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  1. Best landline broadband deal?

    Talktalk have offer on at the moment £19.95 including line rental, they are pretty reliable.
  2. Webasto Start-up Problem

    Mine did this the other day, i took out the main fuse by the battery and cleaned it.been fine since.
  3. Smelly vent in sewage tank!

    He needs to tell Bob to use more than a bucket of water to rinse out the tank.
  4. Gloucester dock water/shower facilities

    And a Toilet / shower block.
  5. Toolstation do a fibreglass repair kit for £8.40.
  6. Soft start for 230V ac. freezer

    I use a Maplin MSW A12HQ to power my under counter fridge and it works okay, but the fan runs for a second when the motor starts up.
  7. Alternator problems .....continued

    Hello, do happen to know the bulb type, I have 1.2w bulb in my Barrus Shire warning lamp and would like to try a larger bulb but can't find the same type online. Thanks
  8. Aerial alignment: a hint

    I use this as well and find it pretty accurate.
  9. RLL Steel Boats have a large crane.
  10. Pro Power Q Quasi Sine Inverter

    Thanks for the reply.As i was having to fit the link myself on the Sterling i thought i would fit one on my Maplin 1000w A12HQ to see what happened. If it blew up no big deal as i was getting the Sterling.Anyway fitted a wire between neutral and earth in the plug and switched on,no bang just the usual buzz.Plugged in the socket tester 3 lights, the live neutral reversed fault had gone.Tested the RCD with a Meggar mft1552. 14.4ms the time, so i am happy with the outcome. Thanks again
  11. Hello, could anyone please tell me if the 1000w version of this inverter is neutral earth bonded. On the Sterling website it say's the pure sine is capable via a link, but i can find no mention of n-e bond for this model. Thanks for any help.
  12. Live - Neutral Reversed

    I used the plug and socket after it was recommended in a previous topic on here, as a safe and simple way of ensuring only one source of power could be used.
  13. Live - Neutral Reversed

    I have been loaned a Megger mft1552 to test the earth and rcd.
  14. Live - Neutral Reversed

    It has a 240v fridge and tv.
  15. Live - Neutral Reversed

    Thanks for the replies Could you recommend a inverter that does not cost a fortune as the boat is only used for holidays.