details...
  7. Yes according to website it is either one day or seven day. But when I bought my licence it was for 2 days -which was more money than for a single day although slightly less than 2 single days I think ( I didnt fancy doing it one day much). Same as you I was advised on two days-bought it from Maple Durham lock-there is a chart on the wall in the office with the prices of 1,2,3 and 7 days on it. It may well be terminology but it still says two days on it ,cost me for two days and starts on the same day as I purchased it!
  8. Header tank replacement

    I would change the pipes (why 2 ??) for some decent quality high temperature/ heater hose too as neither of those hoses will last very long should they get a slug of boiling water.
  9. anodes

    You would never crack or tear the hull at the anode weld point. Well not unless the hull was very thin/rotten anyhow. A weld is always going to conduct more reliably for longer than a nut and bolt .
  10. Now thats what I thought BUT the two day licence I bought started on the day I bought it and ended the next day. I know this as I have it in front of me at the moment. The week one I purchased a couple of weeks before I believe was the same (but I dont have this to hand to prove)
  11. Dont know what time EA gives as you havent said but took me approx 14 hours from Reading to Oxford recently. Wasnt in a particular rush - I think all the cruisers overtook me. But its easily doable on a two day licence -and probably possible on a single day for those that like going flat out dawn to dusk...
  12. Little Wenlock Top Replacement

    Have you tried RJPrice Tonka ? https://www.rjpryce.com/Products/wenlock-roomheater-spares Dont list a back plate but may be able to get one possibly. I have used them several times and find the stove spares to be of better quality than some Ive bought and a better price too!
  13. Little Wenlock Top Replacement

    When I changed mine (which is a boiler model) I stripped the whole stove down as I had been resealing the joints up yearly and the plates were sealing badly. It was all original and its very simple -sort of tongue and groove.Loads of fire cement sealing it with no sign of any fire rope other than in the door.Absolute git to remove back to clean bare metal. Photo shows groove in back boiler and you can just about make out the tongue on the side plate (which is top of pile just behind). The whole thing is held together with 4 studs and nuts ( M6 I think) which fit through the lugs you can see on the side plate.
  14. Engine Porn

    Well its another Sabb- a 30 hp 2J-HR- but inside which is even pornier I reckon 1st pic engine in situ but with fuel pump cover removed, heads,pistons and rods removed etc .Two round holes in the centre are where the fuel pumps fit into and are driven straight off the camshaft. 2nd pic shows the inside of the fuel pump cover- governer top left and lift pump bottom right with fuel pumps and mechanism in centre. No need to readjust anything- remove fuel pipes and it just unbolts and bolts back on. Brilliant! 3rd pic showing pistons and rods- the big end shells on these engines are an impressive 10mm thick! Well it impressed me anyhow.
  15. I have a copy of a oil dilution in Listers pdf that is quite useful.Cant remember where from but not mine.Not sure what the protocol is about posting it here though? Can I pm it?