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  1. Yes too bloomin true. The crap I had to put up with for weeks when they " modernised " the lift bridge at Thrupp that often cut my customers off.....................
  2. Correct. The old adage " Keep it simple " same with everything such as combis far better to have seperates and manual changeover switches for shoreline etc then you know exactly what is on/off and what any problem is or is not. Gadgets just build in a weak spot no matter what it is. Prime example stupid CART and BW before them are systematically building weak spots into the system all over the country electrifying lift bridges that have worked well manualy for 200 years and WILL now fail at some point.
  3. Thoughts on this tug

    We are all different with differing likes/wants/needs so if you like it go for it. A boat for me is a prime residence that has the ability to move and is way nicer way to live than housing. We have as much space just about as possible with our boat ( narrowbeam ) we have washing machine etc as we live on it 24/7 365 so launderettes are an absolute no no. We also have a quiet modern engine with built in gennie. Our boat isn't a house nor would we want it to be but we also don't live like cavemen. I have friends who live in tiny boats of less than forty feet and one lives on a 23 ft waterbug all happily but it wouldn't be for me. That boat looks lovely but its very expensive for its age but there will not be another one coming along anytime soon so what is it worth to YOU is the pertinent question.
  4. Thoughts on this tug

    A very pretty boat but it depends on what you want it for? As a hobby boat it looks ideal. If its for full time liveaboard that will depend on if you are happy in such a tiny space as if you take out the pointy bit, the engine room and the cabin at the back there is probably more space on a springer waterbug.
  5. What features drives boat prices

  6. What features drives boat prices

    Actualy its an Isuzu...............
  7. What features drives boat prices

    It will depend on exactly which vintage engine you pick to a great extent, there are vintage engines and vintage engines. For instance my bro in law has a biggish air cooled 3 pot lister which vibrates a lot more than a modern engine also it gives no hot water and its more difficult to charge batteries whilst stationary due to engine revs and noise he loves it but I know he will soon be swopping boats as he is now living aboard. Others such as gardners are more up to date and some don't take huge amounts of looking after but all are less easy than a modern peice of kit hence such as the incarnation the JD3
  8. K&A Trip planned

    And there lies the problem. We have lived aboard for years as we genuinely prefer the life, we did own houses till ten years ago to holiday in but got rid of the last one in 2007 with zero regrets. There are very few very easy to abide by rules to be a liveaboard but too many today are moving on with no intention of adhering to them because it doesn't suit THEIR chosen lifestyle when they should be adhering to the rules not bending or indeed dismissing them.
  9. What features drives boat prices

    Yes Mick. As many on the forum know we do have banter and take the pee out of each other a fair bit. I wouldn't have an old engine for all the tea in china, my first boat id have one however. Yes they sound great to some but not to me and these old engine lovers probably drive new BMWs but wouldn't want a 1930s car engine in their daily drive. As a long term liveaboard I love my very smooth very quiet Japanese engine that gives masses of boiling water and at the flick of a switch gives me 3.5 w of mains power etc and very very cheap and easy to maintain. Each to their own but banter will and must prevail
  10. Yes agreed. They are going to be good as will electric cars someday but we are certainly not there yet.
  11. Berlimey!!!!!! They are as yet then pie in the sky much like electric cars etc etc..............
  12. Roughly how much for say 440 a/hours? though I understand from previous threads that less may well be needed as they can be run down so to speak.
  13. What features drives boat prices

    Yes quite true. There are loads of so called " Proper " boats around and they approach with the clunk clunk bang of the scrap engine and all shiney brass etc and open engine room doors with shiney engines and pretty cabins at the back end......................with washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher situated in the super modern front end with the 40 inch tv soooooooooo Traditional.
  14. What features drives boat prices

    I think that about sums it up and a realistic cost rather than the usual bunkum of a cheap way to live. I think also the reason that " Old fashioned " boats are getting less popular is that more and more people now do buy to live aboard and the old fashioned stuff with a virtualy scrap engine like that are less appealing as liveaboards but well loved by hobbiests. My bro in law has for years owned hobby boats with engines rooms etc his present one has an old lister with its usual drawbacks ( air cooled ) he has now lived aboard full time for just two years but is now looking for a modern purpose built liveaboard funnily enough much like mine. The boat subject of this thread is lovely and could be made tolerable as a liveaboard if the scrap engine was removed and replaced with something " Proper " like maybe a JD3.
  15. Skipton Visitor Moorings

    Yeah far too much Old Hooky