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    anthing that gets me out of the wifes way
    link to previous owners website about our thomas

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  1. Cromwell to Torksey

    my mistake been doing it all wrong for last 20 years ,getting stuck once rescuing a boat with a guy with boat masters certificate following the "chart", and once on gravel bar bottom of lock which wasnt there the week before
  2. Cromwell to Torksey

    C'mon - repost that in 9 months (less 3 days) time and someone may fall for it. Sound advice if you are running a recovery service - otherwise a load of tosh !!! really,,, so you know where all the sand gravel bars are every winter after the floods ?
  3. Cromwell to Torksey

    all this talk about using charts that havent been updated for years,,the sand bars move just about every time the trent floods just keep to middle and dont cut corners
  4. its all new

    Allo Ange chick xxx ,, just popped in to see any action were the hells home page and new topics gone buggered if i can find em lmao
  5. its all new

    holly crap batman its all changed havent a clue whats what
  6. Petter PJ3W

    rocking horse droppings springs to mind
  7. try these guys very good based tamworth done my mastervolt when mastervolt was talking silly money http://www.sellweb.co.uk/
  8. mppt solar controller 40amp or more

    just got one from these folks very helpfull and fast delivery http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-efficiency-30A-MPPT-solar-charge-controller-regulator-up-to-150V-PV-input-/120919403536?hash=item1c275bac10:m:mSc7dvZNshT9TIQzhY_PGlw
  9. Boat Move Required ASAP

    or me to move it
  10. Boating On Rivers - Reminder of the Dangers

    and it also depends on how many sluices are open at colwick
  11. Boating On Rivers - Reminder of the Dangers

    going back to the original "wasnt told river was in flood " oh yes they were told and advised not to go FACT
  12. leaky boat

    if its worse after cruising i suspect its on the hot water side,took me 3 years to find my leak as it only happened when i used hot water and the pipe leaked only while hot water was in the pipes
  13. lock handspike

    a bit of 3 x 2 timber will suffice