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    getting our boat to steer in a straight line.
    Now achieved!!! I'm going places now!!


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  1. What qualifys?

    This is the email I got back from CRT Dear Colin,Thank you for contacting us.Please see the following as this states the definition of a houseboat. You will need to purchase a licence for the boat if it is on the water.https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/6465.pdf?v=26be72Kind Regards,Charlotte Roberts Arthur. That’s all I need to know, Thankyou
  2. What qualifys?

    Hi Alan im curious, why wouldn’t you think that a house boat which hasn’t got any ability to move or navigate, use the services of the canal network wouldn’t or shouldn’t qualify.?
  3. What qualifys?

    Hi. I’ve now emailed them so at least I know thankyou for pointing me in the right direction i will try your link anyway col
  4. What qualifys?

    Hi Richard im on the CRT site, and there’s no box popping up for me? ta
  5. What qualifys?

    Lol Thankyou all so if you have a new boat with no engine or gearbox or any helm etc and you are in a private residential marina and of course your not going anywhere for a year until a engine and running gear is installed do you get a reduction in your licence? because I have read the info from CRT and still don’t know how do they discount or charge for a house boat isnt their a price list
  6. What qualifys?

    Hi I’m wondering what qualifys re CRT licensing purposes for a houseboat. for a boat without propulsion, compared to a normal boat with propulsion and how much this would cost for a 56 ft boat ive been on the site and can’t see anything o do with the rules on this col
  7. Eberspacher D8lc

    Surely must be my last question. i have recently bought a oil rayburn it should run on heating oil, which is kerosine? does a eberspacher D8lc or any eberspacher like running on this is it better for the eberspacher as aposed to red fuel diesel col The oil rayburn I recently bought has a power flue has anyone had any experinaces with power flues which run on 12/24 dc and of course has a transformer plugged into mains can this be wired direct into DC supply
  8. Eberspacher D8lc

    Not explaining my post very well here on the forum, folks imply that having a diesel fired water or air heater,they would not use these as their primary heating due to being very temperamental, breaking down etc, prefable main form of heating is being a stove etc. on coastal boats, they have blowheaters ad their main and only ways of heating leaving them on 24/7 on thermostat or timer, or just on ticking over night and day all year round. in northern cold countries, they have big Tupperware boats big things,all having their heaters on all the time so why is it I get the impression these blow heaters are not to be used for long lengths of time or trusted as the main source of heat. narrowboaters put their diesel heaters on perhaps 2 hours in the morning same in the evening and that’s it. anyone on this forum have a diesel heater ad their main source of heat? and is it on all the time in the winter col
  9. Eberspacher D8lc

    Hi Alan a few people on this forum say the eberspacher shouldn’t be used for long times. there for cold mornings, and a couple of hours in the evening. Not a main form of heating. yet the big gin palaces on the white stuff, that sit in coastal marinas, don’t have stoves lol no black smoke down their, they rely on eberspacher 24/7 on timer or thermostat, year in and year out. some of these 50 ft + up in the northern part of the globe, they live on theirs, but rely on blow heaters! what I’m saying boats on the sea, rely all the time on blow heaters, and they use them 24/7 They can’t have all these breakdowns etc col Hi so are we saying that blow heaters can be used 24/7 like some of these gin places have on all the time. col
  10. Eberspacher D8lc

    Hi been reading on lumpy stuff forums that big yachts have the eberspacher D8LC on 24/7 either on timer, or thermostat. these white big yachts 55 ft plus of course can’t have a stove, so they rely on the blow heaters throughout the year. People that live on these boats through out the year, some in colder climate countries further up the Globe. us narrowboaters seem to feel these units are for short time heatng knowing that London mayors dosent want smoke Long question, obversation i know col
  11. Email from cart

    Reading through the post The point is whatever is decided at the end, whether or not it was what boaters think is fair or not. they will have figures and plans for the network come what may who sees all these boaters consultations?. Who reads them or even looks at them. how many are sent in? In the end dosent mater, like any business they are looking at raising revenue. why is it getting rid of their workforce to pay private plc companies that require to make vast profits the best way to go for the trust. why is it all houses property land and plant is sold off, only for CRT to hire the same plant at growsly inflated prices. like the national health, sooner than later, doctors hospitals nurses will be run and owned privately. so many big companies have disappeared this way. CRT WILL DO WHAT CRT NEED OR WANT, which has to be raising revenue thats it in a nut shell rant over
  12. Email from cart

    Exactly, if companies contract these consultations out, they can and properly do make sure the contractor comes up with the right result lol hasnt the government been caught out lately with ALTOS ? col
  13. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    Lovely Basset you have there having one is sensible lol having 2 is nuts having 3 is our lives are not our own no more we rescued 2 badly treated
  14. Great CRT response

    Got this email today from a Paul CRT gentleman in charge of dredging. if anyone is interested in having CRT on your boat, to experience grove to slapton and church lock let me know. Unfornatley I won’t be taking the boat out again this year. Colin Further to our conversation a few weeks ago. Dredging has now been completed on the Slapton to Grove pound. I’ll be on site on Monday 16th Oct. to carry out some quality control checks before the contractors move on. In the next 2-3 weeks, they will continue dredging the Leighton – Soulbury pound plus part of the pound upstream of Leighton Lock. As I mentioned previously, I’ll be pleased to join you on your next trip through that section if diaries permit. Best regards Paul
  15. Email from cart

    Lol. Can you really think they would do that? may be ring fenced for expenses lol. seriously I don’t believe CRT could ring fence any money! what they need is like the National health, make the money they do have go further at the moment it’s making large profits for ltd and Plc companies.