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    getting our boat to steer in a straight line.
    Now achieved!!! I'm going places now!!


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  1. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    Lovely Basset you have there having one is sensible lol having 2 is nuts having 3 is our lives are not our own no more we rescued 2 badly treated
  2. Great CRT response

    Got this email today from a Paul CRT gentleman in charge of dredging. if anyone is interested in having CRT on your boat, to experience grove to slapton and church lock let me know. Unfornatley I won’t be taking the boat out again this year. Colin Further to our conversation a few weeks ago. Dredging has now been completed on the Slapton to Grove pound. I’ll be on site on Monday 16th Oct. to carry out some quality control checks before the contractors move on. In the next 2-3 weeks, they will continue dredging the Leighton – Soulbury pound plus part of the pound upstream of Leighton Lock. As I mentioned previously, I’ll be pleased to join you on your next trip through that section if diaries permit. Best regards Paul
  3. Email from cart

    Lol. Can you really think they would do that? may be ring fenced for expenses lol. seriously I don’t believe CRT could ring fence any money! what they need is like the National health, make the money they do have go further at the moment it’s making large profits for ltd and Plc companies.
  4. Email from cart

    im thinking on a £900 licence loosing 10% early payment discount £90 5% licence rise £45 + 25% fat boat surcharge being a fat boat £245 its a lot of money, if it was well spent on the upkeep of the canals it be great but I’m thinking it will be flitted away on third party increases col Thankyou for the link, I’ve been able to save and will fill in later
  5. Email from cart

    And That precisely is what their banking on!
  6. Email from cart

    I must admit Brummies obversation is what made me wobble a bit calm calm calm
  7. Email from cart

    Off course costs will increase Just hinting that the trust aren’t getting the right revenue, by applying the 10% early payment discount other ways of obtaining more money from a boat owner, other that or just increasing the normal licence fee.
  8. Email from cart

    Like wise weve been counted as filling in the survey lol
  9. Email from cart

    Anyway it seems as though I’ve already sent the survey in?
  10. Email from cart

    Lol thats the first mistake I made? i have not completed any survey? Ian. This has been discussed, and decided on already. please anybody that thinks that CART or any customer consultation is down to a customers desision, it’s not. the draft or idea is in the pipe line. they just want to say that they put it up for consultation when it’s put into practice. col
  11. Email from cart

    Who else has got this email from Cart. reading through, all I can see is how greedy they like to be. thinking that early licence payers discount too much at 10 % charging more for wide beams perhaps 25 to 50% on a licence fee looking at historic boat licences bla bla bla regards to widebeams not having the whole net work to cruise i think there’s many places in the whole net work, or main net work that any boat cannot navigate properly due to non dredging or not enough water. freinds of ours left in their narrowboat, through lack of water leaving Milton Keynes couldn’t get to three locks! they must of sat down arround a table, knowing that they know what they want to do, but let’s put it in the hands of licence payers to make and participate this transition into increasing licence fees, but in fact the disision has been made. i bet they’ve sat arround the board room table, working out the size of pay rises the directors and board members will get next year. caravan brochures and new cars etc. what makes me sick, is that us boaters are told that their putting in our court, a consultation, letting us think individually, at the end of it, we’ve agreed and passed this on as our ideas. Yet we know they like and have wasted money, and will continue to waste money as long as they have holes in their bums. sorry but yes I can fill in the survey, email back, make phone calls but their going to do what they want anyway. http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/CRT-Licensing-Consultation-2017/?m=2628556558obs
  12. Bedazaled g4 led lbulbs

    Bulb arrived this morning, fitted, and now working. Thanks all col
  13. Ps the deleted post was down to dreadful grammar lol
  14. A Good read Don and Val glad you had a great time, meeting new people, and new experiences. and if I did show some excitement, I apologise. Having been out and about only 3/4 times in as many years, i can’t remember the occasion, but as years gone by, I’m more relaxed, what will be will be. i don’t notice speeders any more, as each to their own. I have made mistakes and will continue todo so all I can say, good health, and a good successful future to you both. colin and Sharon xx