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    Proprietor of Kizzies Bistro at Lower Heyford on the South Oxford canal, canal side garden and licensed for all you boozers.

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  1. Just a warning burton on trent

    A true but very very sad state of affairs.
  2. Day time Tv

    Are you self employed?
  3. Gas Locker Lock

    My gas locker is awesome, situated at the blunt end of a semi trad ( stupid name ) the lid lifts straight off and reveals two 13s of propane. Built into the side of the locker about 2/3rds of the way up are steel rings. You slip the gas bottle into the ring and job done. There is sufficient room to allow removal/replacement of the bottles but not enough for a wobble or indeed to make any discernible movement of the pig tails and no way can you knock them over. Simple and very effective there are chains in there to lock them if you so wish. Its down to design. My shell also has a very sensible T stud for the centre line so enabling tieying up temporarily at such times as refuelling etc and a properly integrated heavy eye at the point end as a designated anchor securing point and of course no stupid racks on the cabin top at the rear section to tangle ropes in aaagghhhh. All very basic requirements done from new.
  4. Brexit 2017

    Ahh 1971 a fab year. I started work and we were an idependant group of islands pre common market whatever that was? the only blight on the landscape that year was decimilisation and funny money.
  5. trailer with surge brakes

    Oy Nick that took you 8 minutes longer than I thought it would and too true Flying them copter jobbies is for the criminaly insane, well insane anyway, fair play to you
  6. Belgium or Holland?

    You could easily nip over from europe to the UK and hire a narrowboat on some of our fantastic waterways and do what is called a ring in your time frame.
  7. trailer with surge brakes

    I havnt time to educate you on the whys and wherfors of the speed limits on public roads your knowledge and driving experience and training is too far below mine to have a meaningful debate. The speed limit is 50/60 for a reason playing on words doesn't wash. Basicaly you shouldn't even know that yours starts to weave above 65 mph as you aren't equipped to deal with it at that speed.
  8. Coventry Canal Society today 19/08/17

    Keep taking the tablets.
  9. Fradley is full

    + 1 and of course NOT lager.
  10. trailer with surge brakes

    Which is of course why the speed limit for towing is 50/60 mph
  11. Box or rail

    Tubular hand rails set a few inches inboard are the best for grip also to keep the roof clean. My latest has built in box jobbies with a significant overhang to put fingers under for grip.
  12. Fradley is full

    £4.50 a pint of lager in my place. Went to one of our locals last night and noticed a 175 mil of house plonk for the missus was £6.60
  13. Nowt in the macerator and no smell whatsoever ever until its pumped out. Blue in the proper boat bog as the other additives are a joke.
  14. Fradley is full

    It will be fine when the boating season starts in a couple of months time. We are popping up there back end of October, fab month, kids will be at schools when we go. In fairness if you reluctantly have to boat at this time of year a fiver is only just a bit more than a pint of beer these days.
  15. What features drives boat prices

    But what about when you cook you evening meal in the microwave whilst your coffee machine is on and the electric blanket warming your bed up