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  1. A4 stainless would be best but A2 also ok. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A2-A4-STAINLESS-STEEL-M5-COUNTERSUNK-CSK-SOCKET-CAP-ALLEN-BOLT-SCREWS/122401009379?var=422876085972&hash=item1c7fab2ee3:m:m8vWb_AeSmS4u-wrdnIcRRw
  2. Simply because the panel the OP bought is for the later post 2010 Barrus engines. The OP has a 10 year old engine which does not have glow plugs and has a different panel. Ollder Barrus engines :- https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/50989992/shire-owners-manual-06-build-33354045-50-pdf-ep-barrus Post 2010 Barrus engines :- https://www.barrus.co.uk/divisions/marine/diesel/shire/downloads/shire-manuals/
  3. Only on the very latest Barrus engines.
  4. Only on the very latest ones. Mine is 10 years old and you just turn the key and fires up instantly. The injection pump however does does have some sort of mechanical cold start device which increases the fuel and advances the injection timing slightly. This only operates at below 0 degrees C.
  5. No they don't, my Barrus Shire 45 doesn't and will start instantly in even the lowest temperatures. Of course it's a proper direct injection engine.
  6. Tim & Pru New Series

    No because there's no buzzer sounding and it looked to me like the ignition key was in the off position. Having witnessed some of the filming on the Stratford canal episode, I can confirm that a lot was done for effect. I'm think Tim's crashing into locks and bridge holes is all staged, after all the programme is aimed at Joe public and not experienced boaters.
  7. Bargain hunt and Lister

    Appologies , I must pay more attention.
  8. Bargain hunt and Lister

    I think you meant Dursley. I have relatives that live in Dursley and can confirm that Listers made park benches etc.
  9. Yes agreed, but the op's didn't until he connected a 2w bulb. He thinks his new panel has an LED warning light. Barrus may have got it wrong in supplying a new panel with an LED warning light that is not going to excite an older alternator.
  10. If it is an LED then it would have a physically large (47ohm 2W) resistor inside the warning light wired across the LED, which is unlikely. Why don't you give Barrus a ring and ask them to clarify? No resistor is shown on the wiring diagram which is the same as for the old panel alternator warning light.
  11. An LED certainly won't unless it has a resistor shunt across it.
  12. Sorry but I think Nicks correct. If you look at the Barrus manual for the latest panel it describes how to change the bulb by pulling it out of the holder. There is no mention of what type of bulb it is however. The LED warning light you suggest does not seem have a replaceable LED. No resistor across the bulb holder is shown on the Barrus wiring diagram which says to me that the bulb is a standard 1.2W or 2W capless type.
  13. Leave empty or not ?

    Agreed, also by not running an engine for long periods will probably lead to valves & seats rusting when in the open position. In my opinion a month would be a more suitable maximum period without running or at least turning the engine over.
  14. Crystalline residue on top of waste tank

    Perhaps the OP or previous owner has been using a lot of yeast as a deodorizer & it's fermenting quite nicely.