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  1. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    We've had our composting loo for 18 months, and I'm happy to tell anyone how much better it is than the pump out it replaced. If composters are silent, it's probably because it's a waste of time arguing with people who've never tried one, yet are totally opposed.
  2. Thoughts on this tug

    So there are windows on the outside and not on the inside?
  3. Thoughts on this tug

    I can't see windows in the front bulkhead either. There are interior photos of both sides, and neither has a window. Are we looking at the same boat?!
  4. Business licence fees ?

    I know from friends who are traders that the roving trading licence more than pays for itself, as they can legitimately buy all their diesel zero rated.
  5. Daventry Arm Progress

    It's where the feeder comes in, about half way between the tunnel and the junction.
  6. Looking for a 2-4 Day Private Rental

    Loads of hire bases in that area -- and that way you ensure the boat has the correct licence, is insured properly, and has all the right safety certificates.
  7. Mooring at Salford Quays

    How much notice do the Bridgewater need for Pomona Lock -- and are there fixed times they'll come and operate it, or are they flexible? I quite fancy spending a night at Salford Quays, not least because I have plenty of colleagues working in that area that I've never met!
  8. Diesel Braunston and Leicester Line

    This site has lots of prices, although some of them aren't that up to date: http://diesel.fibrefactory.co.uk/ It would help if more people emailed the site owner with updates.
  9. Just a warning burton on trent

    And then he went on "a perplexed barman told us we might be lucky to get a meal at Weatherspoons" -- which suggests that no-one spoke English might have been an exaggeration.

    Has everyone on this thread blocked tree monkey or something? Because he's shown several times that the marina is privately owned, and no-one seems to be taking a blind bit of notice.
  11. Tidal Thames to Teddington?

    It's a great trip. The last time we did it was a Sunday afternoon, and the river was rather busy -- I'd try to avoid times like that! Blogs on the two times we've done it on our own boat are here. If you don't have VHF, a post on here letting people know when you want to go will often produce someone with a Radio and a licence who will accompany you. Last time we did it there was a guy without VHF moored at Limehouse, so he came with us in convoy, as only one boat in a convoy needs the radio.
  12. Volockies

    Even worse are the ones who lift the paddles one click at a time when going down. What's that all about?
  13. Narrow boat sinks

    Was it someone else's reckless behaviour -- or her own reckless behaviour in renting out her boat for a bit of extra cash?
  14. Centre lines

    What use is a centre line if it's not within reach so you can step off the stern with it?
  15. A last minute week - where do we go?

    The Caldon gives you the added excitement of the Harecastle Tunnel; the locks come at regular intervals which may be better for keeping the kids amused, and there's the chance of steam trains on the Churnet Valley Line. Things may have improved, but Consall Forge used to be a mobile and internet black hole, which you may think is a good or bad thing. Nice pub there, though, with the railway line right in front.