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    Monkeying about, general cheekiness, and unprovoked milking of my girlfriend's nose. (Don't ask)

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  1. Budweisser

    Newcastle Brown does that to me, I wouldn't know about the effects of bud
  2. DIY facilities north west

    You have to be well prepared but once tried you never go back
  3. DIY facilities north west

    Trevor dry dock on the Llangollen, covered, power, bog and decent people
  4. Rope Work

    Check out the Audlem Mill web site, they run 1 and 2 day fender making courses, well worth the time
  5. Share ya' Music!

    Quite, I should have made the clear
  6. Music in Pubs

    Well yes you have a point, I met your self and cath for the first time
  7. Music in Pubs

    Having over the years worked in fairly noisy environments, I have real problems with background noise, to the point I don't like going into pubs all that much anymore, any sort of background music just means I can't filter it out and have a conversation
  8. Canal art...beware

    I keep looking at this, not sure if I love it or not but I keep coming back to it
  9. Share ya' Music!

    Now that I like, music for a mood and place A completely different mood and place to Tomsks offering
  10. A sad day.

    Most if not all mature trees will be colonised by at least 1 type of fungi, in fact new research is suggesting that most trees of all age ranges will be colonised by some sort of fungi. Funnily enough many of the veteran trees, which are riddled with all sorts of different fungi and mostly hollow survived the 87 storm. I am getting into uber tree geek mode here, I will stop now
  11. A sad day.

    Not blamed on you at all mate, everyone else in the office was "nahh it won't be that bad", whilst I was quietly stocking the car with snacks and red bull in preparation thanks to you.
  12. A sad day.

    The first of a very long day of emergency call outs
  13. A sad day.

    Not random to me. I was just testing the photo upload in the forum and I have a lot of tree photos
  14. A sad day.

    Ohhh it worked. Storm Doris and some unidentified fungi plus a dodgy union at the base. The thing apparently had been looking dodgy for ages