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  1. Cleaning Mooring Lines

    Some good tips and some amusing replies. Thanks folks
  2. Cleaning Mooring Lines

    I washed my lines last year and seems they are due another clean. I put them in the auto washer but it occurred to me that I would be washing out the natural oils. I wondered about a mix of baby oil in the rise water or fabric softener. Any ideas? Incidentally the wash brought out a fair bit of grit.
  3. Austin 7 eh? Brings back memories when my brother and I restored a couple of these. I recall that if the Adv/Retard lever was moved up and down fast one could occasionally get a spark sufficient to fire the engine. Anyway nice piece of motor you have there.
  4. I think the biggest problem would be not which gauge needed but where to get them from for a slow revving engine. Oil pressure gauges can be sourced but tachos with the low rev range and authentic white dial face, in my experience, are difficult if not impossible to find.
  5. Sliding hatch runners

    Not stainless steel as all as is not stainless as is hard to remove scratches that will impair smooth running. Not familiar with PTFE runners but imagine it would scour eventually.. I'd go for brass as any scouring or damage can be buffed out. If kept polished brass should not require any form of lubrication to attract dirt and grit.
  6. I am full of admiration of people going live aboard in later life but I would not give up my house. I have met a few people who unfortunately have developed illnesses etc associated with advancing years (stroke for one). They are struggling to remain afloat and do not have a house to return to as they sold up years back. Go live aboard by all means but keep at least a small property (rent it out) if possible just in case poor health hits. The philosophy of 'the only way I will leave the cut is in a wooden box' is to be applauded, but sometimes the reality is that people can slowly become incapacitated in one form or another or suffer life changing illnesses. I wouldn't deter anyone from taking the plunge but think ahead. Enjoy a new lifestyle but have a plan B just in case
  7. Lucky you to be in a position to make the choice, a lot of people work hard for less than £21k and not by choice.
  8. National lift pump Amal

    My solution did not work so I'm still looking to source a pump body. HELP!!!!!!
  9. National lift pump Amal

    Just for info, I managed to get sorted thanks to Walsh of Manchester, seemed he has one of those boxes with stuff labelled 'might come in handy sometime' and luckily for me had a body part for an Amal pump. Thanks everyone for the responses
  10. National lift pump Amal

    Yep, good idea thanks
  11. National lift pump Amal

    Yes done that thanks but theirs are for later Gardner's and wrong g pipe fittings for me. Thanks anyway
  12. Am trying to locate a source for spares forthe Amal 120 series lift pump. The thread on the fuel delivery to engine side is partially stripped and can't quite get a good seal. Ideally I need to replace the lower body section hence my search. The pump was also used on Gardner's centuries ago but current Gardner replacements have different size unions and rocker arm. Anybody got one in exchange for cash or know someone who has? Alternatively how to overcome the partial stripped thread with a fuel tight result. Help appreciated
  13. Anyone passed this boat on the L&L?

    This was on the L&L at Burscough year or so back. It was in much better nick then. The cabin was made entirely of drawer fronts and had an upright piano sat on the stern. At the time there was a guy, two young adult women and a couple of kids. All very happy and friendly although not giving anything away about background. The boat sat well in the water and was man powered. Never any rubbish where they moored and when they moved you couldn't tell there had been a boat there. Unlike many others who leave all kinds of rubbish.
  14. Boat Painters in the Frozen North

    The Boat Shed at Uplands Marina T&M Anderton
  15. Which Marina

    Thanks for all the comments folks, just for info, I need a mooring off line with hook up, fuel and pump out. Also safe car park and about 1 1/2 hrs drive from home. I seldom stay overnight in the marina except for first and last night of my trip. The info provided by members is very useful. I think I am near to a decision.