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  1. Thames or Gold licence

    And I believe that Gold licences always start 1st Jan so you might end up losing out when cashing in your standard remainder
  2. Removing Ballast

    one could very simply glue onto the upward facing edge a veneer of the same thickness Or maybe some iron on edging strip?
  3. Just to give you the idea of the price, here's a 90Ah at battery megastore for£997.00 http://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/victron-bat512900400-bms300200000.html
  4. Tiller handle

    If you have a mooring pin with no extras like rope loops, drop it head end down into the tube onto the wedge then bounce the whole lot up and down a few times so the pin acts as a hammer.
  5. Diesel Braunston and Leicester Line

    But Blisworth is a bit of a diversion from the Leicester section
  6. Diesel Braunston and Leicester Line

    North Kilworth Wharf's website says: Diesel base rate is currently .68p liable to change (this is correct at time of posting) Phone number 01858 881723
  7. Diesel Braunston and Leicester Line

    Or if you are really low UCC at Braunston bottom lock have diesel. I don't suppose it would be cheap though. Then Welton Hythe as above,Crick, Yelvertoft and North Kilworth which would be my choice.
  8. Lambordini 4cyl engine

    I think this is a bit of a lottery. Some car engines seem to survive a belt failure more or less unscathed whilst others do not. The belts do have a long life these days. My last Citroen was good for 100K miles. As ever maintenance is key and the plan is to change the belts within the recommended interval. There is plenty of room at the front of my engine.
  9. Lambordini 4cyl engine

    Just to offer another view, I have had a boat fitted with a Lombardini LDW1204 for the last ten years and it has given excellent service. I had the belt changed soon after I bought the boat by a technician from Bryco in Daventry who are a main dealer and I don't recall it being that expensive. The engine always starts very easily, is economical and reasonably quiet. It is easy to do the routine oil and filter changes. I have changed the starter and the alternator but these are peripherals. Pretty much all cars now have cam belts.
  10. Coolant leak

    I agree that you are over filling. On an old post Tony Brooks has advised that you find out what is right for your engine by first filling right to the top, running the engine up to full operating temperature and allowing the engine to cool. Now when you remove the filler cap the level that the coolant is at is where you should fill to in future. I see that the overflow from your engine does have a black pipe attached. If the end of that is going straight into the bilge, put it into a container. Glad you have set your mind at rest.
  11. Coolant leak

    This is an image from another thread. If you look under the filler cap (the silver one that says "Tighten") you will see the stub of the overflow pipe. This one looks to have a leak from the pressure cap and or the overflow.
  12. Coolant leak

    When water is heated it expands and if the coolant level is too high can mean that the volume is bigger than the system can hold. There is usually a small pipe, often below the pressure cap, through which excess coolant is expelled. Many of us catch this by attaching a tube leading to a bottle. Without this the coolant drops into the bilge. It is more likely to happen if too much coolant is added when topping up.
  13. Coolant leak

    Maybe way too obvious but is any overflow due to expansion of coolant caught in the usual lemonade bottle or is this, if there is any, dropping into the bilge?
  14. It just looks wrong ......

    I have that shot as one of a series of postcards offered by, I think, Waterways World many years ago. Mine are mounted and I can't now see the details. Thanks
  15. Dometic RM5310 fridge problem

    When you have fitted the new parts and solved the problem, will you strip down the old unit to see how it comes apart and what the problem was? I don't think I could resist that and you will gain some useful information plus a spare if you can fix it. Good luck. Phil