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    Bearwood West Midlands
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    Boating of course,reading,jigsaws,puzzles and food ! Plus very nice cider.

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    retired (early) after 35 yrs teaching
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  1. Shiny Boater Mooring

    This has happened to us & you end up looking like Percy Plonker. You then have to move your nicely moored boat so you don't look as if you're moored like a t***.
  2. Cormorants

    We saw loads this summer on our travels to Boston.We also saw some on the Staffs & Worcester,on the Shroppie & at Tixall wide.
  3. Birmingham canals

    He's talking about Arthur Marshall,not the OP.
  4. Birmingham canals

    Senile ??? * That's my husband's excuse...
  5. New Liverpool boat

    All I can say, is that we've had our Liverpool boat from new since 2004 & it's been great..It's not posh but does what it says on the tin!The Ford Fiesta of the boat world-ie reliable,hardy & easy to sort out.A great boat which we love.
  6. Another Summer Cruise

    Beginning to feel unloved...
  7. Another Summer Cruise

    You saw me on The Bearwood Boster !
  8. Headroom at Glory Hole Bridge, Lincoln

    No,thank goodness.Pram hoods are ugly... but too useful & expensive to replace !
  9. Headroom at Glory Hole Bridge, Lincoln

    We got through with the pram hood up...twice.
  10. Do Owners of ex-working boats have special priveleges?

    I know Archie57 well & through him( plus seeing him at lots of boat gatherings)-Trevor Maggs.Both are boaters who know what they are doing,respect the waterways & are well respected.
  11. Suzie_Q's new look

    Looove the colour changing paint-it would keep me entertained for hours...Note to self,must get out more without my special jacket !
  12. A memorable trip for all the wrong reasons

    Dave,I just want to say so very,very sorry to hear about Bev'.I don't have the words to really express myself,but I wanted you to know that I too will raise a glass for Bev' on the 8th. Trina
  13. Another Summer Cruise

    We looked at the rain & decided to stay put in Alrewas.Great butcher's shop & a few pubs to sample.
  14. Another Summer Cruise

    And you saw me ! Trina
  15. Wolverhampton mooring?

    We've always had good service from Orph at Oxley & I've even made him crack a smile a few times.