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  1. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Stans from Lancashire wherever that is? hes used to being ribbed
  2. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    I agree they work well BUT not only are they overpriced on purchase because of their small capacity they use more water and more leccy because they need filling twice and need to run for two full cycles to do say 6kg as opposed to once for a standard machine. You will tell me vetus engines are good value next
  3. Diesel Problem

    I have sent you a pm.
  4. Engine Bleeding poss tank leak

    Blimey hope you get sorted soon as poss. In reality there is one way and one way only to ensure a warm boat and that is a solid fuel stove. Keep the flue clear and it works whatever. No leccy no fuel tanks, diesel bug, pick ups etc etc. The Hurricane is a great bit of kit but will go wrong.
  5. Missing RCD

    Takes all kinds dunnitt? If I was to go there for a year or two I would simply sell my narrowboat ( very easy to do ) and buy a proper boat shaped boat over there which I would sell on my return to blighty and purchase another bath tub. If I were going to the continent for a year or two in a campervan I sure as hell wouldn't be taking a right hand drive one over there from here.
  6. Navigating River Trent

    Don't think she has been online for a while. Anyway I have just texted her this post so she will get the information
  7. Missing RCD

    Barking mad!! Not you Mike............well?
  8. Rec counter. Defective.

    Oh yeah..............it is innitt.................
  9. Rec counter. Defective.

    What engine? The Isuzu ones ALL fail at some time, some seem to last ages but one day...................that's the hours recording counter or do you mean REV counter?
  10. Missing RCD

    More to the point why the hell would you? Completely unsuited to anywhere in the world apart from here.
  11. Travel Power

    Ok so we need to keep a list of things that work for everybody so how do we do that. I will start in that a TP works our LG washing machine without fault every time.
  12. Missing RCD

    Just another thing. As for worrying about the boat without an RCD, well the Shell builder if its say colecraft don't mess about selling non RCD compliant shells, why would they. Beta don't sell non compliant engines etc etc etc so unless you take a mahoosive risk and buy a completely unknown builder with everything different about the boat then whats the risk.
  13. Eco Fan

    Ahh that's it conclusive evidence then that they don't work!! Such is the heat supposedly generated from an eco fan that if yours were working even with the heating off the blast of hot air from your boat would reach Australia and you would feel it. For years scientists thought " El Nino" was part of a regional climate when in reality it was due to the " El Eco fan " effect.
  14. Navigating River Trent

    I love the A and C. One of our fave moorings was Whitely bridge, also below any of the big locks when commercial traffic was around. We will be up there again this year but allas its nearly all gone We live in hope though that some may return.
  15. Eco Fan

    Does the fan work?