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    Somewhere a 68 foot narrowbeam boat can get.
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    Very varied to include. Pubs, restaurants, boats, history,pubs, the inland waterways system and pubs.

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    Cant help re your location. However just like to mention that Calcutt checked my Hurricane over for me, stripped it down and showed me how knackered it was and even when I said I didn't want it repairing and asked what I owed them thus far they said no charge. Good in this day and age I thought. They are a great bit of kit but very expensive to sort out.
  2. I don't do either its just reality. Solid fuel is the best to space heat boats ask any long term liveaboard and the majority will concur. I wish there were a viable alternative I also wish electric cars were an option but again they are not, maybe in several years time but not in 2017. The mayor or whoever he is probably lives in a house and doesn't care a jot about people with alternative lifestyles and that's the problem.
  3. There is only one viable full time option for boat heating at present and that is solid fuel stoves. Yes there are other forms I have used them all but non stack up long term against good old solid fuel stoves. The real problem is that the majority of smoke is emitted by " Canal Trash " " Water Gypsies " " Pikeys " etc etc of whom I am proud to count myself amongst and every reasonable person knows that all right minded people should and in fact do live in a house/flat/ bricks and mortar etc thus complying fully with the majority of sheep.
  4. Brexit 2017

    You and I both know that " they " didn't get us into what you wrongly call a mess. " They " honoured a pledge which is unusual for any political party and gave the electorate a free vote on club membership and they were as shocked as I that the electorate saw sense and seized this one time opportunity to exit the club and did so. No political party had any plans for future Brexit because non of them ever dreamed it would happen. Thankfully for all of us the unimaginable happened and the conservatives are taking a big task on from a standing start.
  5. Brexit 2017

    Now lets be totally honest here just who of the present bunch of whatever party do you actualy think could do any better?
  6. Yes but thats all irrelevant. Scrotey itinerant boaters should not be allowed to exist. Don't you know we are all supposed to " comply " and live a life of debt keeping up with Mr and Mrs Jones?
  7. ouch

    I recently had a major op in Oxford and went to see the " surgeon " for his schpeel before the operation. He was explaining all the ins and outs extremely well I must say but I did find myself looking around the room for his Dad!!
  8. Advice on Sawley to Anderton

    A nice easy trip. There are no areas unsafe to stop, some are " posher " than others but its all fine. Just be aware of the early river sections such as sawley and alrewas for instance and check what the river is doing there. If you are on a widebeam you will soon get stuck
  9. inbuilt marine generators

    Yes there are some good instalations but the problem is there are far more that are not so good due to cost. I can never understand though why gennies need running into the evening when good battery storage etc is available. As for so called silent petrol gennies
  10. inbuilt marine generators

    What do you call " Silent " I have been parked next to several " Silent " pain in the butt gennies over the years humming away at 10pm why do you need to generate electricity after 8pm? Speaking as a long term liveaboard we never find it necessary to do so and never have flat batteries. Just sayin like not having a go b4 someone jumps on me. We have a dometic travelpower on the main engine this does all the heavy work if needed during battery charging during the day and leaves us with fully charged batteries always by 8pm which does everything for many hours.
  11. Planning next cruise - Thames/Basingstoke/K&A

    Yes. Cant remember when its on though but there is a thread somewhere.
  12. CRT disgruntled staff

    Hi Alan We cross posted there. As my latter post I think I have agreed with you here. Yes the system is certainly not fit for purpose, yes some people will be far more concerned than I was and indeed could be frightened. Also though if confronted with the facts and you like me are in the right CART are quick to apologise.
  13. CRT disgruntled staff

    Hi Tony I understand your point. I suppose my occupation of a few years several years ago makes me less worried about being contacted by such administrative bodies as CART as I have some knowledge of laws and how they can be manipulated. To me CART are a pussycat and as my previous post when I pointed the error of their ways they were first class in response. I can see that some people may be worried by their actions but in reality I have yet to meet someone mistreated by CART.
  14. CRT disgruntled staff

    This has been my personal experience. Earlier this year I ventured off my mooring and moored up in the afternoon on a length of non vms. The very next day I got a text and email informing e of cruising rules and asking me to continue my journey. I rang and emailed them re their error and received an apology immediately, no threats, no bullying just an instant recognition of their mistake and an apology.
  15. vetus batteries

    Blimey I thought you had a poorly dog!!