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  1. 2 into 1 crimps

    Have you seen these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Quick-Splice-Lock-Wire-Terminals-Connectors-Electrical-Crimp-Cable-Snap/252295874219?epid=2061799778&hash=item3abe0186ab:m:mvaeVvG9coypm-_cRNNTDXQ They look a bit better than standard scotchlok but not too waterproof. Some self amalgamating tape would help with that. I have used the double bullets which Tony suggested in the same circumstances.
  2. Incralac thinners?

    Bringing this topic away from the cocktail cabinet, the attached pdf says to use cellulose thinners to remove old lacquer. rylard_brass_lacquer_msds.pdf
  3. Incralac thinners?

    Rylards web page says cellulose thinners or Nitromors. I will probably get round to doing mine in the Spring.
  4. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Ecover tablets. These don't seem to hold together well so open the packet inside the drum to avoid covering the floor in powder.
  5. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Ours goes straight into the cut via a hose attached to a skin fitting, pumped out by the machine. This has to be remembered at winterising time.
  6. Brewing tea

    I'm with Telemachus on this one for just the same reasons. There is plastic in most teabags apparently: www.theguardian.com/environment/2010/jul/02/teabags-biodegradeable I expect it's an age thing but maybe I was indoctrinated when attending a tea party with the Brooke Bond chimps as a nipper
  7. VAT and Hotel boats

    From the HMRC website: VAT after you cancel You’ll have to submit a final VAT Return for the period up to and including the de-registration date. You must account for any stock and other assets you have on this date if: you could reclaim VAT when you bought them the total VAT due on these assets is over £1,000 I doubt you would be able to claim the full amount of the VAT you have paid out on the boat unless the sole use of the boat since you bought it has been to take guests boating. You might be asked to make some kind of apportionment between own use and business use. You would be allowed the portion of the VAT which relates to the business element. So when you de-register you would be asked to pay back the VAT due on the value of the boat. How you would value it I have no idea. It's possible that the VAT due on the business element could come in at less than the £1000 de-minimis limit. You would of course have to charge your guests VAT on the price of their stay with you. I think we would all be trying this dodge
  8. Draining a fuel pump BMC 1.5

    Is this the lift pump or the injector pump?
  9. Additional heating for cruiser

    What fittings would you be using with copper? It is often said that soldered fittings are not suitable due to possible work hardening from the vibration of the boat. Compression fittings are preferred.
  10. How Often Do People Fall In?

    Getting him out could have been a hare raising experience. I've been in twice in 35 years. last time I was closing the single top gate on a full lock and instead of the gate moving I slid under the beam and into the lock. I was across the lock and out the other side in no time.
  11. Accumulator tank

    Is it likely that the water which goes up the spur to fill the accumulator stays there until the pump is disabled by, say, throwing the breaker or will it mix in with the main stream when a tap is opened? If the first option is true then the water will remain in contact with the innards of the accumulator potentially for a long time and pick up more chemicals of a non potable nature. If the second option is true then maybe the dwell is not sufficient to taint the water (but it can be some hours between running the taps). Turning off the pump and turning on the taps could be the worst action under option 1 as the dwell time is longer e.g. all day.
  12. J2 Stater motor

    I see. £200 is a high price for a disposable item. I suppose they must be good for quite a few starts.
  13. No hot water

    What is the flow like with the shower head removed from the hose? Does it still cause the pump to cycle?
  14. J2 Stater motor

    That looks like a good idea at first sight but I would wonder what has caused the damage in the first place. Is the pinion fouling on the ring gear whilst the flywheel is turning? I would have said the noise would make this obvious if it is the case.
  15. Replacement tiller

    You might just find a keb at a local lock.