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  1. signs of the times........

    Sometimes the old ones....
  2. signs of the times........

    they have centres for this?
  3. eberspacher electrical misery

    That tickled me, needed a smile. They do fail to start up from time to time (like 1 in 10 tries), 2 fails on the trot and you know something is going a miss but will probably catch on the 3rd. Thats it letting out a wee warning. BSP- did you get the hot plastic smell before fitting the heat resistant silicone?
  4. Eberspacher Stopped Working

    If all wires/connections check out OK then next thing I would check is the glowplug on this one. A continuity check is normally enough for a glowplug. GL.
  5. signs of the times........

    No idea what they sell but their customers sound very, err... niche!
  6. An Eberspacher service update .

    Haha I'm probably not the right person to ask about gaskets, I reused mine 4 times before replacing. It all depends on how they come off really, if youre careful you'll be fine but always have anew set just incase. Re little holes mentioned above, spot on! They can also be so well coked you'd not know they were there. Try and be gentle with the gauze as I ripped mine (still works fine though) its there for reason though so try and leave it intact.
  7. An Eberspacher service update .

    The glow plug is obviously passing the internal test to get as far as white smoke. If there was an airlock in it the water pump would make an obviously 'wierd' noise while trying to pump. There's a little bleed screw in the middle top of the unit so airlocks are easily solved, undo that a bit and make sure coolant dribbles out. Never had a problem with diesel airlock as the pump will get past it after 1 or 2 tries. I've a bad feeling you will have to take it apart again to check the gauze in the diesel feed. Follow the diesel to the combustion chamber, just before it enters the chamber there's a tiny gauze which I suspect is still all coked up, its dark in there so hard to see clearly. If you cant see metal gauze it's probably blocked up with coke. Also noteworthy is after several failed startups you will get white smoke by the bucket load while it clears the unburnt fuel from the failures before.
  8. signs of the times........

  9. Top Gear

    Dear Points of View I was most distressed when I sat down to watch TV last night. I had to change channel... I had to change channel 15 times before I found something I didnt like and could complain about. This simply isnt good enough BBC pull your socks up! yours Mr Sunny Side-Up
  10. Eberspacher D4W SC 25 2257 05

    no ideas yet but your stop cock in your header tank needs attention. where has it gone though?
  11. Friday joke

    While out in the supermarket this guy notices this blonde she keeps looking over and smiling, so he goes over, "Do I know you?" he asks, "arent you the father of one of my children?" she asks. He is knocked back by this and thinks back to the one and only time he was EVER unfaithful and asks, "Where you the hooker I fucked over the pool table at my stag do while your mate spanked my with a ping pong bat While shoving that huge cucumber up my arse?" She stares at him.... "No! I'm your daughters teacher."
  12. Another broken water pump question...

    November Whiskey, actual out
  13. Another broken water pump question...

    playing about some more but actually witha REAL stop watch and not my head. With the engine running the run on time for my 3ltr acccccccc thing is less than 1 second. With the engine recently run ie voltage high 12.9 region, ru on time is less LESS than 2 seconds. No slow bit at end. it was easy 6 secs with a slow bit towards the end before when it was leaking. Edit: jabsco parmax 4 with 3ltr ......TING
  14. CM'ers - hogging services

    edit: it'd already been expressed more errr better!