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  1. A friend of mine is on a hire boat down there, he sent me a text yesterday to say police were looking for someone who had been taking pot shots at boats with an air rifle
  2. 1.8 Starter Woes...

    I had one die on me just the same, just didn't have enough power to turn the engine fast enough to start. Replacement starter did the trick.
  3. A Vid Of A Boat Docking In High Winds

    This was a slightly less successful attempt (if the link works) http://www.vkmag.com/index.php/magazine/schat_heb_jij_de_boot_gezien/schat_heb_jij_de_boot_gezien/
  4. Guitar Players ( 'lectric )

    Try a Blackstar HT 1 watt valve amp http://www.blackstaramps.com/products/ht-1/
  5. APOLLODUCK Web Site

    Thanks from me too - lots of drooling to catch up on Lee
  6. APOLLODUCK Web Site

    Wish I could see them - I'm on Orange!?
  7. APOLLODUCK Web Site

    It's an Orange thing!, not been able to get on for weeks, thinking of packing in Orange because of it, as I'm getting no joy with the help lines
  8. Cracked Stove Glass

    Ours cracked last winter during a cold spell, The fire was not lit, but the door was locked, I think the door distorted enough to crack the glass with the metal contracting and putting pressure on the door, we leave the door open now so far no more problems
  9. What about someone filling their coal scuttle from a bag of solid fuel on the front deck late at night after they have come back from the pub - That Is LOUD!!
  10. mink

    A few years ago we had a mink that decided to live under the front deck of an old narrow boat we had. The first we knew was one day on a Sunday cruise with friends the wife was making a cup of tea in the galley and saw it looking through the window at her. Once the screaming stopped we quickly pulled in to the bank and encouraged it with a boat pole to abandon ship. When we lifted the deck the smell and mess was horrendous, Feathers and fish bones everywhere It took hours to clean out and repaint. All gaps were sealed and never saw any sign of it again - it was a couple of miles away from our mooring though where it jumped ship
  11. Mason's Paints

    Try these people, I've bought Masons paint from them over the years (last year was the last purchase) Rainbow Paints Mafeking Works, Duke Of York St, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 3PD Tel: 01924 380966
  12. Appaulingduck

    I'm also on Orange perhaps it s time to change my ISP
  13. Appaulingduck

    I have had the same problem, tried acessing on two different computers with different accounts, can't get on with either. I asked someone else to try on their computer and they got on?? not sure what the problem is