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    Somewhere a 68 foot narrowbeam boat can get.
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    Very varied to include. Pubs, restaurants, boats, history,pubs, the inland waterways system and pubs.

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  1. Eco Fan

    Stop it Bob Stop it my side are splitting
  2. Logistics of a journey

    mmmmmmm that as you said was year ago and you must remember that we have as a species been going backwards for the last few years just as two " For instances " Try finding a building firm that in this day and age would have the ability to build say York Minster or even more on topic talking transport just a few years ago Joe Public could fly by supersonic passenger jet across the world and today with all our progress he cant.
  3. Talking engines

    The best in no particular order are Beta, Nanni, Isuzu, others are available don't buy a Shanks but a shire is ok. The very best is a Bukh and anything pre 1960 should be used as ballast or a mud weight.
  4. Eco Fan

    As a " Believer " what make of snake oil do you suggest? I think I have already decided on a Cadburys fireguard
  5. I would think very much so. When we became liveaboards practicaly non of the marinas used now had been built. For instance the realy new ones like Mercia and many many more simply didn't exist and as the hobby sector grew so came the marinas that's why moorings are still cheap in many areas such as on the T and M.
  6. Eco Fan

    What make of Eco fan do you prefer? Its a serious question I would like to know because this week I need some more snake oil and a new chocolate fireguard and wondered what makes you would suggest? Thanks
  7. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    I have found over years of use that just whacking more fuel on fire and/or opening the air thingy at the bottom everywhere gets mooch otter, just sayin like.
  8. I think it was more the boat length that was a problem. Plenty of room for shorter offerings but not for whole boats. I moored there a few years ago and it was fine, its the handiness to the m1 I wanted primarily.
  9. Was that recently? I tried to get a winter mooring in there and they couldn't get me in. Very little space so I went elsewhere.
  10. Induction hobs

    Very true. Also there is a very good reason that 99 percent of boats cook using gas, well several very good reasons such as. Cheap installation costs. Cheap to run. Very controllable. Very very safe. Very low maintainance.
  11. you keep using the term " Residential " might I kindly suggest you leave it out
  12. Most Marinas have less space available in the winter as ccers go in for the umbilicle in the coldest months. There will be more space available generaly between march and November.
  13. Plenty much cruising area round Nottingham without upsetting anyone.
  14. Very very nice. The steps look useful also.