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  1. Email from cart

    Because about a third of CRT's income comes in the form of a government grant from taxation -- so they need to show that people are getting something for their money. Otherwise the government will say that as it's only boaters who use the canals, it's only boaters who should pay for them.
  2. Email from cart

    All licence holders are getting it -- so if everyone comes on to say they've had it, it'll be a very long thread.
  3. Mooring rings - how far apart?

    Birmingham is exactly wrong for us at 58.5ft. Lines are either at right angles, or extraordinarily long. When we were at the Oozells St Loop last month, the boat in front was 'reverse moored', as we call it -- so was overhanging the bollard. Sharing it would have meant a stupidly long line, so we had no option but to leave a gap and moor with our lines at right angles. Which just goes to show that some of the gaps in moored boats are caused by the spacing of rings or bollards.
  4. Yank - Llangollen Canal Questions

    He’s coming from the US to go on a boating holiday, and you suggest he leaves the boat at the hire base and walks! The good thing about hiring from Trevor would be that you can set off and immediately to the narrow bit up to Llangollen. People hiring from further-away bases won’t have got there yet. There’s something a bit special about that bit of Canal clinging to the side of the hill, and when you get to Llangollen below you. If you want a walk, walk from the basin up the feeder to Horseshoe Falls, where the river is diverted into the canal (just don’t be misled by the term Falls, they’re only about a foot high).
  5. New Liverpool boat

    That's exactly the point MtB was making, isn't it? NBC did the warranty work themselves, not the builder.
  6. Steering basics - zigzag effect?

    I'm not sure I agree with this. I see a lot of people constantly making small corrections, and it looks like hard work to me. I try to move the tiller as little as possible. Also, when you're making a turn, anticipate when the bow will be going in the right direction, and straighten up the tiller just before. If you wait until it's going in the right direction it's too late -- it'll keep going and then you'll have to correct. Anticipate, and you won't have to correct and everything will feel like a lot less work. I see your boat name I'd Ferndale? Is that the blogging Ferndale, whose owners are going back to Australia? We never got to meet them, but did meet the previous owners, when the boat was called Gypsy Rover.
  7. Yank looking for trip ideas.

    This is an excellent suggestion. The Caldon is a really fantastic canal; on our visit earlier this month, we timed it to arrive at the end on a Wednesday when the steam train was running. We did the trip from Froghall to Cheddleton and back, then as we boated back to Consall Forge found the train was in the station there. The Middleport Pottery in Stoke is another good visit. They have moorings right outside and there are factory tours and exhibitions.
  8. Nick Thorpe sailaway

    He's built shells for fitters such as MGM and the shared boat company, BCBM. They look good, and he's a nice guy.
  9. New Liverpool boat

    Aintree Boats came out of Skater Marine. They had built a trip boat for a charity, The Pride of Sefton, IIRC (or it might have been The Pride of Sefton 2). When Skater Marine folded, the chairman of the charity employed some of the staff to finish the boat off, and they ended up setting up Aintree Boats. Tha Chairman of the charity was involved for a few years, even though he'd never intended to run a boat builders in his retirement. They showed their first boat at Crick a good five or six years ago.
  10. Milton Keynes to Nantwich

    There's also a button at the bottom of the first results page which says 'other routes' and gives you, er, other routes.
  11. Harecastle Tunnel

    We came through Harecastle this morning, heading north, first boat through. We arrived at the south portal at about 7.30, at the same time as the tunnel keeper, and started our passage at 8.17 (according to my camera). We heard no loud explosion. When we got to the north end, the tunnel keeper there asked us if we'd heard anything. It seems we were lucky to get through before they closed it.
  12. Erewash canal.

    We passed a Cygnet moored near Festival Park, and I wondered if that was you.
  13. Suzie_Q's new look

    Scratches below the gunwales don't count. They're just a matter of life.
  14. Ting ting...

    There was a cyclist repeatedly tinging on the towpath this morning as he approached from behind a jogger who'd slowed to a walk. The jogger had earphones in and couldn't hear a thing -- and jumped about four feet in the air when the cyclist came to within a couple of inches of him!
  15. Erewash canal.

    We did the Erewash last September, admittedly up one day and back the next. We thought it was a really nice trip, lots of good scenery, some interesting buildings along the way, and well worth the time. I say go, and make up your own mind. We've just spent a few days on the Caldon. Although Hanley Park looks very neglected, there was a boat moored in the new housing development when we went up earlier in the week, and it was still there today so I guess they feel safe enough. It certainly looks better than it did when we were last there in 2009. We still made our first stop Engine Lock, though.