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  1. moving our boat north

    Hi to you all, and many thanks for all the help. Thanks to a member, this morning I have got a lorry to move her on Friday, there is a crane for the day, and she is being collected and taken to Yorkshire by Ray Bowern, of barge moves.com just so lucky he is dropping one off in the area, So no more worries about stoppages. again this sight has been the most helpful, and I did contact Nigel, who lives near to me, and he was great too. again thanks to you all. Mary 1
  2. moving our boat north

    You can say that again, he had a four weeks on the boat, it moved beautifully in the water, he told me that, not so much as a thank you for the whole four weeks, Just ran me down to everyone he met, and as my boats name is so well known, all he spoke to about us, they all sided with him, and ran me down really badly. I paid for the silver in the canal rescue, which I no longer need now, and it will all be wasted too. If I could get a lorry for Friday this week, they are craning out at the marina, so looking desperately, Tuckeys are fully booked sadly, anyone know of anyone else, even thought of stobarts, they could make more film of the lift.
  3. moving our boat north

    So the saga went like this, The boat friend got to the boat, had to cut his way in as he lost the key to padlock, then charged me for new padlock, he had b and b £40 for first night as he said the boat was filthy. He then threw away all drid food and anything and everything out of date, didn't mind this. he then said he was entertaining new lady friend for a week first before he moved the boat, said ok. First week before friend arrived sent him £450 to pay for some new batts [3 leisure] charged me for collection. Then safety cert ran out, paid test guy direct. he had to go twice, and received very rude text to hurry him up to revisit. No one had been able to find the gas nipple, I paid to have another fitted, and the fridge got buggered, so paid electrian to fit new lead, which was not fitted behind cupboards. Water under floor again, no one noticed it was a pump leaking. so boat was traveling towards reading full of water. In end, after he had had his holiday with friend, I got a bill for another £650 for fuel more repairs, car parking charges, and was told he was dumping boat, unless we could find a slot for it at once. which we did at Aldermaston, so so kind of them, they repaired pump too. Also was told he found a gallon can of petrol by the cooker. Well me thinks key holder had allowed some one to stay on the vessel, if it was that dirty, and I had no need for the fuel. it was not mine and I had never put anything like this on my boats ever. a lesson well learned, and shared.
  4. moving our boat north

    well t was until as I said the saga began, and never trust your keys with anyone.
  5. moving our boat north

    Thank you all so much for this info, I had a look at moving it by road, and that could be a very interesting option. It is 55 feet long and the standard 7 feet wide. Its a bit of a naughty story really, but I had a chap off this site ask me if he could rent the boat in sept, for a week, and I said how about doing the delivery for me instead. We new each other through another interest, anyway, he said yes he was up for it, and had his two chums who would help, as they were all retired folk. I told him I had not seen the vessel in 18 months, but a chap at the moorings had a key and was looking after it for us. He got to the boat, rang to say it was filthy and needed to use a B & B as it was too dirty to sleep on. I offered to pay for this too. This is going to be better then the Sunday papers, if you want to read on. or shall I say if you would like the saga, before I go on, please post yes or no, and I will continue later today.
  6. moving our boat north

    Hi Mike yes I have ad a look, and it said 6 hours travel, but we don't know the waterways that well, and I was just wondering if there was some one out there that could say, oh I know that one and that's on their way, if you know what we mean, and also there won't be much on the rivers or at the locks, I was also thinking.
  7. moving our boat north

    I am sorry to be a pain, but we are trying to get our boat to the north from Aldermaston Wharf Reading, to Bramworth junction in Yorkshire, can anyone help me and tell me if there is a clear 3 weeks on the journey please. I have done a canal plan from the internet its 287 miles and114 locks. I know all you folk will know all the rivers and canals involved much better then us. here is hoping.
  8. Engine service

    Can you please tell me how much for oil change new filters, top up gear box, as the canal rescue have asked if I would like them to do it for £110 Mary
  9. New Mattress needed

    you should of tried midland chandlers, they can do bits as well, would work out lots cheaper, I am very pleased with mine. M
  10. Here here, the k & A is awful, weeds, no water to get in safe to the bank. M
  11. Doug Moor

    Yes it is. M
  12. Doug Moor

    How do you find out about the boats treatment, please. M
  13. Doug Moor

    A friend of mine wishes to buy a first boat, I must admit I had not heard of this builder. The boat is 1979 45ft. Blacked this spring. what can any of you folk tell me please. Mary
  14. days from Braunston to Thames

    As usual, YOU have ALL been so helpful, with masses of info. Thank you so much, glad I did not get the hungerford mooring , it went for the same as the marina are charging. I will go on to this site, suggested, Which I wonder is the most interesting way to go. I have at least three weeks available now. Then to have my knee replaced for a second time, yep same knee. Really dreading it. m
  15. Just trying to decide how long it may take, to arrange my help on the way, does anyone have a rough idea please, I expect to have a few ques at the locks. Any advice most welcome. What to see etc Mary